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Found 3 results

  1. Hi John, months ago, I participated a little in the debugging of the WASM client API, now I use it extensively, mainly through the the function "executeCalclatorCode". Currently, I use FSUIPC 7.3.6 (as reported in FSUIPC7's log file) and my client based on the github version 0.5.10 released "10 days ago" = end of May. I also use "FSUIPC7|WASM|List Lvars" so as to track the Lvar changes. I found 1 problem and a potential one: Problem 1: "WASM.h" (version 0.5.9) says that the MAX_CALC_CODE_SIZE is 1024 by default. I passed 415 characters to executeCalclatorCode without any issue. But when I try to pass 552 characters, I find the relevant line in FSUIPC_WASM.log, but it is the last line even if other executeCalclatorCode calls come afterwards. And eventually, MSFS crashes. Note that I get the same result by passing the long string to "FSUIPC7|WASM|Execute Calculator Code...". It is not a major issue, since I have a workaround, i.e. split my calculator code in 2 independent and shorter strings. I would prefer to know the real max size, and where it comes from (FSUIPC, MSFS, aircraft loaded in the sim, ..?). Potential problem 2: "WASM.h" says that it allows for "3*1024" Lvars. When I load Red Wing's Super Constellation in the sim, "FSUIPC7|WASM|List Lvars" gives 1926 Lvars (so does my own client), which is fine; this number stays stable until I shutdown MSFS. When I restart MSFS and load PMDG's DC-6, I get 3066 Lvars, among these are Lvars belonging to the previous aircraft. I am aware of this behaviour, but since 3066 is very close to 3*1024, I might hit the limit some day. May I safely change MAX_NO_VALUE_CDA from 3 to, say, 4, recompile my client and use it with the current FSUIPC7_WASM.wasm?
  2. Good day everyone, I have an issue with the registration of the Toper 767 Perf Calculator, which is the registration. I bought the product on SimMarket and when I enter the Serial Number it says "Data out of Array". What is wrong there? E-Mail is Marco_Haupt1989@hotmail.com Marco
  3. Note: 'Avira' and 'Avast' antivirus packages may give a false positive. All updates for TOPER 737NG Tool will be available for download from here: All updates package: TOPER 737 v1.3.5 Update (08/05/2017): INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED FOR ACTIVATION. EACH SERIAL CAN BE USED ON 5 DIFFERENT MACHINES Please make sure your system is not blocking the activation utility from having unrestricted internet access. Effective changes in new release: improved performance calculations - TOPER 737NG is now much precise and less prone to crashing upgraded GUI - slick design got a makeover introduced activation feature introduced auto-update checking and user message systems corrected de-rate performance bug Download link: DOWNLOAD v 1.9.5
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