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Found 4 results

  1. I have used FSUIPC for many years now, but am switching from Prepar3d to MSFS. I have 3 Joystick interfaces for Yoke's , rudder, brakes and Throttle. With FSUIPC6 no issue's, but with FSUIPC7 my Arduino Micro which connects the Throttle as a joystick cannot be calibrated within FSUIPC.7 I CAN use it directly when configuring the axis directly to MSFS. But i miss the calibration option of FSUIPC,; that's why i even bought FSUIPC7! Regards Roel
  2. Hi Guys, I'm having the strangest problem. I have an older TQ I bought 5 years ago. It worked poorly but it worked on my windows 10 home edition cockpit pc. The TQ uses an BU0836X game controller. I then upgraded to windows 10 pro. Now I cannot use the microsoft calibrate feature nor does my TQ talk to FSUIPC. It does however, work with FSX? I can assign the thrust levers, parking brake and Flaps. Nothing else works. When I try to calibrate via windows it shows the device but when I double click the BU0836X to calibrate windows says it's a communications device not a game controller? Any idea what is going on? I've tried re-flashing the firmware and updated drivers and so on nothing has helped. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Paul
  3. Hello all and Happy Holidays. My holidays would be somewhat nicer if I could get my Thrustmaster Warthog controllers to work with FSX. Things are so messed up that not even FSUIPC can help a dunce like me. I'm quite sure the key problem is operator error. Regardless of aircraft, when I move the throttle, the rudders move as well. That makes for dicey takeoffs. In the calibration screen, the numbers in the boxes other than the throttles change when I move the throttles back and forth. Also, the brakes are backward and I can't find how to invert them. Have ya'll guessed by now that I'm a complete and total Noobie? I've searched the various forums and have yet to find a similar problem. Is there perhaps a profile I could use? I should mention that the throttle is messing up in Falcon BMS,not working at all in P3D and works fine in DCS. Can anyone make this poor lad's Christmas a little merrier. Thanks all and best regards, Bill Krull Lake Charles, Louisiana
  4. Help! I have assigned the axis in FSUIPC 4.937 with my CH-Pedals: x: leftbrake y: rightbrake z: rudder To assign these axis worked fine. But there is a problem with the calibration of the brake-axis: I can only calibrate the z-axis (Rudder) with the set-button. When I want to calibrate the x- and y-axes (brake-axes), then it's written 'axis not processed' in the joystick calibration-register. I can't even activate the calibraton by pushing on the set-button. Thanks for helping me, Thomas
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