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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I noticed in my .ini file (see example text) a division number e.g., 16 or 24 after the entry for Prop pitch and Throttle settings. Not sure what they are, as the props/throttles appear to work OK. Also not sure why the number 512 appears twice? I think I calibrated correctly, but maybe missed something. (Getting older by the minute!) Thanks for your help in understanding this. KInd regards, George Ini file example.txt
  2. Hi, FSX and FSUIPC, X52. I want to calibrate the throttle axis to the max. values -+16380, but could not transfer the 'set-values' to the 'left windows'. Therefore the power range isn't full size... See pictures below. I try several times and spent a lot of time, no success. Which wrong I make. Thanks for help
  3. Help! I have assigned the axis in FSUIPC 4.937 with my CH-Pedals: x: leftbrake y: rightbrake z: rudder To assign these axis worked fine. But there is a problem with the calibration of the brake-axis: I can only calibrate the z-axis (Rudder) with the set-button. When I want to calibrate the x- and y-axes (brake-axes), then it's written 'axis not processed' in the joystick calibration-register. I can't even activate the calibraton by pushing on the set-button. Thanks for helping me, Thomas
  4. Hi, I have over 2000 hours on FXS but not really Techy guy with the software configs. I have Saitek Pro: yoke with plug in Quad, Rudder peds and seperate quad with USB direct into PC. I have quad 1 set up as (left to right) Spoliers, Eng 1, Eng 2 and quad 2 as: Eng 3 , Eng 4, Flaps. All have been calibrated in FSX but I can't get Eng 3 & 4 to idle less than 50% and they don't have full throttle. Furthermore in the calibration X/Y box the cross hair seems to jump on these controls from the bottom Right to near centre with very little movement on the lever. I've set null to 0% and sensitive to 100% but no effect? I don't know if i have something wrong with the hardware on quad 2 or if this can be sorted in configs? Any help would be very much appreciated. Joe
  5. Hi Pete, First, thanks for your tremendous work, which allows us to build our home cockpits ! I have a question relative to building a motorized yoke for a Baron58 in a FSX/Win 7 sim. I want to get a "real" trim, i.e move the neutral position of the yoke when I use the trim whell (or when the AP moves it). I am using OpenCocpits SIOC language. I currently have a motorized trim wheel with a multi-turn potentiometer ; when piloting manually, to set the trim, I read the pot, and send its "value" to offset x0BC0. Under AP, I read the offset value, and move the motor so that the pot (and thus the wheel) match the trim value ordered by the AP. This works fine. Now, I would like to move the yoke accordingly. I plan to have 2 pots : 1 on the yoke which normally drives the elevator, and the second to drive the motor which determines the neutral (center) of the yoke in similar way as the wheel. The point is, when I will move this center point, the whole yoke will move, thus changing the yoke potentiometer (elevator) value. So I need, before sending the yoke pot value to the elevator, to substract the center pot value, so that at the new trimmed position, the elevator offset is 0. This way, when I trim the aircraft, I will release the effort on the yoke without moving it, it move the neutral position to match the current yoke position... Under AP, I will use the FS trim value to drive the motor and move the yoke (as I do with the whell), but still with a 0 elevator value)... Hope I am clear ! From my readings of your user documents : I understand that I can use joystick calibration in FSUIPC (currently the yoke works from a cannibalized CH yoke), then use the "Send to FSUIPC offset" option to read this value in a SIOC varaible, then substract the center pot value, and then send it to elevator control input at offset x0BB2. Questions : is that idea correct ? If so, in which offset shall I read the calibrated yoke value send by FSUIPC ? I could not find out... The other choice is to read directly both pots in SIOC, loosing calibration facilities. Would that be better/easier ? Do you see drawbacks on either method ? Or is it possible calibrate adding the two pots (to send the resulting value to to calibration), but inthat case data will not come from a joystick but from SIOC (possibly in a unused offset) ? Of course I plan to do something similar with the ailerons, to have the yoke follow the PA orders... Thanks for the time you will take answering me. Pierre, Saclay, France
  6. Mr Dowson. I have a cockpit at home and bought SAITEK products. One of the products is the Throttle Quadrant. I bought two, so I have to use 6 thrust levers. The problem is not that I'm able to calibrate the thrust levers. When I set the Axis Assignment levers show the range -16384 to 0 and then jump unexpectedly to 16383. This happens with four thrust levers, two of the a Throttle Quadrant and two with each other. Thus thrust levers do not work propely. If you prefer, I made two short videos (19s) to demonstrate what is happening. The links are: I appreciate your help and patience. Gallo
  7. Mr. Dowson, After having read numerous posts on Saitek yoke calibration, I can't find the answer to this question. I have adjusted my yoke calibration a number of ways to get rid of a yoke response visual cue. When banking, I watch the yoke in the aircraft and as I pass the 45 degree yoke position, it suddenly flips to the 180 degree position. The simulation bank also increases. I have also read your manual and am about to start programming in FSUIPC. I would like a hint in this area of calibration to keep from chasing my tail.
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