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Found 2 results

  1. Pete, Good evening. I am wondering about an issue I am experiencing on my machine. I updated to Windows 10 last year to get beyond the sleeping controllers in Windows 8. I got by that issue but then upgraded to Prepar 3D v 2.x. From there, I began having some problems with the controllers. I had invested in the paid version of your application and recently purchased it again. Lost my old key. When I go to Prepar 3D i had the activate FSUIPC I went through some articles on the website here. I tried to figure out how to configure FSUIPC to manage my controllers and the buttons. I couldn't figure them all out. For instance the flaps. Now, when I try to put the flaps down, the gear goes down as well. I think the simulator keys are still activated. How do I go about resetting FSUIPC back to defaults settings wise? so I can go through and document the mappings as they are in the simulator. I am looking to begin the process of purchasing a new flight sim chair and monitor mount. All the switches and knobs as well. When I do this I am sure I will need to reconfigure everything. I setup a profile in FSUIPC for Prepar3d. But in doing that, I think I messed things up a bit. Now the settings are conflicting. I noticed that when I try to use the rudder, even though its setup in FSUIPC and I have unchecked enable controller in Prepar, I can't use the pedals to turn. With that I want to start over. Is there a way to completely disable the controller in Prepar? Or do I need to go in each time to uncheck the box each time? As I add more devices to this mix and begin to switch out my current setup and build the Flight Simulator out, I want to make sure I can easily program the devices. There are soo many settings and options, it would be nice if there were a way to simply import the settings from the simulator into the FSUIPC program and then be able to disable the settings in the simulator. I know you're busy so I appreciate your time.
  2. I have read the faq and searched for this the best i can but I cannot find this exact issue. I hvae a Saitek Pro Pilot Yoke and throttles. I also have the CH pro pedals. This issue cropped up on the last install of windows 7 (UAC off) running FS9 as admin etc. I am also using the latest version of FSUIPC 3.99(something 2) registered version of course. i want to put all my settings for fs9 into FSUIPC except for the hat button on the Saitek Yoke. The thing is this worked before. The problem i am having is in the FS9 settings panel the CH Pro Pedals keep coming back in Axis assignments. The settings are also the reverse of what I need to. So the brakes are full on when I start up FS9. Thinking I might have a computer issue I just FULLY reinstalled windows 7 64 bit (and ran all the service packs and updates) then installed a FRESH copy of fs9 ran the patch. Installed FSUIPC. registered both that and widefs. I went into the FS9 assigments and deleted every keypress and every axis assignment. then it happed again! I exited.. and lo and behold CH pro Pedals Axis assignments are back!!! so I delete them again. I close out of FS9. I reopen fs9.. the CH pro pedals axis assignments are back for rudder and toe brakes. Now I know tha if I configure fsuipc to do all the button presses and axis that CH pro pedals assigment in fs9 will conflict with fsuipc. How do I get that CH pro pedals FS9 assigments deletion to stick? I've never had this problem until I updated fsupic 3.99 recently. (I know fsuipc and those settings arent related) the weird thing is that it followed me through a 100% vanilla install of fs9 and fsuipc. i CANNOT rid myself of the CH pro pedals assigmment. Any help would be appreciated. Ive searched and I might not be searching for the right thing or calling it the right thing in my search but I cannot find this issue. Which is strange because from what I have seen with a fresh install this should be REALLY commong. John
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