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Found 2 results

  1. Ai refresh problems on STB

    I'm running P3D v3.4 and STB (versions unknown but they are the latest after a check) on a server / client setup. I'm using a utility that checks the departure time for Ai aircraft and if that time is more than 90 mins ahead it deletes them. Well, they don't get deleted immediately but they are removed from the gate they occupy and placed within the 40nm 'bubble' in P3D. Several minutes later they are deleted. I'm doing this because when I arrive at airports like LPPT all the terminal gates are occupied by Ai and many won't be departing for several hours. But the problem is STB is not updating its display to reflect these changes. I even closed the client and server applications and started them again a minute later. The same Ai aircraft were shown on STB but they didn't actually occupy the gate STB showed them at. Can you offer any reason why this is happening please? Shouldn't STB refresh its data many times a minute? What is the default refresh time? The server runs on a i7 4770K and the client on an i5 so plenty of processing power.
  2. NEVER MIND. I kept looking and found a bad installation of WideClient. Reinstalled and we are running again. I have been running FSX SE under Windows 10 and FSC9 on the same computer with good success. Then I purchased WideFS7 and ran FSC9 on my laptop (also W10). It worked fine the first couple of times fine (and without any extra sharing and mapping). Now it will not connect (the #2 message). I followed the instructions and shared and mapped the folders per the FSC documentation. Still won't connect. I then mapped my primary computer's C: drive. Still won't connect. I ran the DB manager from my client computer and that was successful. When running FSX it says WideFS7 is running and "waiting for clients." WideFS log shows connecting to client computer okay. I've worked and researched for many hours and just can figure out what is wrong. Your help will be appreciated. What other information do you need, if any? And one more thing, I am on a wireless network which seem to work okay before. Steven