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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I want to add two offsets to FSUIPC in order to save the value of two Q400 variable. These two offsets will be read by Spad.neXt. So I wrote a LUA script that reads variables value (could be 0 or 255) and writes they to FSUIPC offset 66C0 and 66C3. I need to read both variables continuously so I thought of writing a C# program that every 50ms would write to the 0x0D70 offset, and pass the Lua command with the name of my lua script. From what I understand when the 0x0D70 offset is written FSUIPC executes the indicated script via the indicated command, so I expect to have FSUIPC offset 66C0 and 66C3 filled every 50ms with the value of Q400's variables and ready for Spad.neXt. Any comment/criticism/suggestion about this flow? Cheers, Alessandro
  2. Hello, I'm using c# and I can't get anything to work. For example, latitude and longitude: public partial class frmMain : Form { // ===================================== // DECLARE OFFSETS YOU WANT TO USE HERE // ===================================== private Offset<uint> airspeed = new Offset<uint>(0x02BC); private Offset<FsLongitude> playerLon = new Offset<FsLongitude>(0x0568, 8); private Offset<FsLatitude> playerLat = new Offset<FsLatitude>(0x0560, 8); // Create Lon/Lat classes that we'll create using different data formats private Offset<uint> avionicsMaster = new Offset<uint>(0x2E80); private FsLatitude latitude; private FsLongitude longitude; public frmMain() { this.latitude = this.playerLat.Value; this.longitude = this.playerLon.Value; InitializeComponent(); configureForm(); // Start the connection timer to look for a flight sim this.timerConnection.Start(); } // This method is called every 1 second by the connection timer. private void timerConnection_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Try to open the connection try { FSUIPCConnection.Open(); // If there was no problem, stop this timer and start the main timer this.timerConnection.Stop(); this.timerMain.Start(); showLatLon(); // Update the connection status configureForm(); } catch { // No connection found. Don't need to do anything, just keep trying } } private void showLatLon() { this.lat.Text = this.latitude.ToString(false, "d", 6); this.lon.Text = this.longitude.ToString(false, "d", 6); // Update the information on the form // (See the Examples Application for more information on using Offsets). // 1. Airspeed double airspeedKnots = (double)this.airspeed.Value / 128d; this.txtAirspeed.Text = airspeedKnots.ToString("F0"); // 2. Master Avionics this.chkAvionicsMaster.Checked = avionicsMaster.Value > 0; } // This method runs 20 times per second (every 50ms). This is set on the timerMain properties. private void timerMain_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Call process() to read/write data to/from FSUIPC // We do this in a Try/Catch block incase something goes wrong try { FSUIPCConnection.Process(); showLatLon(); } catch (Exception ex) { // An error occured. Tell the user and stop this timer. this.timerMain.Stop(); MessageBox.Show("Communication with FSUIPC Failed\n\n" + ex.Message, "FSUIPC", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation); // Update the connection status configureForm(); // start the connection timer this.timerConnection.Start(); } } // This runs when the master avionics tick has been changed private void chkAvionicsMaster_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Update the FSUIPC offset with the new value (1 = Checked/On, 0 = Unchecked/Off) this.avionicsMaster.Value = (uint)(this.chkAvionicsMaster.Checked ? 1 : 0); } // Configures the status label depending on if we're connected or not private void configureForm() { if (FSUIPCConnection.IsOpen) { this.lblConnectionStatus.Text = "Connected to " + FSUIPCConnection.FlightSimVersionConnected.ToString(); this.lblConnectionStatus.ForeColor = Color.Green; } else { this.lblConnectionStatus.Text = "Disconnected. Looking for Flight Simulator..."; this.lblConnectionStatus.ForeColor = Color.Red; } } private void control_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Called whenever one of the values on the form changes // Create the new showLatLon(); } // Form is closing so stop all the timers and close FSUIPC Connection private void frmMain_FormClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e) { this.timerConnection.Stop(); this.timerMain.Stop(); FSUIPCConnection.Close(); } } That returns: Anyone knows why? ;( Appreciate for reading, Aidas
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