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Found 8 results

  1. ¡Saludos! After much hard work and with the advice and input of several folks, I present to you a custom schedule for LEBL - Barcelona -El Prat. But this isn't just a single day schedule. Oh, no. It is a full WEEK of schedules, with each of the seven days having its own feel. And, while it may not have the insane levels of traffic of LAX or ATL, during peak times, this can be a busy airport that can keep you on your toes. Passenger airlines from around the world are represented, with many of the more distant locations sending heavy traffic, to include 787s, A350s, and even a daily Emirates A380. Cargo carriers and GA traffic are also represented as well. These schedules are as close to real life as I could manage. I may have had to tweak a few flight numbers to prevent duplicates, but the flights you control will be the same flight the airlines run. And these schedules make full use of the recent Real Color updates, including Air Nostrum CRJ-1000s and Air Baltic A220s. You will see a few white planes, though, as there are airlines Real Color doesn't have paint for yet. Within each day's schedule, you will see schedule snippet folders to fit and time you care to start. These are recommended, as they provide a more realistic and robust feel, plus it also prevents flights from failing to spawn because of full gates. ------ Included in the main folder are the custom terminal and airlines files that should be used no matter which day you're simulating, along with a list of GA operators. Also included within each day's folder are the full airline and GA schedules, along with a file of hourly traffic breakdowns to help determine when you'd like to start. It is recommended to place the LEBL-battlehawk77 folder in your main LEBL fold, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. ¡Disfrutar! Gavin (battlehawk77) LEBL-battlehawk77-V1.2.zip
  2. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas 2018 CUSTOM Schedule

    🎄Merry Christmas Controllers,(late I know)🎄 Welcome to Christmas in Los Angeles(KLAX) Again! Schedule from Tuesday, December 25, 2018 Schedule includes the following: Airlines file GA file Schedule(including snippets) Terminal file Note: Be sure to backup your Real Traffic or other KLAX files before using this(or any other) schedules After you backup your KLAX files simply drop and drag the files in, feel free to use either the full schedule or one of the included snippet schedules! Check out my other schedules: KMCO- New Years 2019 KPHL- Halloween 2018 KSFO- July 2018 KLAX- Christmas 2017 Looking for a schedule for an airport not listed? or a newer schedule from the list above? Feel free to suggest it in the comments! 😁 Happy Controlling! 😁 KLAX Xmas'18.zip
  3. 🎉Happy New Year Controllers,🎉 Welcome to New Years in Orlando(KMCO)- Schedule from Tuesday, January 1, 2019 EDIT: January 14, 2019- NEW! snippet files have been added! Schedule includes the following: Airport file(had to add an airport) Airlines file GA file Schedule Terminal file Note: Be sure to backup your Real Traffic or other KMCO files before using this(or any other) schedules After you backup your KCMO files simply drop and drag the files in, feel free to use either the full schedule or one of the included snippet schedules! Check out my other schedules: KPHL- Halloween 2018 KSFO July 2018 KLAX Christmas 2017 Looking for a schedule for an airport not listed? or a newer schedule from the list above? Feel free to suggest it in the comments! 😁 Happy Controlling! 😁 KMCO- New Years 2019.zip
  4. Files included KPHL_schedule.txt KPHL_GAandLocalTraffic.txt KPHL_Terminal.txt Read_me_notes.txt Notes: You need REAL TRAFFIC to enjoy this schedule. Your original KPHL_airplanes.txt and KPHL_airports.txt and KPHL_airlines.txt files should be compatible. I only include the two schedule files and the terminal file. Note #1 make a copy of your KPHL airport folder and never mess with it. If you begin to make your own schedules, you will wish you had those originals untouched. Mine was named by windows KPHL - copy and it does not mess with Tower!3D's functions. Note #2 you can then copy these three files into the KPHL folder and it will overwrite them. It will also leave the original KPHL_airplanes.txt, KPHL_airports.txt and KPHL_airlines.txt files untouched. Options for CSB, Cargo South The original KPHL_airlines.txt file did not include this airlines and at KPHL, there are many flights per day from this airline. So if you want to see the CSB that is in my schdule, you can add the following to your KPHL_airlines.txt file. If you do not do this, no harm, the program still runs, you just won't see CSB arrive or depart. //CSB added for KPHL flights CSB, 2I, CARGO SOUTH, 21 Air, United States Options for REAL COLOR users. If you have REAL COLOR, I found my original KPHL_airlines.txt file needed to have one line changed. Yours may need to be changed too. To see Piedmont livery, I had to change my original airline file to use the old US airways 2 digit code instead of the new PT code. So I changed the line in KPHL_airlines.txt. Otherwise, I would only see the white paint job for Piedmont. //PDT, PT, PIEDMONT, Piedmont Airlines, United States CHANGED TO "US" FOR REAL COLOR PDT, US, PIEDMONT, Piedmont Airlines, United States Working notes. I changed the terminals file in version 3, removing all airlines that were not used in this particular schedule. It does make this terminals file unique for this schedule. I also double checked (FlightAware.com and/or FlightStats.com) to see where many of the affiliate airlines used for arrival and departures and moved them to the proper terminals (thus version 3). There are many more airports in the world than are in KPHL_airports.txt. When a real schedule is used, you have to make a decision to either (1) eliminate those flights, (2) modify the KPHL_airports.txt file, OR (3) change the schedule to move those flights to the closest airport that is in KPHL_airports.txt. I originally chose option 2, but since it is unclear if I should be uploading massively modified KPHL_airports.txt files from REAL TRAFFIC, I came back to option #3. This option balances reality with realistic. Good luck. KPHL_20181107_V3.1.zip
  5. Kenneth Axi

    Custom Schedule Manager

    I'm just wondering if anyone know any software for creating Your own custom schedule to Tower 3d? I was curious myself and put together my own "software"... Just didn't want to fiddle around with editing text files with all the problems that has. If anyone wants to test it it is found on my public dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2jsnf6dw0przyv5/t3d_schedMgr.zip?dl=0 It is made with html5/jQuery/javascript and requires a html5 compatible browser (like latest Chrome or FireFox). I haven't tested it with anything else than Chrome, but should work without any problems in other browsers as long as they support LocalStorage. Since it is pure front-end I needed to resort to some workarounds to overcome the security of the browsers: You can for example don't import existing files directly. You need to copy/paste the text into a textarea to load necessary info to the application. And no - I haven't spent any time on making the thing look good - just focused on the functions...
  6. Controller- Rogue

    Halloween 2018 CUSTOM Schedule

    Greetings Controllers, Sorry for the delay but here is the KPHL-Halloween 2018 Schedule- a full day at KPHL from Halloween! Includes Custom airlines file with spooky callsigns thanks to Ben(aka @hexzed) and @pete_agreatguy for suggestions. GA file Schedule Terminal file Make sure to backup your KPHL files before copying the schedule files to your KPHL folder Enjoy *Update 1: November 5 '18 Halloween 201818.zip
  7. Controller- Rogue

    Voted for Custom Schedule- KFSO

    Greetings all, You voted and here it is, KSFO real custom schedule!!! Including new airlines file GA traffic new terminal file Enjoy also check out my KLAX Christmas Schedule KLAX Christmas- Version 3 KSFO July'18 v1.zip
  8. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas CUSTOM Schedule

    Busy just before Christmas KLAX schedule + Updated Terminal File! +*NEW* Updated airlines file Be sure to backup your Real Traffic/Custom files first! Attached is a snapshot of the flights per hour. Enjoy!! *EDIT* NOTE: Some flight numbers and flight times were slightly modified for play-ability* *NEW EDIT- July 2018: I have updated the zip file to VERSION 3- includes a clean airlines file, added missing airlines to airlines file and terminal file(cargo has now been added to GA area-due to no specific cargo area- was previously missing from terminal file) 1 hour schedules have been added in addition to the full schedule. KLAX Dec'17v3.zip

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