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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Here is my second ever schedule, this one is for a single day at EDDM Munich airport. The schedule is based on real flight data from Monday 29th July 2019, it's a slightly busier day than my previous Gatwick schedule but with two runways it's easily manageable. All files in the zip are required for the schedule to work if you find any issues/errors with the schedule please let me know below and I'll fix them up. Enjoy. Jason-118 EDDM Jason-118 Custom Schedule Download
  2. Some (FRTxxxx?) can't find her Taxi-way after landing and the order "Taxi to..."??? Is it a bug or a EDDM-feature?😤 Sorry for the external link, but the max. Size for me is hier 20kb. 😨 --> Bug-Picture <--
  3. Hi! I am not able to choose taxiway center2 on EDDM with typing or selecting with right click for routing. It is usable only by spoken commands? Thanks in advance.
  4. hello guys, i need some help with an issue. i bought eddm today for 3d pro today and at startup it doesnt load het realtraffic so now i got the law360 names and RJ1 jets. i have been searching and even reinstalled al 3d pro add ons i got. all is working fine but not the eddm airport. what im i doing wrong. install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\. but when i look in the specific map it doesnt show anything of the installed any suggestions?
  5. Hi Aircraft landing on 26R are extremely slow vacating the runway & T/way A9. They slow down well before the turnoff & crawl to the taxiway. This makes it difficult for A/C following closely. In reality as this is a high speed turnoff it would be customary for the landing aircraft to maintain a suitable speed to allow a relatively fast exit from the runway. Can something be done to fix this. I believe it has been highlighted before but I don't know if it is in the fixit list. Kev M
  6. @FeelThere Ariel @FeelThere The EDDM release on Steam of Tower3DPro contain no airport files at all. No database, airfield, or menu files and their associated manifest files. ................... zilch, nada (I do have the latest RT sp6v6 and EDDM Real Color installed) I have verified the games files, and un-installed and re-installed via Steam many times, but get nothing. Here is a short video also ..........
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