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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings, On 22 July, fselite.net posted an article titled "Confirmed List of all Third-Party Developers Working on Microsoft Flight Simulator" and an accompanying video. Although Aeroplane Heaven is in the list, FeelThere is not. Nor are they on the list of "Developers Not Yet Commented" nor "Expressed Interest, but not confirmed". There is a section titled "Anyone Missing?", but did not want to take any liberty of commenting. Can you confirm if you will be porting the V3 EJET to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? Here's the post from fselite.net: https://fselite.net/originals/co
  2. You will need QsimPlanner (v0.4.8 as I tested) found on : https://qsimplan.wordpress.com/ This is a basic Qsimplanner v0.4.8 performance data set for Feelthere E170/E175/E190 v3 sp1 It contants: Data from E170/175/190 AOM vol.1 Flaps2 and 4 take-off performance. You can get max FLEX temp based on Field and Climb limitation for given airport, weather and weight; Mission fuel calculation data for both LRC and M0.78 profile at optimal cruise flight level; Unfactored demonstrate landing distance data for E190 Flaps5 and Full; Unfactored OPREATIONAL landing disnance
  3. I've been trying to get a confirmation email so that I could post for/regarding the new V3 eJets, but, alas no reply. Strange -- so I changed my email. Anyway, loving the new eJet V3, but the night lighting in the Virtual Cockpit is a problem indeed. Not sure when the SP will be out and how it will be addressed. I'm going ahead anyway and posting this to help out the community with the problem in the VC with night lighting. I have created FSLabs Spotlights Profiles for the 170, 175 and 190. I'll try to finish the 195 as quickly as possible. The link to the files is below along with a lin
  4. While one of the main fix from SP1 is that AT will not jump around and set way high when descending, on SP2 they seems too blunt to me? I just had a normal flight and leveled off before approaching (Ah, because the FMC still not understand the "ABOVE an altitude" restriction...), When I slowing down and extenting flaps. while in perfect level flight, the AT only start to react almost when actual speed are at the selected speed bug, and as the engine spoon up slowly, the actually speed droped below the selected speed for more than 5~8 knots, before the engine get up to rev and push the spe
  5. Hi. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but there is a color difference on the belly and the nose of the aircraft, that happens randomly (sometimes it's normal, and sometimes it appears just like the photo that I've attached). This problem happens since the very first version of the aircraft... It's not related to the texture itself, as this happens with every single livery, on both the E175 and the E195. I'm using the E-Jets v3 SP2 version, with P3D v4.4, and my graphic card is updated. I really don't know what to do. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oFwyWas3aUwzrkBUPDWaHcq4C6Ry
  6. When doing managed descend, I noticed both speed and altitude restriction are not well followed by FMS speed: Say I have STAR with point WAP1, WAP2, WAP3, on WAP2, there is 210kts speed restriction, the airplane with speed knob in FMS mode will slow to 210 on WAP2, but after WAP2, it will speed up to 240 (or even faster if above FL100), and even if I also put 210 on WAP3, the airplane will speed up after WAP2, then slow down before WAP3, even when there is less than 10nm between them. alt: Any "Above" restriction will be treat as "At", say WAP1 and WAP2 both have 8000A and WAP3 have
  7. First of all, Thanks the great effort FeelThere put in to the SP1 aerodynamic tweak, the over all aerodynamic performence turn from V2 and non-sp1's totall mess into something I think only need some final adjustment. Here is 2 small thing I noticed: 1.FMS's LRC is about 0.01~0.02 Mach slower on E190, and about 0.01 faster on E170 compare to the Manual I have, not huge difference, but somewhat noticeable. 2. I see the Fuel flow for climb and cruise is about 1.1 times higher than the chart, then I look into the Aircraft.cfg, fond there are fuel_flow_scalar=1.12 and =1.1 on E170 a
  8. Hi, with E190 SP1, every time I manually input route in MCDU FPL (like >V23.ALINK), I got more and more blank line of "----.---" at the buttom of FPL page, While I can delete them after and doen't makes any other problem, it just seems not correct and annoying....
  9. Just tried the SP1 with E190, I noticed the Throttle are changing way too fast than pitch, when initiating an FLCH climb or descend. It pushes airspeed about 15kts higher than command speed when starting a climb, or 20kts lower when starting descent. After a while, the pitch follow up and eliminate the difference, keep on speed throughout the remining FLCH phase. EDIT: I just noticed it's due to CG error, see below.
  10. Search up and down in the config tool, it seems this function is still missing in the keyborad setup? -- mods. edit: subject line to better reflect question
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