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Found 1 result

  1. In this post I will link my custom schedules. They will be fantasy schedules only. If you are looking for realistic schedules, based on real arrivals and departures of the airports, you won't be pleased here. Since these are fictional schedules, you may come across an airline that is no longer active in the real world. My schedules require REAL TRAFFIC, REAL COLOR is recommended. TIST - St. Thomas (RT sp6v12, RC TISTv2, RC KLAX_sp2v4 or TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v3) 03:55 am - 11:58 pm total movement: 488 max per hour: 35 (10 am) Should be a medium challenge for beginners and a mixture of slight hustle and bustle and time to breathe. Not a challenge for the pros, but good enough for a relaxing hour of gameplay, I guess. Download for TIST from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 12/30/2018) KPHL - Philadelphia International (RT sp6v12, RC KPHL_sp4 or TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v3) 12:10 am - 11:55 pm total movement: 1018 max per hour: 60 (1 pm, 3 pm) Manageable. Variations in kinda repetitive patterns per hour for an actual learning curve, but shouldn't feel repetitive while playing. Maybe beginners would try a multiplayer on this - or anyone else, because multiplayer is fun, I guess. Download for KPHL from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 2/15/2019) KLAX - Los Angeles International (RT sp6v12, RC KLAX_sp2v4 or TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v3) 12:02 am - 11:57 pm total movement: 1176 max per hour: 49 (24 h) Callsign Madness. The schedule consists of a repeating 4 hour set. Within one hour you will not face any callsign twice and within four hours, no airline will land and take off more than once. For that, the time to which you set the game is not relevant. With 98 airlines, 49 movements per hour and no GA traffic, it is clearly feasible, I guess. Download for KLAX from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 2/15/2019) EDDM - Munich Airport - Franz Josef Strauss International (RT sp6v12, RC EDDM) 12:03 am - 11:58 pm total movement: 1266 max per hour: 80 (5 pm) Clearly designed to be handled in multiplayer mode, give the evening hours a run on your own, if you're brave enough. But there are also less hectic hours included. No Cargo, no GA - you'll be pretty busy with passenger transport, I guess. Download for EDDM from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 2/21/2019) All my schedules will come with a PDF document, in printable sizes for US-Letter and DIN-A4, containing installation instructions, the airlines used with callsigns and other information. I will fill this post bit by bit with further schedules and inform about possible updates.

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