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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Pete, I coded a rotary encoder for trim wheel purpose with FSUIPC like this: --------------------------------- [Buttons] !2=;Änderung wegen TrimWheel 170728 ButtonRepeat=20,10 PollInterval=10 3=CP(+0,6)0,7,Cx43000BC0,xC0010100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Decr 4=CP(+0,6)0,7,Cx43000BC0,xC0010100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Decr 1=CP(+0,7)0,6,Cx33000BC0,x3FFF0100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Incr 2=CP(+0,7)0,6,Cx33000BC0,x3FFF0100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Incr -------------------------------- It worked for some days perfect. I could move the trim wheel, sitting on a rotary encoder, and the plane followed the control. Now , when I move the trim wheel, the throttle move back to a 50% position. I am not aware, that I changed anything relevant to this problem. The standard controller assignment in FSX is NOT used. I reloaded my FSX and the C172, and always the same effect: moving trim wheel , moving thottle axis. Here is the log file, see attachment and remarks below: Remarks to the LOG files. From line 97189 on I move the throttle and mixture. Then in line 127032 I connected the USB encoder trim wheel. I moved the trime wheel and suddenly in line 127203 the AXIS_THROTTLE_SET was moved. I disconnected and connected the USB encoder just for test purpose. The behaviour is still there with USB encoder permanent connected. What did I do wrong? What shall I check additionally? Thanks Alhard FSUIPC4.log
  2. Hi, So I am trying to build a panel for PMDG planes and want to connect the hardware through Zero Delay USB Encoder and FSUIPC. The problem is that while for example FSX recognises this and shows "Button 01" or others, FSUIPC takes no notice of the input. My question is thus: Is it possible to do this at all or does FSUIPC not support Zero Delay USB Encoders? Thanks
  3. Dear all, I use FSX, a registered version of FSUIPC 4.703 and the LevelD 767. I've been researching quite a lot and I've read the documentation provided with FSUIPC a couple of times. I'm trying to make an encoder work while wiring it to an old keyboard I hacked. My encoders have three terminals, so with each detent, two keys are "pressed". Let's say my encoder is wired to both the "A" and the "B" key and that I want to control my altitude on my MCP with the encoder. I have made a mouse macro, with "ALT+" to increase the altitude and "ALT-" to decrease it. If I assign the "A" key to "ALT+" and the "B" key to "ALT-", nothing happens, because the first always compensates for the latter, and the other way around. I then thought that I might work with flags. When turning counterclockwise, the encoder would always send "A" and then "B" at each detent. If "A" sets a flag, "B" could then trigger "ALT-" if the flag is set. At each detent, the flag is again set by "A" and then "B" triggers "ALT-". However, I hadn't thought of the same problem as before until trying it: when programming FSUIPC for both clockwise and counterclockwise, there is also this compensation and nothing happens on the MCP. That's why I've come to ask for help: can anyone explain how I could make this work? Any reference to the manual, to something I might have missed (or misunderstood) is also appreciated. Thanks! Sébastien.
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