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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, A slightly random question......... Is it possible for FSUIPC to pass a location to Excel? If any other variables (particularly heading & aircraft type and / or registration) could be passed also it would be ideal! It would be ideal if I could get the lat / lon into cells in Excel. If it's possible where might I find some pointers on how to start with doing so? Once I've got information into Excel I can handle it from there but would be lost with the bit before that (hence not knowing if it's even possible). Best regards & many thanks Richard
  2. Hi All, I recently created an Excel version of most of the output from running makerwys on a default FSX installation (with taxiway info excluded). Many thanks to Pete, both for creating makerwys / FSUIPC and also for being kind enough to upload the file which is available via the following link; http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Airport_Runway_Parking_Com.zip Best regards Richard
  3. Hi, Following on from me asking about getting (regularly updated) data from FSX to Excel I thought I'd attach an example of what I've done, just in-case it's of any use to anyone here. The demo includes only data for the Bahamas, please ensure you're in that area. Open the file, ensuring that macros are enabled (see note below first). You'll be presented with a scatter graph, showing the lat / lon of airfields in the Bahamas, in effect a simplified map. The orange markers are those I've set to 'Visited' and blue are 'Non-Visited'. The red circle is the last logged aircraft position. Hover over a marker to see ICAO code, the country, the name of the airport and if it's logged as visited or not. Left click on a marker to change from visited to not-visited and vice-versa. With FSX and FSUIPC running and with the aircraft positioned within the Bahamas click the 'Start' button. The red circle will move to the correct lat / lon and thereafter will update once per second. Obviously the red circle will only move when FSX is not paused. The file contains the code from the visual basic FSUIPC SDK libraries. It was created in Excel 2016 but I believe will work in any version which the SDK VB code is compatible with. Please note: The attached file contains macros, they run successfully and without harm on my own PC. However, by running them you accept all resultant risks should there be an issue with them. Best regards Richard Map Demo.xlsm
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