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Found 16 results

  1. We have FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D installed on a PC. When I installed FSUIPC version 4.943, it installed in FSX and Prepar3D but not in FS2004. How can I install FSUIPC in FS2004 also?
  2. Hi there, I am having a very strange problem with FSUIPC3 in FS2004. A few weeks ago, it suddenly decided to no longer load any of my LUA files. This problem came seemingly out of nowhere. It is not any one specific LUA file, but any LUA file at all. I have tried: Reinstalling FSUIPC Reinstalling FS2004 The specific LUA file I want to use is called FreezeAlt.lua and it looks like this: althi = ipc.readSD(0x574) altlo = ipc.readUD(0x570) while 1 do ipc.sleep(10) -- 10 mSecs = 100 times per sec ipc.writeUD(0x570,altlo) ipc.writeSD(0x574,althi) end I
  3. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM (one of the main reference subforums) Hello, I am new here in the forum and I have little experience with FSUIPC, so if I am creating a topic in the wrong place I ask the moderators to move to the appropriate area, thank you in advance! Well, I mock with FS9, and with FSUIPC registered version 3,999, my joystick is actually a PlayStation control, my question is the following; is it possible to make the Axis of my joystick / Playstation control behave for example, like the F3 key on the keyboard that when pressed works as throttle increase? I have tried to
  4. Hello, I'm new with QT and i can't connect to fs 2004 using QT 5.0.1 and MinGW/ VC++ 2015. It works fine with Visual Studio 2017 and code Blocks (MinGW 32) !! There is the errors that i have : https://ibb.co/dMQSmS. Thank you !
  5. Hi there, Is the "Freeze Altitude Set" included in FSUIPC3 for FS2004? If not, how would I go about coding this for FSUIPC? Keep in mind, I have no coding experience, so can someone explain, as simple as possible, how I would go about this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Pete, On a very short flight from LIMZ to LIMF of about 12 minutes the QNH was 1009Mb for both airports. The value having been input to the sim by FSRealWX.exe. I was using PF3 which picks up stuff via FSUIPC. AT the origin LIMZ PF3 quoted QNH1009 correctly and again when being handed over to approach. But when I was cleared to land the Tower quoted QNH1013. It would appear from the log that FSUIPC knew that the pressure at LIMF was 1009 but for some obscure reason it changed it slowly back to 1013. I know for sure that the pressure was correct at the destination because I teleported
  7. I have purchased the fs2004 version and registered it, I have both flightsim pm throttle and overhead panel, along with saitek yoke , having gone into the fsuipc in the menu bar I cannot find how to set fuel cut off and idle for each engine(737) also on the overhead panel I have switches that I can't find in fsuipc to set to ? On watching a video posted by Flightsim pm on the throttle he had both cut off switches working along with both reverse thrust levers working individually, does the fs2004 fsuipc support these functions or is it for FSX that more functions are available. If there is a m
  8. I run FS9 in W7x64. I have button 2 on CH Eclipse mapped to Views/cycle using FSUIPC v.3.999z9a. In cockpit view when I click this button (taking me into Virtual Cockpit or Spot views) the Collins AP Power switches off. As can be seen, the Collins, unusually for most FS9 autopilots, has separate Power ON/OFF switches and AP engage/disengage switches. I am not sure how to separate commands for View/Cycle and Power ON/OFF with this particular autopilot using FSUIPC and would be grateful for advice. BTW, I cannot Power ON the Collins again until I return to Cockpi
  9. Hi, I know the low FPS issue has been frequently discussed on this and other forums. I too am experiencing this issue and, after researching it for several hours, have found that none of the solutions posted on this forum or others have worked for me. I really enjoy the ERJ v.2 addon (which I'm running in FS2004) but this is what I experience: FPS during startup/taxi: 50-60 FPS during takeoff/climb: 30-40 FPS during cruise: 10-20 FPS during landing: 5-10 As you can see, the addon works perfectly well at first but slowly, slowly starts dropping in performance until I can barely
  10. So I downloaded FSUIPC Version 3.999z8 and It ran, it did its thing and then asked me to either delete registration, check existing or make a new registration. There was no option to install with out registering, (which i understand you can do). so how am i supposed to install it without a registration? Thanks, Tom
  11. We propose Here a link to download a conference artcile which describe a realtime characterization of FS2004 by measuring the dynamic model rate and quantify its temporal stability. After a general presentation of the simulator, the experimental procedure based on the definition of real-time simulation and Monte Carlo Method is described . Experiments conducted in different configurations allowed to isolate parameters that have a decisive impact on the real-time performances of the simulator. Link To download the File https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4UgNwLCp1KtRmU2SkpBR1FXQXM/edit?usp=shar
  12. Pete I'm using FSUIPC 3.999w 12 Aug 2012 and FS2004. For longer than I care to remember I've been using FSUIPC button assignments to control elevator trim via a rocker switch on a CH Eclipse yoke. This worked very nicely until recently after I deliberately deleted FSUIPC ini. I've got everything back the way it was except for elevator trim up/down. Under Buttons and Switches, I assign 'Home' key for trim down, and 'End' key for trim up, but this produces erratic responses to the rocker switch. I have tried this with 'key press to be repeated when held', and not; and I have tried it with '
  13. Good morning! Since some days I am tryingto read out some values from the FS2004 via FSUIPC. I am using the QT Creator to show my result in a small and simple form. I think my problem is an easy one. Here is my code: (It's a SLOT function connected with a pushButton) void MainWindow::connectFSUIPC(){ DWORD dwResult; if(FSUIPC_Open(SIM_ANY, &dwResult)){ char *chTime; if(FSUIPC_Read(0x0238, 1, &chTime, &dwResult)){ !FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); QString str; str = *chTime; ui->labelFSUIPC->setText(str); } } } [/CODE] The connection and read out
  14. Hello Folks, I've been successfully working with FSUIPC in the past years in many languages (such c#, c, c++, pascal, vb) in several projects into the FS scope (autopilots, etc.). However, I'm now facing a huge challenge (maybe the major so far) which consists in capturing the view (yes, the view, the frames generated by FS2004, such as Cockpit View, Spot Plane View, etc.) of my FS2004 in order to embed it into a new window (or program Form, regardless of which language/IDE I'm programming), that is, is there any memory address that contains the images (frames) generated in the simulated envi
  15. I use FS2004 version of MSFS. I am considering buying MyTraffic 2010 (FS2004 version). I noticed some Tupolev/ Yakovlev AI traffic included, which is cool (I don't see these models in the Ultimate Traffic AI aircraft versions). I have a few questions: 1) Does the CD version of MyTraffic 2010 include the A380 ? 2) Can FS9 users upgrade the flight routes/ schedules online as they change in real life? 2) Are there any provisions to incorporate the B787 or B747-8 when they enter service?
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