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Found 13 results

  1. Here is a Lua file that progressively apply and/or disengage brakes, adjustable in both directions, for those who only have a button for brakes. [INSTALLATION] FS closed Copy the complete code block below, paste it into an empty .txt file & rename it Smooth_Brake.Lua Place the above file in the FS/Modules folder Add the following to the [Auto] section of the FSUIPC(4).ini file - X=Lua Smooth_Brake - Where X is the next available number in the [Auto] section. (pg. 42 - FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.pdf) Comment out ( ; ) or remove the original brake b
  2. Hi there, I am having a very strange problem with FSUIPC3 in FS2004. A few weeks ago, it suddenly decided to no longer load any of my LUA files. This problem came seemingly out of nowhere. It is not any one specific LUA file, but any LUA file at all. I have tried: Reinstalling FSUIPC Reinstalling FS2004 The specific LUA file I want to use is called FreezeAlt.lua and it looks like this: althi = ipc.readSD(0x574) altlo = ipc.readUD(0x570) while 1 do ipc.sleep(10) -- 10 mSecs = 100 times per sec ipc.writeUD(0x570,altlo) ipc.writeSD(0x574,althi) end I
  3. Hi, I have the 737 PIC Boxed Edition for both FSX & FS9. On the Wilco Website I saw that the latest currently released version for FS9 is build 9b: https://www.wilcopub.com/737-pilot-in-command-fs2004-fsx-xp-5766.html But the boxed Edition does only contain build 9a. Where can I get build 9b?
  4. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM (one of the main reference subforums) Hello, I am new here in the forum and I have little experience with FSUIPC, so if I am creating a topic in the wrong place I ask the moderators to move to the appropriate area, thank you in advance! Well, I mock with FS9, and with FSUIPC registered version 3,999, my joystick is actually a PlayStation control, my question is the following; is it possible to make the Axis of my joystick / Playstation control behave for example, like the F3 key on the keyboard that when pressed works as throttle increase? I have tried to
  5. Moved to Main Forum. Please ask questions related to FSUIPC always in Main Forum! Is there a way to get the ground elevation for a given latitude/longitude position. I need to get the current ground elevation (representing the scenery) at a given position, which is NOT my own aircraft's position and NOT the position of another AI aircraft. I know how to do it with FSX and P3d/simConnect, but need a similar function for FS9. Any hint how I can do it (if possible)?
  6. I've just finished reinstalling FS9 under Windows 7 64. I reinstalled FSUIPC. Installation proceeded without problems. I cannot bring up FSUIPC from FS9. The Screen goes black. I am unable to access the ability to configure the CH modules now.
  7. Please post your custom coded pushbacks here and I will incorporate them in the Database Updates
  8. So I downloaded FSUIPC Version 3.999z8 and It ran, it did its thing and then asked me to either delete registration, check existing or make a new registration. There was no option to install with out registering, (which i understand you can do). so how am i supposed to install it without a registration? Thanks, Tom
  9. Hi, guys Last week I bought the feelThere Embraer E-jet package and started to get familiar with the airplane. One thing I need to get help with is: Do I have to use SID and STARS or can I simply fly the flight plans as they are created by FS9 and follow FS9 ATC's instructions? How do I do it? The thing is that, while flying the tutorial included in the aircraft manual I noticed that, when setting up the FMC one needs to enter SID's and STARS for both the departure and arrival airport, and that I do not have. Your assistance will be truly appreciated :grin:
  10. Hello Volker, I have FS9, FSX, and ASE (Active Sky Evolution), FSUIPC 3.99 (FS9) 4.853(FSX) both are fully registered, Win7 x64 - Installed as Admin UAC have always been off, and I run as Admin everything to do with FS9 or X. I downloaded FSC9.2.1 3 days ago and installed it in D:\Aerosoft\FSC9 , then put in your 9.2.2 revision because I was having KDFW issues. All that is OK now, but I noticed Active Sky Evolution cannot import a plan so I can load weather for my flights. This always worked perfectly with my previous FSC 8.6 version. For instance, When ASE is open, I go to "Brief" , then clic
  11. Dear Pete, Last week I purchased FSUIPC for FS9 and for FSX. The FSX installation seems to work fine, while the FS9 causes a problem. The PMDG 747-400 causes a crash, stating: FSUIPC version is too old. You need at least v3.48 or later. Flight Simulator will now close. After spending all afternoon finding a fix I got to the point where deleteing the registration key file let's the Jumbo fly. With the key file moved back to FS9/Modules causes a crash again. It would be possible to fly without FSUIPC, but I have now REX Essential OD and need the wind smooting option among other cool stuff
  12. I'm running version 3.999 in FS9. I set up a triple engined JU52 as a profile. When I load the JU52 and check the FSUIPC settings it shows as DC-3. Obviously, the same profile will not work for these two aircraft. I would do a fresh set up of the JU52 but I cannot uncheck the 'profile specific' box (greyed out). I guess I need to amend the .ini file but what to do exactly? Thanks. John
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