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Found 14 results

  1. Bonsoir Je viens d'installer FSUIPC4 et quand je démarre FSX, ce message apparait: Erreur Flight Simulator a détecté unimmer in a lié à un programme tiers (logiciel complémentaire): Nom: FSUIPC4 DLL / nouvelle interface IPC universelle Version: 4.969 Société: Peter l Dowson Fichier; Modules \ FSUIPC4.dll Voulez-vous exécuter ce logiciel (déconseillé)? Pour plus d'informations, envoyez-nous un message, désinstaller ce programme ou désactivez son démarrage lors de l'exécution de Flight Simulator. Pour plus d'informations sur les programmes tiers, contactez la sociètè qui publicite ou consulter le site: http: \ www.fsinsider.com. Comment puis je faire fonctionner FSX avec FSUIPC4 pour utiliser FSC & FSX simultanément en liaison l'un avec l'autre? Merci de votre réponse
  2. Good afternoon, tell me who is met with a lack of circuit paths of the airspace in the FSC over Hungary and Austria, there was a problem for a long time, but I thought the problem will be solved with the AIRAC 1701 but nothing has changed. Best Regards Anatolie
  3. I was having a hard time getting KTPA updated per the 1609 airac in FSC. For some reason, FSC showed the old runway headings. I eventually figured out that it was reading the addon scenery database in P3D and getting runway info from My Traffic Pro's facilities scenery. When I deactivated MT-Pro and ran the FSC database manager again, all the runways were in agreement with the new airac. Now, the FMC in the Quality Wings 757 has the same runways as FSC. So, my question is - Does anybody know how to update the scenery navdata in My Traffic Pro?
  4. Bonsoir, After having purchased and installed P3D, here is my new configuration that works perfectly: FSC is installed on a computer and connecting to FSX through my network via WideFS FSX installed on a SSD of a separate computer Now I have installed P3D on the computer where FSX is installed but on separate SSD. Therefore I can launch either FSX or P3D through a dual boot. My question is: How to use FSC with both simulators ? What happens when FSCDbManager has scanned FSX files and then is requested to scan P3D files ? Are the scanned data stored separately or data are replaced ? Is it possible to store the scanned data of each simulator in separate folders and load them based on the starting simulator? What is the trick to succeed in my wish to use FSC from either FSX or P3D ? I hope my explanation is clear and I expect to get some ideas or solution from you, guys Thanks in advance Bruno
  5. Hi, mein 1. Post, bin neu in diesem Forum. Ich habe ein Problem mit FSC und P3D. Offenbar wegen fehlender scenery.cfg Datei kann ich das Tool mit P3D nicht betreiben. Aergerlich, weil ich die neusten Versionen von beiden Herstellern gerade gekauft habe. Kennt jemand auch dieses Problem? Mit dem FSX läuft alles schnurgerade. Die Einstellungen im DB Manager im rechten Fenster, können nicht fertiggestellt werden, weil die besagte Datei fehlt. Danke für Lösungsansätze. Livio
  6. When i purchased the product i had no problems with installing and registering. I am currently running FSX. Since i have had to resinstall several times and upgrade to 9.6 or just reloaded 9.6 full version, it keeps telling me when i go to connect to FS: "Unable to connect to Simulator. Msg # (no process response)" Yes, I have run the database manager update before connecting to FS. Where am i going wrong? When I select Vatsim download, it loads the current information but without being connected to FS. Last update FSX databaes: 3 Mar 2015 Navigraph AIRAC 1501 Rev 1 Jan08-Feb04 2015 Registered to Me Under OPTIONS/online directory i have selected directory to where the FS is located c:\microsoft games\microsoft flight sim X Phil Knox
  7. Hello, i've got an error, when i try to import a Flightplan created by PFPX. The Message is: When i just copy the route from PFPX and Paste it in FSC, there is no error. Both Programs are fresh installed in the newest Version. AIRAC Datas from both Programs are Up2Date. I was already ask in the German Aerosoft Forum, they was forward me, to Volker. Both Programs using AIRAC form Navigraph, Cycle NG1409. The When i only Copy and Paste the route from PFPX, the Waypoints match with PFPX. So this should be a wrong message. As i already was read, that the Support isn't available during the next Few days. But i will try my luck.
  8. I really need some help please....... My system specs are as follows: P3D V.2.2 FSUIPC 4.931 FS Commander 9.5.1 Database Manager 9.5 Build 04 - January - 2014 AIRAC Cycle 1312 Rev.1 NOV 14 - DEC 11/13 Downloaded Version from your website and registration paid and received from SimMarket Wed 14/05/2014 OS Win 7 - 64 Bit As you can see I have given you all the basic information you need. I am a NEW user. I have installed FSC to: D:\Program Files\FSC9 and NOT to Drive C: in any way. I did install as Adminstrator by right click and "Run As Administrator". I have run the database manager and it has been sucessful in the location of my P3D Path of D:\Program Files\LOCKHEED MARTIN\PREPAR3D V2 and the scenery library path of C:\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\PREPAR3D v2 MY PROBLEM............ I am having difficulty in setting the Prepar3D folder Path. Choose <Simulator Files Parepar3D> manually ERROR each time I look at paths even if I apparently point this to where I am wanting to store my flightplans for P3D. I just cannot seem to find out where I am going wrong and would really like your help. Many thanks in advance, Bob.
  9. I try to connect my Laptop using FSC to my Flight Simulator X on a different PC (running FSX) in my Network. I can access my PC's without a problem. When I start WideFS client on my laptop and try to connect my FSX the FSC program gives my an error "Unable to connect to simulator! Msg # 14". The logfile of WideFS client shows that a connection has been successful. I am not shure where the error is. What has to be running at my FSX computer? I installed FSUIPC4 on the FSC computer and the program seems to run. Is it necessary to install the wideserver on my FSX computer to? -And how can I do this? Or is the FSUIPC4 program the only program that runs on my FSX computer... I am using Windows 7 (32) on my laptop and Windows 7(64) on my FSX-PC. When I use FSC on my FSX computer everything workes OK.
  10. Hey, So I got my previous problem with the distances in FSC corrected, but now I have another problem, that did not exist before I fixed my previous problem: Every time my aircraft crosses a waypoint FSC focuses back to itself, so for example, If the window opened is FSX, and a few minutes later i cross a waypoint on my flightplan FSC opens up. The problem with this is that on long flights where I am not at the computer for the whole flight, my commputer will go to sleep if FSX is not the window active. Then when I wake up my computer FSX says it cannot run in a remote desktop session and exits. So basically I cannot do any flights over 2 hours, because I cant sit at a computer longer than that. Here is my system info: FSC 9.2, AIRAC 1302 Windows XP 32bit Dell Vostro 1720 Laptop FSX Gold Edition FSC build 15-May-2012 Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello, I encounter a problem in FSCOMMANDER with Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok (VTBS), it does not exist in your software! VTBS it is a big airport in Bangkok, I receives the message (no airport for this ICAO code found!!) When I connect this airport in FSX, I find myself lost in the middle of nothing.
  12. Hi everybody, So I bought FSC in December and I have to say I love it. It is really simple and easy and a great tool. I especially love the moving map and i use it on every flight. The only problem I am having with it is the DTG that it displays. For Instance, right now I am flying CYYT-KBGR. I am following the flightplan exactly and FSC is tracking me. It says that the DTG is 813nm. The flightplan isnt even 800nm long. I am actually about 492nm away from BGR. This has been happening on almost all of my flights and its really annoying, especially because i use the DTG feature alot for descent planning (on planes that dont have FMC) and I use it as just a general know how of where I am. Any Help is greatly appreciated! ~Remy
  13. I'd like to find an easy way to calculate the distance of two intermediate points of a route. Image a route A, B, C, D, E and that I'd like to know what the distance is between B and D. Is there any direct way to do so? And if not... I think that could be a nice feature for future releases. Thanks so much
  14. Hello experts (though I presume this note might - if at all - interest Volker Heine primarily), I work to my satisfaction with a combination of FSC 9, FS 2004 and Google Earth on a Win 7 machine, and it seems to me that everything announced and discussed about the implementation of Google Earth into the Sim-programmes runs well. That means, once I have coupled a FS 2004 flight with a Flightplan generated by FSC and Google Earth according to the prescriptions given, during run-time I can always follow the plane along its flight path shown correctly in the corresponding Google Earth map (the displayed airplane logo does not disturb me much). What I miss (and I have not yet found out whether or not this has already been discussed or even been solved up to now) is the fact that at no stage of the running programme the altitude of the (Google-Earth) observer is coupled to the current altitude of the plane according to the situation running in FS 9: I always and continuously have to select (within Google) manually the altitude from which I want to look at the map in order to connect it to the current altitude of the plane (which, for instance, I can read either from FS 9 or from FSC at any moment). I should much appreciate having the possibility of viewing in different flight phases the real life scenery (as it exists in Google Earth) for instance like a cockpit view in the right perspective. If there already exists a solution to the problem, please let me know - otherwise, I should be grateful for hints and links - Gerhard Berendt.
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