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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Pete, I am using the FSFK since a while without any problem. I have a network setup: PC1 with P3D v2.5 and PC2 with widefs, FSFK, ASN, vpilot. 2 weeks ago I have updated the OS on both of my PC1 & PC2 to windows10 and since that time FSFK is reporting 00:00h for my flights as shown on this example: http://air-child.com/pirepDetail.php?fid=16082015175753ACH06804454&pid=ACH0680 When I check the report in FSFK i see more details and for the reported times it shows a strange date from the years of 1890... I have tested FSAcars installed on PC2 and that reports properly. (maybe that does not consider year?!). I do not know if it is widefs, FSFK or Windows issue...but can not get any response from the support team of FSFK that is the reason why I came here for some idea. Of course checked the system and p3d dates and they are correct. One thing what I will still check is the international settings in windows on PC1 and PC2 if they are same in regards of the date, however I do not know if it has any affect or not. Thanks, Tibor
  2. Hello, I have been using FS9 and FSUIPC long time like register user. Now I have moved to X-pLane and I need to link FS FLight Keeper with XPUIPC. At the moment there is no way and no support with the supplier of FSFK. The only problems is that FSFK ask for a code of FSUIP registered in order to start the fuctions. Can you please indicate me how can I handle it??? Do you considered start a new XPFSUIPC with the functionality of the FSUIPC in order to handle the FS aplications?? Thanks a lot!!! Francisco Sintes
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