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Found 3 results

  1. PLEASE ALWAYS POST SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE SUPPORT FORUM! So, I've had the Saitek X-56 Rhino for a while, and it's worked without problems, until about a week ago. Neither the stick or trottle quadrant is working in P3D at the moment, but the wierd thing is it's working in the Saitek program. I've tried most of the usual stuff like changing USB port, I've also done a troubleshooting in Windows, with no results. I am using FSUIPC 4 and I have disabled my controllers in P3D. I've been told you can change the JoyNames in the fsuipc.ini file, but to what, and what numbers to change? Very wierd problem, seems like it should be an easy fix. Thanks in advance /Fred
  2. MOVED TO SUPPORT FORUM! Please always post support requests to the Support Forum, not to a referece suforum where it won't be answered! Hi Pete, We are assigning some button to FSUIPC and we would like to assign two actions on only one button. (For Exemple assigning to only Button 1 of joystick Taxi light and Landing light) I think this isn't possible by FSUIPC display interface but it's possible on FSUIPC.ini ? And if it's possible, how I must edit FSUIPC.ini to do that ? --------------------------------------------------------- Another point, We are using a lot of FSUIPC offsets and it's create some sutters (micro freeze about each 4-5 seconds), so how can we optimise FSUIPC.ini or on other to bypass that ? If I don't use FSUIPC offset there are less sutters (but always some very little sutters each 10 seconds) and If I completely uninstall FSUIPC there aren't any sutters. On our FSUIPC.ini autosave is unactive. Thanks for answer, King regards
  3. fsuipc.ini not created when i run fsx. It is not hidden
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