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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I am currently using FSUIPC6 within Prepar3d V5.3. I recently purchased a Honeycomb Bravo Throttle and trying to set the spoiler axis with the Fslabs A320x. The airbus has multiple stages of detents on the speedbrake. It seems to me that FSUIPC does not allow for stages as it does for flaps. Would there be a way to achieve for me to achieve these stages with a different approach? Thank you, Vincent
  2. I use a second Logitech Pro Throttle Quadrant alongside that provided by my Logitech Pro Yoke. I ve the latest version of FSUIPC6 running. In the last few flights the control assignments between the left and the right levers have become swapped over. The left lever was assigned Throttle 2, and the right lever was assigned Flaps Lever. This has happened in both the FSLabs A320 and the PMDG B777 aircraft. I suspect that a corrupt assignment has occurred. I wouldlike to delete all control assignments and start again with a 'clean sheet'. Could someone explain how to do this, if it is possible? rr
  3. I'm actually seeking for help here after I submitted a support request in Active Sky. They said it's an issue with FSUIPC. I flew from ZGGG to ZGHA last night, the visibility in ZGHA was 3200 meters at that time. However I only saw a visibility greater than 9999m at final approach stage. After I refreshed the weather in ASP3D debug page, the visibility reduced to normal. I was using an unregistered FSUIPC v6.1.6, with default settings (ini files untouched). Aircraft is PMDG NGXu B737-800(no winglets). Haven't tested with other aircrafts. Then I tried again from ZGHA to ZHHH, visibility in ZHHH was 4000m. This time I completely uninstalled FSUIPC and surprisingly the visibility depiction at final approach is totally normal. It adds to my concern that it's an issue with FSUIPC. The FSUIPC log file is attached. FSUIPC6.log
  4. First of all, sorry for my English, I use the Google translator. Second, thanks to all of you who make it possible, with your patience, for my cockpit737 to work. Third to the matter: In the IAS / MACH display of the Opencockpits MCP, with Project Magenta and its corresponding SIOC script, everything works correctly except for the IAS / Mach encoder which, from what can be seen on the Display, jumps in the digits and some are lost, that is, they are not displayed, making the process of establishing a certain speed very slow and imprecise, I have read something about a possible loss of encoder pulses due to speed, the only parameter that we have in Sioc In the Encoder configuration, it is the acceleration one, I have tried different values but it does not seem to be the solution. I should add, that I use Fsuipc 6 (latest version) Registered with Prepar3D V5. and that the same Encoder works perfectly with the HDG, Course etc. etc. I know that the information I provide may be insufficient, but it is about starting somewhere. I appreciate any help or suggestion that can improve the performance of the IAS / Mach encoder. Thank you so much. Carlos
  5. Hi all, Well, after a full day making white hairs, I think I need your help with FSUIPC and keystrokes sent from a program. At this time I am trying to understand why ProsimUtils has issues to control GSX : commands are sent from the CDU to ProsimUtils, and then to P3D through FSUIPC/WideClient. Sometimes, the command CTRL+SHIFT+F12 opens the usual FSX window, but it's rare, and the command following the first one (1 or 2 to select an option) does nothing ... After that, if I want to open GSX window again, it simply doesn't work. All commands are registered in FSUIPC log, so they are well received but no event. It's pretty much the same issue than the one reported by Ramon here : https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91365-prosimutils-181-simconnect-window/ I coded a small python script to send keystrokes to Prepar3D through FSUIPC and WideClient. And I noticed something really strange. I would be glad if someone can comment or point me to the right direction. The keystroke used is simple : it's S to change the view. If I execute the script, the keystroke is registered by FSUIPC and I can see it in the log, but nothing happens. If I execute the script two times, and with around 0.5-1s between each execution, the keystroke is registered two times by FSUIPC, but this time (and unfortunately not each time), the view is changed (and only 1 time, which is fine in fact). I can't see what's wrong with my script. Here it is : import pyuipc pyuipc.open(pyuipc.SIM_P3D64) pyuipc.write([(0x3110, 'u', 1070), (0x3114, 'u', 2131)]) pyuipc.close() Pretty simple, isn't it ^^ ? And the logging messages : 351906 WRITEex 330A, 2 bytes: D2 07 .. 352062 WRITEex 3110, 4 bytes: 2E 04 00 00 .... # first run 352062 WRITEex 3114, 4 bytes: 53 08 00 00 S... 352531 WRITEex 3110, 4 bytes: 2E 04 00 00 .... # second run after 0.5s-1s 352531 WRITEex 3114, 4 bytes: 53 08 00 00 S... 353718 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65567 (0x0001001f), Param= 0 (0x00000000) VIEW_MODE I use Prepar3D v5.1 HF1, with different sceneries and add-ons (UTLive2 beta, ASP3D, Prosim737, FSUIPC6.11). Python 3.7 is used with pyuipc installed from FSUIPC/SDK folder. I am experienced with Python, but not with FSUIPC SDK, so I probably do something wrong and can't see what it is ... Thanks for your help !! Olivier
  6. Greetings... I purchased a new computer that helpfully already had Prepar3D and the most recent download of FSUIPC5 downloaded and installed for me. Unfortunately, I had to change the user account name in Windows 10 in order to work with my sim network. Subsequent installations of FSUIPC are now creating the FSUIPC documentation and add-on.xml in the old documents location which the installer helpfully re-creates. Everything else for the installation is installed in the correct \Documents\<new-username>\. Interestingly, the add-ons.cfg in the AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v5 directory point is referencing the correct location where I expected the add-on.xml to be installed. I have temporarily moved the relevant files to the correct directory which has me up and running but I would like to sort this out so future upgrades function properly. I've exhausted my ability to troubleshoot this having removed and re-installed Prepar3D and FSUIPC a number of times. I also removed all of the old AppData content that had any references to my old username that I could find and have searched through the registry and environment variables for any references to the old username without any success. I'm obviously missing something. Can you steer me to what the FSUIPC installer uses to identify the location where these important files are created (apparently referred to as the Documents folder location) and I can change that to the correct reference. I recognize this may be of my own making by changing the username but I though the Prepar3D and FSUIPC removal and re-install would sort it out with no success. Install log attached. For reference, the old-username is Visual and the new username is 737NG. Thanks for the great utility and now the update for FSUIPC 5. It has been a close friend in my simulator for many years. ...Robert (aka DaddyBooks)InstallFSUIPC6.log EDIT: I apologize but I inadvertently posted in the wrong folder. This is an FSUIPC6 question and not related to FSUIPC7 or MSFS.
  7. I am not getting any errors in my log and i have ruled that fsuipc6 was crashing it since after i removed everything p3dv5 worked fine. I started to add my mods and addons back starting with FSUIPC6 and with this being the only one installed i ran p3dv5 and crash if i disable the addon it does not crash, I did a clean reinstall with a new download as well. FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.ini
  8. I just installed FSUIPC6 on P3Dv5.1 today. LONGTIME registered user of several earlier versions and have done a lot of FSUIPCx.ini editing. I loved using the Run commands to start and close addons with affinity. I can't find that in FSUIPC6. Searched the forum but no luck. Is that feature still available in FSUIPC6?
  9. I've used FSUIPC for some years in FSX and P3Dv4, I wouldn't say I am a 'power user' at all thought! I have just installed P3Dv5 and this new version of FSUIPC and am trying to set up my saitek throttle quadrants through FSUIPC but am getting a strange error. Throttle 1 on first lever is fine Prop 1 and Mixture 1, even though as far as I can see they are set up the same was as Throttle , the lowest position of the lever in sim is about halfway down the movement on the actual quadrant. I don't have reverse set so its just a simple case of mapping min and max range. FSUIPC can see the full range of movement in the axis assignment screen but when it comes to applying it in the calibration it isn't using it. For example Prop 1 FSUIPC allows me to set Max at 16383 and Min at -16384 However when I move the lever from max at 16383 back to min the Out box displays 0 at about halfway movement and then does not change. Even if I do not send it to calibration and select Send to FS as normal axis I get the same issue. Odd how the throttle is working fine but not the other two axis. Can someone possibly advise?
  10. Hi, I have a registered copy of FSUIPC6 and am looking at using WideFS to use ATC program Pilot2ATC remotely on a laptop. There is a try before you buy link on Simmarket which I have downloaded as I would like to ensure I get everything up and running they way I want it. There is not a demo registration key provided and I assumed I would need this. None the less I gave it a go and WideClient could not see the server. So I added ServerName and Protocol entries and now the log below ********* WideClient Log [version 7.156] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 04/06/20, Time 15:36:28.835: Client name is TALLA 266 LUA: "C:\Users\mark\Documents\P3D Addons\WideClient7156\Initial.LUA": not found 266 Attempting to connect now 281 Trying TCP/IP host "MUSKY" port 8002 ... 281 ... Okay, IP Address = Seems to be able to connect to the server but when I try to connect the Addon Pilot2ATC I get the error ********* WideClient Log [version 7.156] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 04/06/20, Time 15:55:59.666: Client name is TALLA 266 Attempting to connect now 266 LUA: "C:\Users\mark\Documents\P3D Addons\WideClient7156\Initial.LUA": not found 282 Trying TCP/IP host "MUSKY" port 8002 ... 282 ... Okay, IP Address = 21282 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10060] Connection timed out 21282 Ready to try connection again 22282 Attempting to connect now 66313 Trying TCP/IP host "MUSKY" port 8002 ... 66313 ... Okay, IP Address = 132375 Trying TCP/IP host "MUSKY" port 8002 ... 132375 ... Okay, IP Address = 186469 New Client Application: "Pilot2ATC_2018" (Id=1608) So is this just because I do not have WIDEFS7 registered copy or is there something else wrong with configuration Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I primarily use FSUIPC for the 'Airport Name Display' toggle function. The airport names are displayed in the sim (P3Dv5), but the text size is quite small. Is there a way to enlarge the text size? Thanks, Paul
  12. hi, i have 4 questions: 1. does fsuipc6 works with vjoy? (for both p3d4 and p3dv5). i have an old microsoft sidewinder strategic commander with 3 axis and 12 buttons. through vjoy it works on windows 10. i want to use it with pmdg planes. so for example i set a unique key combination on the pmdg 737 for spoilers arm, lets say shift+ctrl+alt+S keyboard buttons pressed together. on vjoy i would like by pressing the button 10, throught fsuipc to "drive" the keypress shift+ctrl+alt+S of the keyboard to pmdg 737 (or any other plane of course). can it be done? 2. i read in the forum that it is advised (or it must be done) the p3d4 (or 5) controller commands to be deleted and everything to be assigned throught fsuipc. but can i have them both? for example fsuipc to drive only the buttons of vjoy that i want to use and p3d4 to keep my assignments for my other joysticks etc. 3. is there a demo version even for 2-3 days so i can try it to be sure it works? 4. if i buy the fsuipc6 version, do i unlock also the previous versions? for fsx mainly. also do i get the future versions also? (free upgrades) thank you !!! :)
  13. Hello Paul, Since I have switched to FSUIPC V6.0.3 (payware) but not the Sim (Prepar3D® v4, Version: H2 FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.ToString() Return FSUIPC V6.00000 @Paul Henty @John Dowson ' check fsuipc version Dim literal As String = FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.ToString() Console.WriteLine(literal.ToString) Dim substring As String = literal.Substring(0, 1) 'MessageBox.Show("FSUIPC V: {0}", substring) Console.WriteLine("FSUIPC V: {0}", substring) Dim version As String = Webrequesttoget(If(My.Settings.VaWebSite & "/fsuipc_version_v2.php?version=" & substring, "")) If Operators.CompareString(version, literal, False) > 0 Then Me.RadDesktopAlert1.Popup.Image = SDA.My.Resources.Resources.In_Progress_48px 'Me.RadDesktopAlert1.ContentImage = SDA.My.Resources.Resources.In_Progress_48px 'Me.radDesktopAlert1.CaptionText = "New E-mail Notification" Me.RadDesktopAlert1.ContentText = "New version of FSUIPC is released. Update FSUIPC to " & version Me.RadDesktopAlert1.Show() If MsgBox("New version of FSUIPC is released. Update FSUIPC to " & version, MsgBoxStyle.OkCancel Or MsgBoxStyle.Question, "Warning") = MsgBoxResult.Cancel Then Return End If If Conversions.ToDouble(substring) = 4.0 Then Process.Start("http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC4.zip") End If If Conversions.ToDouble(substring) = 5.0 Then Process.Start("http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5.zip") End If If Conversions.ToDouble(substring) = 6.0 Then Process.Start("http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC6.zip") End If End If Catch ex As Exception ********* FSUIPC6, Version 6.0.3 (18th April 2020) by Pete & John Dowson ********* Prepar3D.exe version = Running inside Prepar3D v4 Module base=7FFFB7FD0000 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit reported as Build 18363, Release ID: 1909 (OS 10.0) Reading options from "D:\P3DV4\Modules\FSUIPC6.ini" Checking the Registrations now ... FSUIPC6 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided Running in "Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4", Version: (SimConnect: FSUIPC6.ini [General] UpdatedByVersion=6003 There are something wrong? Fred
  14. FSUIPC7 documentation only (without Installer) FSUIPC7_Documentation --- When FSUIPC7 is Installed, these documents are optionally installed in a folder called FSUIPC7 under your Documents folder FSUIPC6 documentation only (without Installer) FSUIPC6_Documentation --- When FSUIPC6 is Installed, these documents are optionally installed in a folder called FSUIPC6 under your Documents folder FSUIPC 4.975 documentation only (without Installer) FSUIPC 4.975 Documentation --- When 4.975 is Installed, these documents are placed automatically in the FS Modules \ FSUIPC Documents folder Revised list of FSX controls FSX and P3D Controls Note that not all of these necessarily work -- though I know for sure most do! FSUIPC 5 and FSUIPC6 produce are more up to date list as a text file automatically -- check your FSUIPC Documents folder. FSUIPC 3.999z8 documentation only (without Installer) FSUIPC 3.999z8 Documentation --- When 3.999z8 is Installed, many of these documents are placed automatically in the FS Modules \ FSUIPC Documents folder SIMSAMURAI's FSUIPC Tutorial Sim Samurai Tutorial --- Updated on 18th January 2010. FSUIPC 4.60 documentation in FrenchFSUIPC460Francais --- Translation kindly donated by Mr. Philippe Hantzberg, 19th March 2011 WideFS documentation in Frenchhttp://philcl.durand...Utilisateur.htm --- Translation kindly donated by Mr. Philippe Durand, 4th July 2011
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