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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Paul, Since I have switched to FSUIPC V6.0.3 (payware) but not the Sim (Prepar3D® v4, Version: H2 FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.ToString() Return FSUIPC V6.00000 @Paul Henty @John Dowson ' check fsuipc version Dim literal As String = FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.ToString() Console.WriteLine(literal.ToString) Dim substring As String = literal.Substring(0, 1) 'MessageBox.Show("FSUIPC V: {0}", substring) Console.WriteLine("FSUIPC V: {0}", substring) Dim version As String = Webrequesttoget(If(My.Settings.VaWebSite & "/fsuipc_version_v2.php?version=" & substring, "")) If Operators.CompareString(version, literal, False) > 0 Then Me.RadDesktopAlert1.Popup.Image = SDA.My.Resources.Resources.In_Progress_48px 'Me.RadDesktopAlert1.ContentImage = SDA.My.Resources.Resources.In_Progress_48px 'Me.radDesktopAlert1.CaptionText = "New E-mail Notification" Me.RadDesktopAlert1.ContentText = "New version of FSUIPC is released. Update FSUIPC to " & version Me.RadDesktopAlert1.Show() If MsgBox("New version of FSUIPC is released. Update FSUIPC to " & version, MsgBoxStyle.OkCancel Or MsgBoxStyle.Question, "Warning") = MsgBoxResult.Cancel Then Return End If If Conversions.ToDouble(substring) = 4.0 Then Process.Start("http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC4.zip") End If If Conversions.ToDouble(substring) = 5.0 Then Process.Start("http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5.zip") End If If Conversions.ToDouble(substring) = 6.0 Then Process.Start("http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC6.zip") End If End If Catch ex As Exception ********* FSUIPC6, Version 6.0.3 (18th April 2020) by Pete & John Dowson ********* Prepar3D.exe version = Running inside Prepar3D v4 Module base=7FFFB7FD0000 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit reported as Build 18363, Release ID: 1909 (OS 10.0) Reading options from "D:\P3DV4\Modules\FSUIPC6.ini" Checking the Registrations now ... FSUIPC6 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided Running in "Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4", Version: (SimConnect: FSUIPC6.ini [General] UpdatedByVersion=6003 There are something wrong? Fred
  2. Experimenting using the FsFrequencyCOM and am getting overflow exceptions when I try to use the P3D4 Offsets (0x05C4, 0x05C8, 0x05CC and 0x05D0). I assume that this is because they are uint instead of ushort. Any plans to extend FsFrequencyCOM to handle these, so I can represent a frequency of 132.925 without fiddling with xxx.x2 is really xxx.x25?
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