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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy, I'm not sure if I am doing something incorrectly or there is an issue. I am using the latest version of FSUIPC, and P3D v5.3. I am currently trying to write the value of the heading in the MCP: 652C 2 WORD MCP_Heading : when I turn the knob to change the heading to MobiFlight. I have enabled the broadcast in the _options.ini . If I turn Logging on in FSUIPC and set the "Specific value checks" offset to 652C S8 Hex and display to FS Window I can see the SimConnect Message Window with the value of IPC:652C (S8) = 0x0 (and as I turn the knob this does increment/decrement). If I also turn on the logging in FSUIPC to see the IPC Writes and send to console window nothing is shown. How can get these values sent to Mobiflight and should it show in the console window? Thanks
  2. hello everyone , i just wanted to know how to make the tug of the pushback attach to the aircraft without move , i need to make the speed 0 so tried this code Private TugS As New Offset(Of UInteger)("tug", &H31FC, True) Dim SPD as UInteger = TextSPD.text TugS.Value = SPD FSUIPCConnection.Process("tug") it didn't work the aircraft just move forward when it's not attached to the tug . need help with that thank you at all . stay safe
  3. Hi! I try read the 0x0AF4 offset (Fuel weight as pounds per gallon; size: 2) and the simulator write, the fuel weight is 6.7 Lbs/Gal, the Client read in 6 Lbs/Gal. It's my code: Offset<double> fuelWeight = new Offset<double>("fuel", 0x0AF4); How I can read the real weight value in double/float/decimal? The double result is Which type should I use to work in correctly? Thank you!
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