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Found 4 results

  1. First. thank you Peter for making Fsuipc7 available, it is wonderful and I would never have thought that this module would be so quickly available. I have Goflight modules GF-46, RP-48, GF-MCP, MCPPRO. These modules are active with FSX-SE and Fsuipc4, but not recognized with MSFS and Fsuipc7. Can anyone think of a cause, is it within Fsuipc7 or due to my own configuration, hardware or software. Thank you in advance for your help. Charles, (please excuse my approximative English)
  2. Hi I've got a WP6 module from GoFlight. I'd like to use it to simulate some warnings and push buttons in PMDG 737NGX, like for example FIRE WARN, MASTER CAUTION or FMC P/RST. Any idea about how I could start it? Thanks! José
  3. Hello, I have had many problems with FSUIPC5 (5.112) & GFDev64.DLL (Both of them in the same modules directory): When I program the goflight switches and FSUIPC saves in the fsuipc.ini the P3Dv4 crash to desktop in the next time. The same behaviour I get when I try edit directly in the ini file. Aparently the problem is with GFDev64.DLL, because when I erased it, the P3Dv4 run normally. Regards, Juan My system is: W10, I7, 16Gb Ram, GTX 1070, P3Dv4,
  4. hi Pete and all how maybe able to help i have found and modified Goflight pro MCP Lua script but I have hit wall with IAS/MACH Crossover. It is falling over in the IAS/MACH section stringSPD = string.format("%03d", SPD) saying unexpected symbol near '==' is the a better why to write this section, if how can i fix it. prevCRS1 = -1 prevSPD = -1 prevHDG = -1 prevalt = -1 prevVS = -1 prevCRS2 = -1 prevMACH = -1 --************************All Working************************************************* while 1 do CRS1 = ipc.readSW("0C4E") if (CRS1 ~= prevCRS1) then stringCRS1 = string.format("%03d", CRS1) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,0,stringCRS1) prevCRS1 = CRS1 end HDG = ipc.readSD("07CC") if (HDG ~= prevHDG) then stringHDG = string.format("%03d", ((HDG/65536)*360)) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,2,stringHDG) prevHDG = HDG end alt = ipc.readSD("07D4") if (alt ~= prevalt) then stringalt = string.format("%05d", ((alt/65536)*3.2809)) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,3,stringalt) prevalt = alt end VS = ipc.readSW("07F2") if (VS ~= prevVS) then stringalt = string.format("%05d", VS) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,4,stringalt) prevVS = VS end CRS2 = ipc.readSW("0C5E") if (CRS2 ~= prevCRS2) then stringCRS2 = string.format("%03d", CRS2) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,5,stringCRS2) prevCRS2 = CRS2 end --******************************************************************************************************* --*******************IAS/MACH Crossover NEED Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!**************************************** if ipc.readUD("07DC" and "07E4") == 0 then SPD = ipc.readSW("07E2") if (SPD ~= prevSPD) then stringSPD = string.format("%03d", SPD) gfd.SetDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,1,stringSPD) prevSPD = SPD end else ipc.readUD("07DC") == 1 and ("07E42") == 0 then SPD = ipc.readSW("07E2") if (SPD ~= prevSPD) then stringSPD = string.format("%03d", SPD) gfd.SetDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,1,stringSPD) prevSPD = SPD end else ipc.readUD("07DC") == 0 and ("07E42") == 1 then MACH = ipc.readSD("07E8") if (MACH ~= prevMACH) then stringMACH = string.format ("%02f", MACH/65536) gfd.SetDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,1,stringMACH) prevMACH = MACH end --********************************************************************************************** ipc.sleep(200) end Thanks Johan
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