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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, i am working with HID Macros to setup my second keyboard to control directly my gps garmin 530 and autopilot, but i'm having a hard time finding the SimConnect event id. I've search in the list of Event ID on microsoft website https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526980.aspx but for a couple of them I can't find anything that work. Is there a way to use a software to monitor Event ID in FSX that I can click on the different button and knob, so it show up in the log of that software. After that it's easy to add them to HID Macros with the ID. I am working with the Carenado PC-12 The list of what I can't associate with a simConnect event: GPS Garmin 530 left knob incr freq: ±1MHz and ±.5/±.25MHz and "PUSH C/V" ".C" PWR VOL push SQ AutoPilot: "TEST" button "IAS" speed hold button "HALF BANK" button Mode control: "PULL VS" ____________button __ to show selected altitude/vertical speed ____________knob ___this is use to increase/decrease Vertical speed or altitute of the autopilot "ENG" VS (Altitude selector VS (on/off)) "ARM" ALT (Altitude selector ARM (on/off))
  2. Hi Pete, Quick question. I have been comparing the outputs of the following two offsets. My application processes FSUIPC data at 10Hz. 0x2b4 seems realtime (expected), and the GPS version 0x6030 seems updated every 1 second. Is the GPS update frequency coming from the virtual GPS installed to the current plane, a generic fixed amount assigned to all aircraft from P3d/FSX, or is it an update limit placed on the value from FSUIPC? (Also note: I am using WideClient for this test). private Offset<int> offGroundSpeed = new Offset<int>(0x2b4); // GS: Ground Speed, as 65536*metres/sec. Not updated in Slew mode! private Offset<double> offGpsGroundspeed = new Offset<double>(0x6030); // GPS: aircraft ground speed, floating point double, metres per second. Thanks! Kent
  3. First of all, I downloaded and installed the module, but it seems as if it does "nothing" at all. (I planned to start with the unregistered version because I thought this would be a kind of time/function limited demo, but I cannot see what it does at all.) I'd like to know how I can configure FSUIPC (do I need the registered version for this?) to send GPS data from FSX to Bluetooth. Ok, I understood, it should be "to a COM port", but I cannot see anything about that. Is there a HOWTO or a description on that?
  4. Pete Great work on FSUIPC, I have been using it for years. Presently, Im working on a project but I can't get FSUIPC to do something seemingly simple. All I need is to have (probably with GPSout) is to export every interval the FSX time, lat and lon, but not to a com port, but to a .txt file. All the FSX loggers, moving maps etc can't seem to do this. I tried reading the com port set in GPSout in a Scilabs routine, but I can't make it work. Any suggestions? Thanks Eric
  5. Hello. Gone is the GPS window when I'm connected to FS. Where could he be? thanks Fermin Lopez
  6. Hi, I have a strange problem and could not resolved it. Long time ago, I had a two screens installation and the FSC and GPS windows was on my secondary screen. Now, I have installed FS X on a new PC and keep my FSC (V9.0.0001) on the old one linked together with WideFS (V6.849).Both PCs are running under Windows 7 64 Professionnal and I have only one screen per PC now. I had no problem to create the database after having mapped 2 drives pointing to the new PC and FSC is running well. The only problem I have is the fact the the GPS Window doesn't appear anymore ! I have tried to reinstall FSC without success. What can I do to retrieve this small window which certainly should be placed outside the limits of my screen ? Thanks in advance for your help Francois
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