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  1. Hi, I purchased Flight Control Replay for MSFS2020. It seems to record fine, but when I play back it shows the aircraft taking off but does not show the gear retracting, does not show the flaps retracting, it just stays in the set position with no animations. Can anyone tell me how to fix this so It look "realistic" in play back mode ? Thanks Perry
  2. Long story short, I bought real traffic mod for Tower!3D Pro when I purchased this game years ago on Steam. Recently I had to do a complete clean wipe on my computer and do a whole new install. Is there anyway to get real traffic back onto my game? Or am I basically SOL and have to pay another $10 just for real traffic? >_< Thanks for any help.
  3. When I go over to I clicked on both links and a tab briefly pops up then goes away. No download begins. Nothing. Where can I find the correct download for FSUIPC7?
  4. game.logI have attached the game.log. I recently reinstalled it, but it will not work for my computer. Do you have any ideas? I tried restarting, reinstalling my graphics drivers, and reinstalling the game itself. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. hello everyone , i just wanted to know how to make the tug of the pushback attach to the aircraft without move , i need to make the speed 0 so tried this code Private TugS As New Offset(Of UInteger)("tug", &H31FC, True) Dim SPD as UInteger = TextSPD.text TugS.Value = SPD FSUIPCConnection.Process("tug") it didn't work the aircraft just move forward when it's not attached to the tug . need help with that thank you at all . stay safe
  6. Tried to set tug heading and speed controlled by integer by Private TugH As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31F8) Private TugS As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31FC) Private TugState As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31F4) FSUIPCConnection.Process() Dim HDG as integer = TextHDG.text Dim SPD as integer = TextSPD.text Dim Status as integer = TextSts.text FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.KEY_TUG_HEADING, HDG) FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.KEY_TUG_SPEED, SPD) TugH.value= HDG TugS.value= SPD TugState.value= Status So for the heading of the tug no one worked it just make the heading of aircraft is 357 degree whatever i change the heading in TextHDG , whatever integer i input just turn the tug to heads the aircraft to 357 . for the speed it doesn't work for the status integer : 0 Pushback Straight 1 to left 2 to right 3 stop pushback any helps plz ..
  7. Me an a colleague purchased the Steam Version today along with Real Traffic. After an initial problem with Multiplayer (Stuck at 72 and 81%), we got it to work. Later on though, we wanted to change some settings and ever since could not get past this 72/81 barrier. What we have troubleshooted: Same game version: Both have v1.2.78.946 SP3.3c Both have Real Traffic installed Both have the same install location Ports 21112 and 22222 are open on both machines We can connect to each other, but loading will freeze We uninstalled both the game and real traffic through steam and manually, reinstalled and still ran into the same problem We ran the game as administrators We checked to have the same settings Game settings are identical Window settings are identical Essentially we are stuck and can't find any new suggestions/measures. Can you help us?
  8. Hello, I've never seemed to have this problem until yesterday. However, My brother and I were loading up just another MP session (I was hosting) but this time I got stuck at 9% and he loaded in just fine. I didn't think much of it so I kept trying but had no luck. Some troubleshooting things I've done so far. Restarted both machines Reinstalled the whole game Ensured we had the same schedules and files installed (I installed everything for both of us anyway) After doing these with no luck I decided to bring it here to the forums. Thanks for any help you can give. *PS: it said the game.log file was too big so I put it in a dropbox* https://www.dropbox.com/s/zbyvs0u3sm4av8y/game.log?dl=0
  9. Hi, I wonder if there is a something that makes Tower!3D Pro better than Tower!2011 SE ? What is the differences ? I know that this Tower!3D Pro is in 3D but after what make this game better ? I ask this because I love simulator and I never try one like this yet and I am totaly a newbie, but I don't know if I should start with the 2011 SE or Tower!3D Pro that is some way expensive... Thank you for your help, (PS : Sorry for my english).
  10. Despite the quiet confidence displayed by Thomas, and despite my having read the manual, I am still puzzled as to setting up the step by step operational stages for flaps in my simple aircraft. i should be grateful for an 'extra simple' explanation. Many thanks.
  11. Hello all, I use the Windows platform 10 and prepar3d 64bts with PMDG737: fsuipc 5 bought in simmarket saves the information of Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX in the tab, but it does not execute, I tried to create macros and I also did not find it, I am not knowing the what to do. Thanks in advance for the immense help
  12. please any solution for this error message "Failed to read myairportsshort.dat" thanks
  13. I have tried Googling and searching through the documentation for an answer but I have found nothing that I can understand. My request is to set up one button to do engine 1 and 2 decrease then another button for engine 3 and four decrease. Right now I have this. Button 4 does engine 1 and button 3 does engine two. 0=R1,4,C65966,0 1=R1,3,C65971,0 Here it is when I set up button 4 to do engine 3 decrease and button 3 to do engine 4 decrease. 0=R1,4,C65976,0 1=R1,3,C65981,0 How do I mix those so button 4 will control 1 & 2 while button 3 controls engine 3 & 4? I have tried 0=R1,3,C65966,0 1=R1,3,C65971,0 But I never could get it to take hold. I saved the file then opened and closed the FSUIPC module then tested it to no effect. Sometimes the file was even modified by FSUIPC back to the other version even though I never changed anything in FSUIPC itself. Do I continue to number them, as in 0 1 2.... for keys that I want to have multiple effects? Or do I go 0(button3) 0(button3) 1(button4) 1(button4)?
  14. SCENERY.CFG file error.Invalid remote scenery path in scenery Area .121. im going around in circles can any one help fsx steam windows 7 ultimate what and where do i go and to change or add things please help
  15. i have problem all installed but no aircraft showing cfg sce ok if i go interactive i can get planes working at airport im at but when close interactive all gone whats going on please help me step by step pleaseeeeeeeeeeee 0 also QuoteTrafficDataBasebuilder not yet copied ! ?????????????????? Edit
  16. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and cockpit building in general and had some questions regarding programming mouse macros with FSUIPC: I have physical switches that I want to program with the pmdg 737, when I click "create mouse macro" and try to click one of the switches in the cockpit it dosnt let me. The problem is that whenever i move my mouse, FSUIPC thinks that the mouse movement is what i wish to program. in other words, when i move my mouse it wants to program the mouse movement instead of what i actually want to program. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have and ideas on how to fix this? Regards, Max Kreckel
  17. Hello, I bought my traffic 6 and ever since then i have been flying in hawaiia and been recieving the error message Microsoft Flight SImulator has stopped working. The game freezes up and i have to stut the game off. Now i have been using FSXSE on my new computer for anput 60 hours and never got this error until i bought this product. It seems to most;y happen when I am departing out of Kahului airport runway 2 going west towards HNL (LAT: N21°1.03° LON: W156° 34.11°), but also happens while I am in mid fight between the islands. Please help me so I can start enjoying FSX again! Thanks
  18. These set of instructions are designed specifically for those who want to install My Traffic 6 on Prepar3D v2.5. I do not have instructions for FSX (boxed), FSX-SE, earlier versions of P3D. Sorry. UPDATED: August 29, 2015 PDF File: Simplified Installation - MyTraffic6 P3Dv2.pdf Screenshots:
  19. Hello, Yesterday I installed My Traffic 6. ( With success ) Install was really easy to follow. But now I got a problem. I was starting up my FSX , And started at EHAM ( Schiphol Airport ) ANd the first thing that got my eye was that there almost was no AI traffic at all.. I looked around and maybe a couple of planes were standing at the gates. and with couple i mean around 6 or something. SO I closed the game again doubled check the files and everything is at his place. And yes I added to the scenery library. I even tried different schedules. But no success. also put the traffic density in fsx to medium and also high and low, but nothing. SO any idea why there is so less traffic activity ? Hope someone can help me soon. thank you Best regards Mark Screenshot at EHAM ( schiphol Airport / Amsterdam )
  20. For Tower! 2011 how do I add addons like airports and real traffic??? I have already bought it where would I put the addons in which folder? For Tower! 2011? Thanks Joey :)
  21. Hi, recently I have bought FSUIPC and really enjoyed it with the massive variety of things to do! Up until recently where I have run into a problem with assigning the throttle. For some reason the throttle axis reset itself so I tried to go into FSUIPC and reassign it, but that didn't work. When I go into the Axis Assignment tab, then move the axis on my throttle that I want to use for the throttle, I have a problem. When my throttle lever is at 0% or idle it shows -16384 and when it as at 100% is shows 16384. But anything in between 0% and 100% doesn't seem to work. So from 0% all the way up to 50% it only shows -16384 and from 50% up to 100% it shows 16384. So it is like it has only two power settings, full power and no power at all. I am still quite new to FSUIPC so don't exactly understand everything yet. Any help would be much appreciated as right now I basically cannot fly as these throttle settings just aren't possible to fly with. Just to point out it isn't only with one of the three axis' on my throttle, it happens to all of them. Any help appreciated, thanks. Robbie
  22. Hi, I have recently purchased the add-on of real color KLAX, and I am having trouble with the exe. I have bought the game through the company, i bought it through Just Flight and I have purchased my add-on through feelthere. The problem I am having is the add-on is trying to install the game through C:/ProgramsFiles(86x)/feelthere/Tower2011/Airplanes but because I did not buy the game through feelthere, that file does not exist. I tried to re-map the install to the folder C:/ProgramsFiles(86x)/Tower2011/Airplanes which is my directory for the game, but when I get into the game nothing has changed. I have tried manual install and I cannot figure out how to activate the add-on so that the planes change to the real planes. I want to also change the plane names from MAX, Magic / FRT, Field Air / VAL, Value / ECT. to the real names like SWA, Southwest / AAL, American / ECT. I was wondering if you would know the solution and could help me out, thanks for your time.
  23. I just purchased mytraffic 5.4c. After uninstalling UT2 I followed all of the install instructions including adding to the scenery library. Now when I go to a normally busy airport like my Flightbeam SFO there are NO aircraft at all. I tried several airports and they were all the same. I have fsdreamteam JFK and that had traffic on the ground and I could hear a/c talking on some frequencies. I am a novice when it comes to .cfg files and many other steps so detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure if there are still files from UT2 remaining that I missed. I have tried to find detailed uninstall procedures for UT2 but have been unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am also occasionally getting a CTD but am not sure if they are related. I cannot do a reinstall of FSX because I have way too many purchased items and would not be able to reinstall many of them as there download links have long expired. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello Guys! This is my first post! And I'm new here My Airbus X Extended A320 NEO parked at the gate waiting for departure and I created my flight at Super Traffic Board v3.2.1.7 and my only problem is that I don't have my airline logo.
  25. I use Logitech G940 to fly Wilco Airbus A320.I find that you can't use single throttle to control single engine.No matter how I set,I only can use single throttle to control two engine.Can you tell me if I can use FSUIPC to set double control in FS9?
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