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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, and sorry if this is already explained somewhere else. I've read many posts but could not find the answer. I'm new to FS2020, just installed it yesterday. I'm trying to solve a problem related to a slow trim wheel by flight velocity that I read could be done with FSUIPC7 (by using Assignments - Buttons and Switches) I've downloaded and installed FSUIPC7, also downloaded and bought a license for WideFS7. But I don't understand how to register the product. The installation guide mentions FSUIPC4, do I need to download and purchase version 4 first? Any helps on the steps to set this up will be appreciated. Thank you Marcos
  2. Hi, I have recently purchased the add-on of real color KLAX, and I am having trouble with the exe. I have bought the game through the company, i bought it through Just Flight and I have purchased my add-on through feelthere. The problem I am having is the add-on is trying to install the game through C:/ProgramsFiles(86x)/feelthere/Tower2011/Airplanes but because I did not buy the game through feelthere, that file does not exist. I tried to re-map the install to the folder C:/ProgramsFiles(86x)/Tower2011/Airplanes which is my directory for the game, but when I get into the game nothing has changed. I have tried manual install and I cannot figure out how to activate the add-on so that the planes change to the real planes. I want to also change the plane names from MAX, Magic / FRT, Field Air / VAL, Value / ECT. to the real names like SWA, Southwest / AAL, American / ECT. I was wondering if you would know the solution and could help me out, thanks for your time.
  3. Hi I saw this problem on a forum, but I can't find it again :). The problem is: when I installed the newest (4.823, as I know) version of FSUIPC, I wrote it my keys and is said that registration is okay, WideFS - same. When I launch FSX, it asks me about launching the .dll, as in guide, but when I start the game, in FSUIPC it says that I'm not registered, not FSUIPC, not WideFS. The .key file is okay, in the log it's written for both the key is provided/not user registered(or expired for WideFS). I tried to install the older version (forgot which one, 4.30, I think), and it works good! I don't understand how, but it is. Any suggestions? Best regards, Andrew A.
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