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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Experiencing several issues at KSFO with arrivals ignoring exit on taxiway commands. See below examples. Note this happens with the default schedule too but the examples below were using the custom schedule provided here by @Controller- Rogue. 1) 28L: SKY5276 instructed to "vacate runway left onto taxiway D" (line 15398 in log) but exited right onto L: 2) 28L: As the above didn't work I also tried "UAL996 exit at taxiway D" (line 15429) with the same results as above (UAL996 exited right onto L): 3) 28R: EJA990 did not exit right onto taxiway E as expected. Unsure if this is meant to be like this? 4) 28L: SKW5884 was instructed to "vacate runway left onto taxiway E" (line 15624). Again aircraft exited right onto taxiway L: 5) 28L: Aircraft can exit fine at taxiway's J and T: and ... Log is attached: output_log.txt
  2. Had a multiplayer session a few days ago on Phoenix; and came across the following issues: Notes: Used @crbascott's custom schedule found here; however these are occuring with the default RT one as well. 1) Gate Pushback issues (aircraft pushing back incorrectly): DAL136 pushbacked in a unconventional way. Couldn't get a good screenshot myself as I was doing tower. AAL2189 appeared to pushback from the wrong gate causing issues on pushback: SWA3037 had major pushback issues, including blocking taxiways. 2) Serious issues with aircraft not exiting onto taxiway B7 when landing on runway 8. It's not a taxiway connection issue. This issue seems to be linked to landing distances of some aircraft (mainly CRJ's): ASH5954 (CR9) did not exit at B7 but again left onto A7. B8 would have been preferred if not B7: AAL1169 (B738) managed to exit at B7. Around time index 14:07:15. DAL947 (B717) managed to exit onto B7. Around time index 14:12:42. ASH5957 (CR9) did not exit at B7 but again left onto A7. B8 would have been preferred if not B7 AAL2342 (B738) managed to exit onto B7 at around 14:30:00. NOTE: I tried using both the commands "[callsign] exit at taxiway bravo 7" and "[callsign] vacate runway right onto taxiway bravo 7" with the same results. See log file below for more details: output_log.txt
  3. Hi, Been having some issues with KMCO and heavies not appearing when are scheduled to (both arrivals and departures). As identified mainly by @ATControl -- Joe (here) using his schedule, the airport has issues spawning heavy aircraft. For example, using the default schedule the following departure worked fine for me: However when testing the arrivals as quoted below; they did not appear at all! The departure "Line 577: MCO, MAN, 74E, VS, 76, 12:00, 18:58, 1, VS" was sitting at the gate fine though: Log file is attached below. output_log.txt
  4. Hi, Had a few issues since the new update. This was a multiplayer session using an excellent custom schedule (Friday) from crbascott . I have included my local log file, the host log can be provided if required but it is 39MB odd. My log file is attached. If you need the host one I can upload it to cloud storage for download upon request. 1) Aircraft landing on runway 1R taxi onto S fine but should really stop prior to G. After providing taxi to terminal commands, aircraft taxi via S > D to get to G. 2) Pushback issues with AAY472. He was doing donuts for about 5 minutes lol: 3) Aircraft (NKS562 in this example) not holding short of runway 8L on taxiway A8 even though instructed to - note: we were using 8R for departures. We found a temp solution of getting them to hold short of taxiway A8 on taxiway B instead. @crbascott suggested this is linked with issue 5 on this thread as mentioned by @Pdubya Log file attached. HOST log file. my_output_log.txt
  5. Hi, Found an issue at KLGA with arrivals on runway 4 taxiing to terminal via A M. They seem to want to taxi onto taxiway B which is not what we as humans want to happen :D (DAL2665) The way round it at the moment is to only give taxi instructions via A (DAL886) but even this isn't enough as sometimes you want to route departures out onto B. Screenshots below and log attached :) Please fix. output_log.txt
  6. Hi, More issues to report for KPHX (Phoenix)! Some maybe similar to this post. Log is attached as per usual. 1) Inbound American landed fine and began the taxi to the assigned gate. For some reason, no idea why. he got stuck and I had to delete him... 2) American outbound did a unexpected taxi across the airport terminal and gates towards no mans land ... 3) Outbound ASH5896 got stuck after pushing back. Tried several commands to get him going without luck. Had to delete him ... 4) Outbound southwest SWA3812 did a 360 twirl after line up and wait command prior to takeoff command ...
  7. Hi, Been playing single player on KPHX using 7L and 7R for takeoffs and 8 for landings. LOG file also attached. Issue 1) UPS cargo aircraft taxi issues (it actually taxi'd out to the city and back). Gave instructions as shown in the screen shots. After realising where it was, I gave the simple command "UPS### TAXI TO 7L" and it found its way back to the 7L runway. Issue 2) Timetable issue with a Southwest 737. No gate available. output_log.txt
  8. There are no JetBlues taxiing onto the ramp parraell to taxiway A at JFK? North side of Terminal 5 Just played for 2 hours and had departures from that ramp but no arrivals. Also the other thing i have noticed during that game is that aircraft won't refuse a runway due to it being too short until you give them clearance to takeoff. Previously you would get it when you gave the taxi instructions had an A380 accept taxi instruction to runway 31L @ KE, It accepted line up and wait instruction and only when i gave it takeoff clearance did i get the runway is too short reply. Aircraft accept intersections that cause them to go through trees at end of 31L and rotate right at the end of the runway Terminal 1 and 2 have severe pushback issues where planes would pushback ask for taxi clearance and then as soon as you give them it they would pushback in circles and continually do this. Terminal 2 gates C67 - C70 and terminal 1 gates 4, 6, 8, and 10 on MA alleyway Taxiways A and B don't highlight correctly and as a result aircraft ignore hold short commands for these taxiways. they do however taxi along correctly. 22L arrivals aircraft leaving runway at H just as next landing is touching down. No points lost but believe is a bug. Terminal 6 only has WZZ on it and no aircraft depart/arrive here Taxiway N and MC still incorrectly named MC should end at Taxiway P not B On a plus note aircraft now arrive into Terminal 4
  9. I have noticed since the last update that some taxways are no longer recognized correctly by the voice control. Does someone have the same problems? For example in Klax when I call taxway C it registers as C1 or C8. It never happens before, at least not constantly. If you are interested in my 24h challenge, here is a link to the playlist. I upload a new episode every Tuesday. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLweXFlEoRpm3EFQd1V1cHhlhWdv7it9F6
  10. Hi all, I want to report 3 issues I've noticed with this airport: 1) Gate Push back OR Taxi to runway issue: Situation = Skywest pushed back into the alley. Issued a command to taxi to R9 via B. Aircraft pushes back further in a weird way ... see the following images for a visual reference: image 1 | image 2 | image 3 2) Cargo aircraft Taxi to R9 issue ... When giving the command to taxi to R9 via F, C4, B4, B, B10 (shown with yellow arrows in screenshot below) ... the aircraft acknowledges the command but completely stays still. The cargo aircraft from the ramp can taxi down C, C6, B6, B to R9 without issues (after giving command taxi to R9). I managed to get another cargo plane to taxi to R9 via, C, D, B (as shown in the screenshot below). Screenshot 3) Cargo aircraft doing 360s prior to entering R9 when giving commands to line up and wait OR cleared for takeoff (the latter sometimes works but the former certainly happens all the time). See image 1 and image 2 I ran the bat file as admin and have provided the game log (attached). game.log
  11. I purchased the Embraer Phenom 100 from fspilotshop a couple of days ago. I am running Windows 8.1. There were no issues installing or launching the aircraft, but as I began to fly the aircraft, the frame rates dropped substantially, to the point I could not fly it anymore. I have a high performance computer with a good video card. I can't seem to solve the issue. I tested my other products (such as Carenado's King Air C90) I have purchased that have more demanding frame rates and works just fine (50+ fps). I have already attempted to contact Feelthere for support and they told me to update my video driver. I was able to do so and it never changed anything. I also switched my computer to max performance and still nothing changed.
  12. Hello, I know you are on holidays so, don't worry if you can't answer soon. I have installed P3Dv2.1 on a fresh install, on Windows 7 64 fresh install too. When installing FSUIPC4 4929 I get the following error message: I will thanks any help.
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