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Found 3 results

  1. @Mouseviator has kindly provided an updated java SDK for FSUIPC. This should be more efficient than the existing SDKs as requests are processed in batch, rather than individually. Please see . The new SDK with documentation and examples is available from @Mouseviator web site: https://mouseviator.com/fsuipc-java-sdk/ Also available from github: https://github.com/Mouseviator/FSUIPC-Java This package has been added to the SDK in the FSUIPC6 installer (after version 6.0.10). John
  2. Hello , I have been learning java and have tried to use the FSUIPC java api to get information and send information to fsx. This has worked fine however I do not know to send messages to fsx. In the example provided with the download prints information on the simulator and aircraft and also sends a message to fsx saying ,"Hello world". I have looked hard through the example code and searching the web but couldn't find out. Many thanks, Arun
  3. Hi, I'm a Spanish student and I must develop some android project in a 4 months period, since I haven't any good idea and my father is a FS enthusiast and retired pilot I've decided developing a small android app which allows to have a virtual panel (no fancy gauges, just buttons and maybe simple things like radio I have a short time period, lots of things to learn and more things to do. Panels would be designed by my father since I'm not qualified to do so). In order to develop this app the only way is: Android app ⟶ Network ⟶ Some Server⟶ Flight simulator. Since WideFS does precisely: WideClient⟶ Network ⟶ WideServer ⟶ Flight simulator Developing a new server is extra work, probably not achievable in 4 months and most likely far from being that good. I found java API for FSUIPC but not for WideFS and I haven't found a protocol specification for it, so I was wondering is there any java port for WideClient or protocol specification? If there isn't any WideClient java port I would accept developing one as long as I'm allowed to release it open source. Sorry maybe I
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