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Found 9 results

  1. Howahyah?! I am very pleased to share my fifth real-life custom schedule - KBOS - Boston Logan International Like my previous schedules, you will be experiencing traffic in a typical week in the US Northeast. What you see will be what the controllers at Boston saw. Boston Logan is one of the busiest airports in the Northeast, having served almost 41 million passengers in 2018. Many US airlines have a base in Boston, including JetBlue, American, and Delta, and Boston serves as one end of the longest domestic flight in the US, Hawaiian Airlines' non-stop service to Honolulu. International traffic is plentiful, with most of it heading to and from Europe. There is also a massive GA presence, with Boston being a popular place for private jets. As with previous schedules, every effort has been made to use existing Real Color aircraft and liveries. However, there will be a few white aircraft. Like with my previous offerings, you will find, within the main KBOS-battlehawk77 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel. Also included is a listing of the GA operators, a PDF taxi chart, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a text file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown. It is recommended to place the KBOS-battlehawk77 folder in your main KBOS folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. Enjoy! Gavin (battlehawk77) KBOS-battlehawk77-v1.1.zip
  2. Hi, ISSUE 1 = Heavy aircraft runway assignments ... Had an issue with KBOS tonight with heavy aircraft being assigned runways which should have been feasible but were not being accepted by the sim. Was using KBOS custom schedule by Jonas found here in a multiplayer session. Setup: we were using 22L for inbounds and 22R for departures. 22L for heavies was the plan but they would only accept 33L; even though there is only a small difference in runway length. All the following aircraft in this session should have been able to takeoff from 22L but only accepted 33L: ISSUE 2: ALL aircraft are taxiing off runways extremely slowly which is causing serious inbound traffic issues, resulting in many go arounds depending on Traffic Density setting. Please fix this. ########################### HOST LOG FILE = Can be found here.
  3. Hey, the last couple of weeks I was busy building my first own schedule for Boston. The schedule is completely based on traffic from March 23. 2018! Every flight number should be correct and has been used on that day in reality! It has over 1250 flights in it and has some quite busy hours. Especially the GA traffic got way busier in my schedule. You need to be a good controller to handle the amount of small GA planes taxiing around the airport while you have big jets that want to go all around the world! I have included snippet files as well that start from 6am and go until 22pm. This helps to prevent the no free terminal issues. So if you want to play one of the busy hours (like 3pm) I recommend you to use those ,,snippets". This is my first own schedule and there might be some small problems here and there, just get back to me as soon as you find a mistake in the schedule and I will change it. But enough words, have fun, enjoy and have a good day in the tower hopefully without any crashes 😉 Custom KBOS Schedule (Jonas).ods Version Number 1.2 KBOSv1.2.rar
  4. What's up everyone, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game. I have completed my 6th full day custom-schedule release -- featuring Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS). This is being offered for FREE to the community. **Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX ver 1.0, KLAS, KLGA, KPHL & KLAX v2.0! CUSTOM SCHEDULE #6 -- FULL day action from Boston (KBOS) -- Intro 2018. A full day of flights. #*#*#*# It is critical to READ the README file -- This schedule is uniquely built and will not work with certain setups #*#*#*# If you do not have the files at all -OR- need the updated files, you can visit my Dropbox and pick them up. **Please check back for edits to these drop box files. If edits are made, notations will appear below with the date the edit was made and what was changed** ==================================================== Current schedule file -- 2/22/2018 at 11pm EST ==================================================== DROPBOX -- KBOS Custom Traffic Schedule ver 1.0 -- Intro 2018 #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*# -- GOAL of the custom schedule is to eliminate huge gaps of no traffic at most times of the day. -- GOAL of using REAL WORLD schedule from a set day with complete flight schedule, correct aircraft types, and gates. #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*# ********************* Features of this Intro 2018 v1.0 Custom (REAL) Schedule : ---Over 1166 Commercial Flights >>> NO MORE MASSIVE GAPS with little to no traffic! This schedule will KEEP YOU BUSY!!!! ---Over 125 General Aviation flights!!! with correct real-life operators and callsigns -- Learn the local/unique schedule of Cape Air - flying the Cessna 402 thoughtout each day ***Please be aware that KAP flights in the schedule WILL include duplicated flight numbers. This is known and how the airline operates -- Plan accordingly for smaller jets and their take-off and landing speeds -- Increased difficulty with a compact airport ---Multiple runways cross each other -- determine the best way to manage traffic and not cause delays -- or accidents! ---Additional entries to include new cargo flights, Westjet Encore (ommitted from original schedule), and further lineups for JetBlue. ***Please be aware that some liveries may not show up on certain models of jets and will appear all white even with Real Traffic ********************* Terminal Re-assignments -- Re-vamp to terminal assigments from those given by the developer -- Relocated Cape Air flights to the GA terminal. Why? Because the airport was designed with only 2 "gates" that handle Cape Air flights. In reality, Cape Air has a set space in front of the tower near Terminal C where 10+ Cessna 402's can be found at any given time. The developer unfortunately did not offer this unique feature at Boston Logan, and the only the way to handle the amount of Cape Air flights is to run it out of the GA terminal. -- Removed all ExecJet flights and replaced at the GA area. This move frees up two more terminal gates where normal airlines make use. Reference info for your GA flight operators =================================== Check the ReadME file for additional info // Proper use of this CUSTOM schedule // 1. ALWAYS make a folder on your computer, in an easy to find location, and COPY all files from both FEELTHERE folder and your source folder (ex. Steam Folder). Schedules are in BOTH places and must be updated in BOTH places for it to work. 2. Once copied, Navigate to the airfields folder of BOTH tower folders and locate Boston. **** Due to the unique amount of GA & Cape Air flights in BOS, this will NOT be a full schedule plug and play*** **** The only way the full schedule will work on its own, is if you leave the GA traffic OUT*** --- The files have been set up with "Plug n' Play Power Hours" from 600 all the way to 2200 hours. If you play a time outside of 600-2200, the full schedule and GA traffic file will work 1) Before you plug the power hour schedule, be sure you plug in the NEW "kbos_airlines.txt" file that will provide you with new airline names and minor updates. This file is good for my custom work or the developers RT file. Keeping things current! 2) Pick your "Plug n' Play Power Hour" file and be sure to copy ALL 3 files (ga, schedule & terminal) file. 3) Load in and control some traffic! Good Luck! HAPPY CONTROLLING !!!
  5. Has anyone had winds out of the south at BOS? I really want to do a session using the 22s but every single time I load the airport I get northerly winds. I just tried loading BOS 12 times in a row and I got northeasterly winds eight times and northeasterly ones the remaining four times. I know the winds in the sim are based on yearly averages but, does that mean they are fixed on the most common patterns? Or does it mean that every time the sim is loaded you'll get say a 90% of a northerly wind at BOS and 10% for a southerly (or whatever the actual breakdown is, I'm just making those numbers up)? I know I can just ignore the winds and use the 22s anyway but very often the speed is too high to ignore and aircraft will refuse landings/takeoffs.
  6. I'm getting a conflicting runway error at BOS when I have traffic departing on 22R and landing on 27 even though the two runways do not intersect. Is this intentional or is it a bug? I know in the real world the controllers would need to allow enough room for the landing traffic on 27 to go around without interfering with the departures on 22R; is that the logic in the sim? This is a legit question, not a complaint, I'm not sure if I'm just being a bad controller! output_log.txt
  7. Hi all, I was playing SP today and using runways 22R and 22L. 22L for landings. I had an issue with Southwest 2106 getting stuck. After SWA2106 landed successfully, I issued the command "TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA C M K E2". He replied to acknowledge the command but did not move. After clicking on the aircraft, there was no taxi path showing. I issued the command again without success. At KBOS, there seems to be no link from K (near taxiway A / B) to the end of the terminal area (just past taxiway E2). Screenshot here. Log file attached. output_log.txt
  8. Hi, I've been playing on KBOS a lot today and have noticed a couple of issues (could be bugs): 1) After landing on R32, I instructed AAL2126 to hold short of taxiway K; however the aircraft never did stop and ended up face to face with another aircraft (see this screenshot). 2) Any aircraft landing on R32, all aircraft stop prior to joining taxiway B without instruction to hold short (after taxi to terminal commands have been provided prior to this). See this screenshot. Informed No 2 is not a bug! Log file has been attached fo r both of these issues :) output_log.txt
  9. I did a search and did not find this, so if it is posted somewhere I missed it. I bought Boston along with RT and RC and in the schedule.txt there are three airlines: Emirates, Cathay, and Air France using the 77W. The problem is the 77W can not take off " the runway is too short". Not only are these in the downloaded schedule, they are in the Real Life schedules also, so they should work but don't. Peabody
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