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  1. Hi Fabio Trying this app for first time in P3Dv4 (Win10 1703.15063.608) I would like to use an Xbox 360 controller exclusively for FlightControlReplay, and clear the Keyboard assignments so as not to cause conflicts with P3Dv4. However, immediately after start-up and choosing options, there is no way to set null key assignments, so that the keyboard is not active. If I change the chosen device, and come back to the keyboard, the keyboard asssignments are cleared, with the message "Press a button of Device". If I then save and close the window, then close the app, on re-start, the default assignments re-appear (U, J, L, M, N, K), and the action of clearing the key assignments is not remembered. Can I clear all key assignments permanently, or does this feature need correcting? Thanks Dave Nash Edit - A couple more things! It seems that sample rate is not remembered on re-start either, I was hoping I could set a default. Also, when I terminate a recording, this seems to cause P3Dv4 to re-load the scenery and screws up the flight. I think this must be a bug, as stopping recording the flight parameters shouldn't affect the sim.