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Found 3 results

  1. FSUIPC4

    Hi I am a new member as of today also I am almost a newbie to FSUIPC4 which I purchased yesterday, and because I used FSUIPC3 back in 2012/13 I was given a FSUIPC4 update/discount version at a savings very nice thank you but I have been trying since yesterday to activate the software with the details sent to by simmarket and all I keep getting is the message this is not a valid FSUIPC4 key I have been in constant contact with simmarket about this problem only to be told that I must be doing something wrong this maybe the case but if I am using copy & paste on the details supplied by simmarket I fail to see what the problem is any and all help will most gratefully excepted many thanks Vic :???:
  2. Hi, I'm having some small problems with the Wilco Airbuses on FSX/Win7-32bit. When I power up the aircraft from a Cold&Dark setup, the displays remain dark until the APU is started or ground power applied. My batteries are one and I have sufficient voltage (27-28V). So I never see the APU spooling up on the displays, they remain dark until the APU is completely started and providing power. It's not a problem of display brightness, I've also gone through all the included documents and information on Wilco's homepage, but haven't found a solution. None of the keys assigned in the key configurator are working. It seems as if the key press is not passed to the airplane. Specifically, I tried the "Cold&Dark" and the "T/O Config" keys. The latter gives me a master warning when I click the button on the pedestal, but when I press the assigned key nothing happens. I also tried running everything with full admin rights and checked that the config file is properly written. Looking forward to hear any hints or ideas. Best Regards, Alex
  3. Hi Pete, I'm trying to send key presses to FSX using the 1070 control sent via offset 0x3110. (FSUIPC Version 4.938f). In my test I'm using the 'L' key to toggle the lights. According to the logging the key seems to be getting through and is sent, but the lights do not toggle. Here's me pressing 'L' on the keyboard: - the lights get toggled. 2202204 KEYDOWN: VK=76, Waiting=0, Repeat=N, Shifts=0 2202204 .. Key not programmed -- passed on to FS 2202204 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65574 (0x00010026), Param= 0 (0x00000000) ALL_LIGHTS_TOGGLE 2202266 KEYUP: VK=76, Waiting=0 This is my program sending the 1070 control via 3110. All seems okay and the log is reporting the [L] key press being made, but the lights control is not triggered. 2205360 WRITE repeated 1 times 2205360 WRITE0[2788] 3114, 4 bytes: 4C 00 00 00 L... 2205360 WRITE0[2788] 3110, 4 bytes: 2E 04 00 00 .... 2205360 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1070, Param=76 2205360 SendKeyToFS(0000004C=[L], KEYDOWN) ctr=0 2205360 Sending WM_KEYDOWN, Key=76 (Scan code 38), Ctr=1 2205500 SendKeyToFS(0000004C=[L], KEYUP) ctr=0 2205500 Sending WM_KEYUP, Key=76 (Scan code 38), Ctr=1 Have I got something wrong here or have I misunderstood what 1070 is meant to do? Thanks, Paul