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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I just bought FSUIPC 7 for MSFS, and would like to use it with the PMDG 738. Problem I am trying to solve with this addon is as follows: Context: I use keyboard and mouse to fly. Problem: Left and right rudder are too sharp in terms of degrees turned, as compared to how they were in P3D. So a single press of left rudder key now seems to turn twice as many degrees. Goal: I would like to use FSUIPC to make smaller incremental movements, when controlling flight surfaces through the keyboard. So each keyboard button press would move the surface X%, for example. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about doing it? Thanks!
  2. hi, i have 4 questions: 1. does fsuipc6 works with vjoy? (for both p3d4 and p3dv5). i have an old microsoft sidewinder strategic commander with 3 axis and 12 buttons. through vjoy it works on windows 10. i want to use it with pmdg planes. so for example i set a unique key combination on the pmdg 737 for spoilers arm, lets say shift+ctrl+alt+S keyboard buttons pressed together. on vjoy i would like by pressing the button 10, throught fsuipc to "drive" the keypress shift+ctrl+alt+S of the keyboard to pmdg 737 (or any other plane of course). can it be done? 2. i read in the forum that it is advised (or it must be done) the p3d4 (or 5) controller commands to be deleted and everything to be assigned throught fsuipc. but can i have them both? for example fsuipc to drive only the buttons of vjoy that i want to use and p3d4 to keep my assignments for my other joysticks etc. 3. is there a demo version even for 2-3 days so i can try it to be sure it works? 4. if i buy the fsuipc6 version, do i unlock also the previous versions? for fsx mainly. also do i get the future versions also? (free upgrades) thank you !!! :)
  3. Hi Pete, I found this thread while I was looking for a solution like HIDMacros is offering. What I am looking for is a tool, which recognizes multiple keyboard IDs AND which can send button commands to a virtual joy controller like PPJoy or vJoy. In the meantime I found GlovePie, FreePie, UCR, UJR, AutoHotKEy. But either the tool cannot distiguish between different keyboards or the tool cannot use virtual joy controller output simultaneously. HIDMacros would be fine, if I could use vJoy as virtual controller for the output sequence. Do you have an idea how to solve my experiment? If I would find a solution, I could use a second keyboard as an input for game controler output for a flight simulator FSX Add-On. If I could use FSUIPC for this task, this would be wonderful. regards Alhard
  4. First of all, with MouseClicks you can solve many common problems. Just try with a Lua-Script to Start or Close Engines for the PMDG NGX 737 plane. or try to open the Terrain Map + Terrain Height on the ND Instrument in automatic. With MouseClicks you can do it. It is left to your necessity and fantasy. With one Joy-Button or KBD-Key you execute what a human would do. In fact you can select any position of any single or multi_switch. This example is switching: - from any actual view into the Cockpit - selecting the Overhead Panel + executing all single movements a Pilot would do. example: Start / Close engines - selecting the 2D panel + executing all movements (EFIS panel) a Pilot would do in order to open the Terrain-Map and the Terrain height-distance that is then shown on the ND Instruments. Maybe also a help for some Cockpit Pilot. MouseClicks will be available very soon. When the MouseClicks Hook-System is activ (intercepting Keyboard) you can still use the Keyboard for other functions that are not assigned to a Click-File. MouseClicks is NOT connected to any Game or else. You can use it for any Game or else. MouseClicks is including a "Key.txt" file with 47 special Keys/char you can change for different Keyboards. Create MouseClicks Files This example is a ClickFile for PMDG NGX 737 doing the Pilot movements for inserting the Terrain data on the ND-Panel 1. We create the MouseClickFile or only a Keyboard File Terrain_On_Off --- From any actual View switch to the 2D-Panel {F10} --- execute Keyboard keys --- MouseClicks are executed on the EFIS control Panel --- The ND Panel is showing the Terrain Display with the Terrain-Map and the Terrain-Height if both are selected/included. 2. - We add (View 1) a Joystick-Nr or any Joystick Button Combination. - We add (View 1) 1 or several Keyboard Keys or Key-Combinations; normally we use Joystick or Keyboard. 3. With View (2) we can execute any File using the Mouse > click on Filename. If a File is connected to the Joystick or Keyboard we can execute the File with View (2) - Joystick and Keyboard. Joystick connection 262144 - Terrain_On_Off is executed. DOORS Using a pure Keyboard File without Mouseclicks included. In this example the 2. Door is opened. 1. Door opened (Shift + e) 2. Door is using (Shift + e) then, the delayed key {2} FSX in Full SCREEN Just select the Keyboard Keys and save with VIEW (1) Execute as separate File or within another File. Execute via Joystick or Keyboard-Key(just one) or click on FileName View (2) Engine + Lights on Panel Shift+6 - ENGINE Start - ENGINE Stop - Overhead Panel is Fixed. - Execute each Mouseclick x Start or Close Engines. (Mouseclicks open Switch Covers, click on Switch, close Switch cover) Lights on Panel: Shift+8 Lights on Panel: Shift+6 (Overhead) FMC opening Shift+3 FMC > AutoFlight Keyboard Configuration Example: <VOR LOC Switch = CTRL+A Example: <APP Switch = CTRL+Z Example: <A/P Disengage Switch (set a Kbd-Key-Combination) Theorically you could use the FMC with Mouse-Clicks x several functions. Open FMC > execute Mouseclicks in automatic. Intrasystem .
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