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Found 9 results

  1. Viva Las Vegas! I'm pleased to share my latest real-life traffic schedule: KLAS - McCarran International. As with previous schedules, you will be experiencing a week of air traffic in southern Nevada. You will see what ATC saw. As one would expect, Vegas is a busy place. In 2018, the airport played host to almost 50 million passengers. Allegiant has an operating base here, and Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit all have crew and maintenance bases here, as well. KLAS is also home to the infamous Janet flights the go to and from Tonopah Test Range. There are some cargo flights that come through Las Vegas, and a LOT of general aviation traffic to keep things interesting. As always, every effort has been made to use existing Real Color aircraft and liveries. There may be a few white aircraft, but, by and large, you will find Las Vegas to be a colorful place! Like with my previous offerings, you will find, within the main KLAS-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel. Also included is a listing of the GA operators, a PDF taxi chart, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a text file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown. **SPECIAL NOTE*** You will notice there are two zip files posted: One with cargo aircraft models used, and one (labeled appropriately) without cargo models, for those who do not own any airports using cargo models. The schedules are identical. Only the models used for cargo flights are different. Be sure that you copy ALL files mentioned in the readme as appropriate. It is recommended to place the KLAS-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019 folder in your main KLAS folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. So, put on your lucky shoes and enjoy! -Gavin (battlehawk77) With cargo models: KLAS-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019-v1.01.zip Without cargo models: KLAS-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019-no cargo-v1.01.zip
  2. Hi I've created a custom schedule and from testing it I am getting a lot of "=> ***** close cross incoming range" errors in regards to arrival aircraft. I did some initial research and found this topic but there is no set solution. I know this issue is to do with arrivals only. And that it is related to crossing runways - I personally am unsure how the sim calculates how an arrival is granted permission to spawn. I have uploaded the log file and uploaded a spreadsheet to help better understand what could be the issue here. Situation: Airport: KLAS Runway Setup: - 26L active (all arrivals) - 26R departures (commercial mainly - 1z Janet and 1z GA departure) - 19L departures (GA only) - 19R arrivals for GA that are transferred from 26L NOTE: I cannot make 19L an active as I require commercial aircraft only on 26L, which we cannot implement currently in schedules. If we activate 19L as well, then commercial aircraft will spawn on this runway which is something I want to avoid completely. All arrival aircraft spawn on time, up until SWA6885. This arrival is NOT the first one with the error messages "=> ***** close cross incoming range" but it is the first one that is considerably late. Onwards from here, 72% of arrivals from this point are delayed considerably. DAL2832 is the first aircraft to get the error message, followed by (in the order shown): DAL2832 - scheduled at 12:27 to land around 12:34 (spreadsheet contains this data) - between DAL2832 and SWA6885, there are x4 arrivals that spawn with no such error message SWA6885 SWA6448 WWI93 (GA) ASA1410 SWA3552 SWA541 AAL2456 N18ZD (GA) DAL1097 SWA378 UAL462 RSP137 (GA) What is happening (time stamp wise): @ 12:27, DAL2832 [arr] spawns on app to 26L > Lands @ 12:34:58 (on time) --- Between 12:28 and 12:37 all arrivals spawn on time & all departures spawn on time (i.e. pushback) @ 12:33:01, N93124 (GA) lines up on 19L & immediately starts her takeoff roll @ 12:34:07 JSX108 (GA) lines up on 19L & immediately starts her takeoff roll @ 12:34:55 JSX108 (GA) has taken off successfully @ 12:35:25 PWA454 (GA) spawns on app to 26L > Lands @ 12:46:55 (on time) @ 12:35:59 PWA454 (GA) begins her turn onto final approach for 19R @ 12:37:00 SWA5742 (arrival prior to SWA6885) spawns on time on to 26L > Lands @ 12:43:58 (on time) @ 12:38:00 SWA6885 attempts to spawn for the first time (denied with error "***** close cross incoming range") --- There are x4 attempts between now and 12:38:36 with the same error for SWA6885 @ 12:38:36 SWA6885 attempts again to spawn onto 26L - Even though there is more than 5nm seperation now to SWA5742 - There is also no GA landing on 19R or departing 19L - However PWA454 is on app to 19R - not sure how far out (I will assume 46 mins - 38 mins = 8 mins - So probably about to turn onto finals [basing upon the 7 min approach]) --- @ 12:41:19, I believe PWA454 turns onto finals for 19R as log state changes from "FINALRUNWAY" to "STATE_INCOMING" @ 12:38:51 LXJ528 (GA) lines up on 19R & immediately starts her takeoff roll --- SWA6885 is continuing to try to spawn @ 12:39:55 LXJ528 (GA) has taken off successfully @ 12:40:00 Now SWA6448 tries to spawn on time without success and the same error message -- PWA454 on 19R app. is now (00:46:55 - 00:40:00 = 7 mins odd) therefore about 13-15nm out from 19R -- SWA5742 on 26L app. is now (12:43:58 - 00:40:00 = 4 mins odd) therefore about 6/7nm out from 26L And so forth ... Why aren't these arrivals spawning when there is plenty of separation? It cannot be due to crossing runways because 26L and 19R or 19L do NOT cross according to the ADIRS radar. FORUM.xlsx 1st_attempt_log.txt
  3. Hi, Had a few issues since the new update. This was a multiplayer session using an excellent custom schedule (Friday) from crbascott . I have included my local log file, the host log can be provided if required but it is 39MB odd. My log file is attached. If you need the host one I can upload it to cloud storage for download upon request. 1) Aircraft landing on runway 1R taxi onto S fine but should really stop prior to G. After providing taxi to terminal commands, aircraft taxi via S > D to get to G. 2) Pushback issues with AAY472. He was doing donuts for about 5 minutes lol: 3) Aircraft (NKS562 in this example) not holding short of runway 8L on taxiway A8 even though instructed to - note: we were using 8R for departures. We found a temp solution of getting them to hold short of taxiway A8 on taxiway B instead. @crbascott suggested this is linked with issue 5 on this thread as mentioned by @Pdubya Log file attached. HOST log file. my_output_log.txt
  4. First I want to thank FT and ND for updating KLAS. It is appreciated.........but, leave it to me to bump into a bug first try. There is a problem with the circled plane/gate in the Janet terminal. I ran into the problem playing the game then did some testing and filled the 6 gates with Janets. I don't think it is something that they should drop other more important work to fix since below I do have a workaround for it. But just to let you know about it. Here is the ADIRS image of the gate. When you issue a pushback the plane does not stay in the terminal it comes out onto Taxiway H. So if you hear a pushback request from Janet check which one in case you are taxiing traffic on H. It seems to be only with this gate. This picture is after the issuing "Janet 875 pushback approved expect runway 1L". The plane will be sitting on Hotel. When it says "ground Ready to Taxi" DO NOT issue any commands except "continue taxi" or "Hold position". If you do you will lose control of the airplane. It will no longer accept any commands of any kind and it will NOT move. The next picture below is the command I gave and I lost all control of the plane. As you know the game gives it a route to take, do NOT even repeat that, you will lose the plane. From looking at the log file I believe the problem may be the start point of the route being different than the location of the plane. Obviously the real bug is the fact that the plane taxis onto the taxiway, but I have seen that at other airports and did not lose control of the plane like I did here. Here is an excerpt from the log after issuing a taxi command. 13:05:01 * WWW875 => ADD HISTORY: WWW875: Ground, JANET 875 ready to taxi. COMMAND: WWW875 RUNWAY 1L TAXI VIA H S E D 13:06:30 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 1L * WWW875 => PARSE CMD: RUNWAY 1L TAXI VIA H S E D 13:06:30 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 1L * WWW875 => VIA roadcut: RUNWAY 1L TAXI VIA HOTEL SIERRA ECHO DELTA 13:06:30 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 1L * WWW875 => RUNWAY roadcut: RUNWAY ONE LEFT TAXI VIA HOTEL SIERRA ECHO DELTA 13:06:30 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 1L * WWW875 => SAY: RUNWAY ONE LEFT TAXI VIA HOTEL SIERRA ECHO DELTA JANET EIGHT SEVEN FIVE 13:06:30 * WWW875 => ADD HISTORY: WWW875: RUNWAY 1L TAXI VIA H S E D WWW875 13:06:30 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 1L * WWW875 => STATE CHANGE from STATE_TO_RUNWAY to STATE_TO_RUNWAY 13:06:30 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 1L * WWW875 => Start calc route from: Jan_1 start idx: 5 13:06:30 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 1L * WWW875 => Calc from: Jan_1 WWW875 => ERROR: Road calculation error!! 0 I issued the exact path the game gave it, but after this the plane would no longer accept ANY commands and more importantly it would NOT move. I suspect the problem may be trying to start the taxi at Jan_1, but since the plane is now on Hotel, it can no longer do a route from Jan_1 (terminal/apron/ramp) Now the workaround after doing a bit of testing: Once this plane is on Hotel (and it will be the only one that does go onto Hotel) just issue a "Continue Taxi" command until it gets on to Sierra. Once it has left Hotel, you can change routes, runways, anything you could normally do, but not until it leaves Hotel. Of course I have not tested all possible situations but this worked when I was sending to 1L, 1R or 26R. Hope this helps, let me know if you don't have this problem, remember it is only a problem with this one gate not all of them. More info: This does not happen if you "expect 19R" to the north, only when going south. ??? Peabody log attached. Janet875game.log
  5. I have not seen these issues addressed and I do not know if they are Tower3D Pro or Real Traffic problems but here is what I found while trying to record video. 1. The action camera does not work on runway 25R or 25R @ taxiway. (It does work on the other runways) 2. The action camera only partially works at 7L. It will zoom in on the plane after "Line up and Wait", but when I issue "Cleared for takeoff" it follows the plane for a short distance then goes back to the tower view. It does not swing around in front of the plane like it does on other runways. 3. Taxi to runway 19R does not work right. It will not go full length without backtaxi (I think that is the right term) from M or N. It can not get to the beginning of 19R from J or F. (I sometimes use 19R for departures of GA.) Other issues at KLAS have been addressed so I will not include them here. Here is a logfile. I used AAY500 trying taxi routes to 19R. I used SWA6288 for action camera on 25R (I don't know if any action camera info is recorded in the log file, but I am including in just in case) I used SWA6439 for action camera on 7L. Peabody1001 game.log
  6. Hi, Tonight I was having a go on KLAS and discovered a slight issue. See this screenshot for visual reference. I've attached my output log file as well. NKS111 landed fine on 25L, I instructed to taxi to terminal and then; taxi to terminal via A5, B, C5, C3 but he went via C7 for some reason even though I gave no C7 command at all. Log: Log file is attached :) output_log.txt
  7. Hello, I bought Tower!3D Pro, Tower!3D Pro - KSAN airport, Tower!3D Pro - KATL airport, Tower!3D Pro - KLAS airport But, Klas and Ksan airport not work. ıt gives error. when I select Ksan Airport or Klas airport, it gives this error="please selact at least one runway" but when I select KATL AIRPORT, the game open. what can i do? please help me... thanks Tolga
  8. Here is an issue I had with flight SWA5625. I gave it pushback clearance for Runway 7L. It pushed back from the terminal, then got tugged down and turned onto Taxiway C. It moved far enough onto Charlie that other planes could turn the corner and get to their gate. I tried changing the taxi route, just giving it the runway at intersection, just the runway, different runways, and different runways with taxi directions. I also tried to just give it a 'CONTINUE TAXI' command and it never moved. Logs attached. KLAS-NoTaxi.zip
  9. Hi all: Just picked up Las Vegas along with Color today; so far I like it quite a bit... but I seem to be having difficulty in establishing a "proper" arrival runway and associated departure runway. Let me explain what I mean. I have no idea what the RL airport does when it comes to how the flight arrivals and departures are organized, but I have tried the following with mixed success: 1R Arrivals with 7L for Departures. Worked OK until departing flights started insisting on turning NW/W or SW/S after takeoff and fouling the 1R approach. So, no go on that strategy. 19L Arrivals with 7L for Departures. Essentially the same result, flights veering into the path of arrivals, so another no go. 25R Arrivals with 19L for Departures. This worked OK for a bit, but again became unworkable in about the same amount of time elapsed. The odd similarities in each of the three scenarios made me suspicious that perhaps KLAS must be run with heavy use of departure heading and/or altitude adjustments. I am rather unfamiliar with them as all the other airports (other than KSAN which I don't own) really don't seem to need the additional directions to keep traffic out of each other's way. Maybe I need to use the same side in parallel (1L/1R, or 7L/7R) for arrivals and departures? Can any of you guys answer the question about why this is happening so regularly and either confirm or deny my suspicions? I would also like to hear your personal recommendations on KLAS runway assignments and strategies that have worked (or not) for you so far. Thanks! Paul
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