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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! Thanks for checking out my first ever custom schedule! This is based on the scheduled March 30th KLAX schedule. I took a combination of FlightAware and FR24 to build it (with a little bit of detective work to fill out any items e.g. only 1 BA flight). It's been a bit of an awkward time to build a schedule, but I think I've managed to take a decent crack at it. GA is NOT fully fictional. There's a total 1693 flights with a decent mix of cargo and flights. I've also included a couple more visualizations 🙂 I'm working on creating more - but that's a longer term project.
  2. 🎄Merry Christmas Controllers,(late I know)🎄 Welcome to Christmas in Los Angeles(KLAX) Again! Schedule from Tuesday, December 25, 2018 Schedule includes the following: Airlines file GA file Schedule(including snippets) Terminal file Note: Be sure to backup your Real Traffic or other KLAX files before using this(or any other) schedules After you backup your KLAX files simply drop and drag the files in, feel free to use either the full schedule or one of the included snippet schedules!
  3. Good Afternoon all, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at https://www.youtube.com/c/ATControl playing this game. Happy to announce that I have completed my 5th full day custom-schedule release -- featuring Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX). This is being offered for FREE to the community. **Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX ver 1.0, KLAS, KLGA & KPHL! CUSTOM SCHEDULE #5 -- FULL day action from Los Angeles (KLAX) from January 12, 2018. A full day of flights.
  4. Hi, Another bug to report :) Heavies are doing donuts after giving taxi instructions (not during pushback): Example of the A380 doing it ... log needs to be downloaded from here as it wouldn't upload as it's 20MB?? No idea why that is so large lol :) Please let me know when I can delete it from the above link - thanks :)
  5. Busy just before Christmas KLAX schedule + Updated Terminal File! +*NEW* Updated airlines file Be sure to backup your Real Traffic/Custom files first! Attached is a snapshot of the flights per hour. Enjoy!! *EDIT* NOTE: Some flight numbers and flight times were slightly modified for play-ability* *NEW EDIT- July 2018: I have updated the zip file to VERSION 3- includes a clean airlines file, added missing airlines to airlines file and terminal file(cargo has now been added to GA area-due to no specific cargo area- was previously missing from terminal file) 1 hour schedu
  6. Just experienced something strange on KLAX; Suddenly I had TWO airplanes arriving with the SAME CALL SIGN! Different types of planes, but same call sign. I couldn't control the second one since the first one always "took control". I had to delete the first plane to be able to control the next. See screenshot. Starting time 18:00 and game clock is at 18:06 when it happened.
  7. Hello, I bought Tower!3D Pro, Tower!3D Pro - KSAN airport, Tower!3D Pro - KATL airport, Tower!3D Pro - KLAS airport But, Klas and Ksan airport not work. ıt gives error. when I select Ksan Airport or Klas airport, it gives this error="please selact at least one runway" but when I select KATL AIRPORT, the game open. what can i do? please help me... thanks Tolga
  8. Hello Tower Community, I have started a new series of schedules for KLAX, based on the recent real life schedule. Already I have been making a lot of schedules but I didn't know how to make a schedule for KLAX where the spawning of arrivals would not be a problem with a 1 minute seperation, and that is really needed if in need of approx. 60 arrivals in an hour like in real life. Thanks to crbascott who made some time to explain to me how I should build a correct schedule on KLAX, I started with a new series of schedules (plan is going for 12x a 1hr:15minutes schedule) of which
  9. I mentioned this one a while back but I was new at the time and I didn't know how to attach the log and neglected to get a screengrab. I just had the error crop up again but this time I remembered to get the pic. The issue is specific to any aircraft which push from the northeasternmost gate on TBIT and end up nose east (so expecting to taxi to the 6s/7s or the 25s; issue doesn't occur when nose west, taxing to the 24s). CPA881 is the offending party in this example. output_log.txt
  10. Hi All, When you have installed Tower!3D and install the add-on Real Color KLAX with default, it installs in the wrong directory resulting in a non working Add-on of KLAX The Add-on installs default in "..\Program Files (x86)\Tower 3D\Extensions" folder in windows 7. This is wrong as the default directory of Tower!3D Pro is "..\Program Files (x86)\Tower!3D Pro" So when installing CHANGE the install directory to "..\Program Files (x86)\Tower!3D Pro" in order to have the add-on properly working. This creates the Extensions directory in the right place. Have fun controlling
  11. I hardly ever post in here because I know 3D is new and I've just been updating as updates come out. I updated this morning the most recent upgrade possible sent out yesterday from Feel There, or whoever. I'm still having the same issues. I've been playing at different hours in KLAX but seems to happen no matter what hour you're playing at. I get pinged or points knocked against me if a plane is landing say on runway 24R while one is crossing 7R, which is a completely different runway and on different sides of the airport, or vice versa. Same thing happens if I have one lined up and waiti
  12. Here is the game.log file and a screenshot. I have Tower!3d SP2a and Real Traffic SP2 installed game.log RickyJ
  13. I will like to share my schedules for all 3 airports in Tower 3D with other simmers, all tested and working well. For TIST I have used the schedule made by Carda1972, and flights are only from 12.00 to 18.00 local time and is including GA flights as well and both the GA ramp and the terminal are used correct here, thx to him. All terminals are assigned correct for both KLAX and KPHL and schedule are made with Schedule Creator 23 V2 . Just unzip this file into the Tower 3D folder and you are good to go, enjoy Extensions.rar
  14. Hi, I have recently purchased the add-on of real color KLAX, and I am having trouble with the exe. I have bought the game through the company, i bought it through Just Flight and I have purchased my add-on through feelthere. The problem I am having is the add-on is trying to install the game through C:/ProgramsFiles(86x)/feelthere/Tower2011/Airplanes but because I did not buy the game through feelthere, that file does not exist. I tried to re-map the install to the folder C:/ProgramsFiles(86x)/Tower2011/Airplanes which is my directory for the game, but when I get into the game nothing has chan
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