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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, again! I'm pleased to share my latest real-life custom schedule - my second offering for KMCO - Orlando International. As with previous schedules, you will be experiencing a week of air traffic in central Florida. You will see what ATC saw. You'll find Orlando to be a very busy place, averaging between 900 and 1000 movements a day this time of year. Many airlines have a large presence here, including Southwest, Delta, and Spirit. You'll also find a good number of cargo flights flown by UPS and Fed Ex, among others. There is also a decent general aviation presence to add s
  2. Welcome to the Mickey's home airport! It is with great pleasure my next offering in my series of week schedules: KMCO - Orlando International Airport. Like my previous offering for Barcelona, this is collection of a week's worth of schedules, taken from real traffic data, with no fillers or preservatives. Orlando is a very busy place. For 2018, it was the 11th-busiest airport in the US, handling 47.6 million passengers. Given the massive draw of Walt Disney World, it should be no surprise that MCO plays host to airlines from around the world, including Virgin Atlantic
  3. I created 2 full day's schedules from different days for a change in dynamic at the airport and used them to create some extra options for some fun. Real Traffic is required but Real Color is your discretion. I have links to videos of each schedule to save space vs large embeds. Disclaimer: I was taking notes for fixes and ensuring the schedules were working so while I'm not great at the game this is lower than my usual "standard" of play quality. :) Likewise a few fixes were made after the video's. 12/31/2018 I figured with it being New Years Eve a number of people would be
  4. 🎉Happy New Year Controllers,🎉 Welcome to New Years in Orlando(KMCO)- Schedule from Tuesday, January 1, 2019 EDIT: January 14, 2019- NEW! snippet files have been added! Schedule includes the following: Airport file(had to add an airport) Airlines file GA file Schedule Terminal file Note: Be sure to backup your Real Traffic or other KMCO files before using this(or any other) schedules After you backup your KCMO files simply drop and drag the files in, feel free to use either the full schedule or one of the included snippet schedu
  5. What's up everyone, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game. --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct to YT channel) **Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX v1.0, KLAS, KLGA, KPHL, KLAX v2.0, KBOS, KPHX & KJFK! (links at the end of this post to all previous schedules) CUSTOM SCHEDULE #9 -- FULL day action from (KMCO) If you do not have the files at all -OR- need th
  6. Hi, Been having some issues with KMCO and heavies not appearing when are scheduled to (both arrivals and departures). As identified mainly by @ATControl -- Joe (here) using his schedule, the airport has issues spawning heavy aircraft. For example, using the default schedule the following departure worked fine for me: However when testing the arrivals as quoted below; they did not appear at all! The departure "Line 577: MCO, MAN, 74E, VS, 76, 12:00, 18:58, 1, VS" was sitting at the gate fine though: Log file is attached below. output_log.txt
  7. With KMCO now out and with it being a mid-major international airport, the question will come up with what new liveries do I get if I download Real Color KMCO since there are already so many US airports available. Well here are the exclusive liveries in RC for KMCO: AAL|AA: {AMERICAN} American Airlines, United States B38M: BOEING 737-800 MAX, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] ASA|AS: {ALASKA} Alaska Airlines, United States A320: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A320, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] A321: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A321, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] BAW|BA: {SPEED BIRD} British Airways, United K
  8. Gabbor, @winsaudi found this bug while I was listing the new liveries in KMCO. There is a bug in the kmco_airlines.txt file. You have 2 different airlines with the same 3M IATA code. GFT, 3M, GULF FLIGHT, Gulfstream International Airlines, United States <- This line should be deleted. SIL, 3M, SILVER WINGS, Silver Airways, United States The line with GFT Gulf Flight needs to be deleted. Currently the :Silver Wings" flights are coming across as "Gulf Flight" Work around for the community: Delete the GFT line. Also if you get a chance, could you al
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