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Found 7 results

  1. Good Afternoon all, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at https://www.youtube.com/c/ATControl playing this game. Happy to announce that I have completed my 3rd full day custom-schedule release -- featuring Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL). This is being offered for FREE to the community. **Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX & KLAS! CUSTOM SCHEDULE #3 -- FULL day action from Philadelphia (KPHL) from September 22, 2017. A full day of flights. If you do not
  2. Greetings Controllers, Sorry for the delay but here is the KPHL-Halloween 2018 Schedule- a full day at KPHL from Halloween! Includes Custom airlines file with spooky callsigns thanks to Ben(aka @hexzed) and @pete_agreatguy for suggestions. GA file Schedule Terminal file Make sure to backup your KPHL files before copying the schedule files to your KPHL folder Enjoy *Update 1: November 5 '18 Halloween 201818.zip
  3. Hi all, Been doing a SP session on T3Dpro and came across aircraft getting stuck. See this screenshot. Log included. Air shuttle 6301 was instructed to taxi to runway 27R at E via taxiway's H, E. Southwest 237 landed on runway 26 and was instructed to taxi to terminal via A, D, H but to hold short of taxiway E so that the Air shuttle could pass. The southwest aircraft did hold short of E but the Air shuttle got stuck when going by. See screenshot linked above. output_log.txt
  4. Hi all, I was doing a session just now at KPHL and I could not get a SpiritWings (NKS877) aircraft to taxi to runway 27L. I tried several routes and even a the very basic "runway 27L" via clicking with the mouse on the control panel. See this screenshot. I have attached my log file below. output_log.txt
  5. Greetings, I was doing some custom scheduling and noticed a departure flight was getting dropped, which confused me because looking at the terminal there (should be) two gates available making it a non gate issue, however would appear that it is a gate issue. I dropped a flight from the schedule and re-ran it and boom there was the missing flight. The terminal is terminal D at KPHL see screenshots below. Has anyone ever noticed planes using these two gates? I ran the default RT at different times and did not see those two gates used . I tried it without RT and saw 1 plane using one of the
  6. I will like to share my schedules for all 3 airports in Tower 3D with other simmers, all tested and working well. For TIST I have used the schedule made by Carda1972, and flights are only from 12.00 to 18.00 local time and is including GA flights as well and both the GA ramp and the terminal are used correct here, thx to him. All terminals are assigned correct for both KLAX and KPHL and schedule are made with Schedule Creator 23 V2 . Just unzip this file into the Tower 3D folder and you are good to go, enjoy Extensions.rar
  7. I am experiencing what I believe to be a 'premature' "MAP ERROR, no escape" system error on runway 26 of KPHL airport; even with small regional jets able to land on such a short runway. As you can see in the screenshot the plane still has two exits (taxiways A3 and D) remaining ahead of it, yet for some reason the system reports the "no escape" error the very moment the plane passes runway exit (taxiway) A2. Though it cannot be determined from the screenshot, I can confirm the plane had already decelerated to 'normal' taxi speed, or at least it was certainly very close to that speed. Bu
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