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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Whenever I run Philadelphia and select stormy- or random weather the game will stop while loading the airport. (The rotating arrow stops moving and the loading percentage remains at 72%). All I can do is close the program with the windows alertbox (selecting "wait for the program to respond" is useless). I re-installed twice, (ran a registry cleaner to clear all loose ends) and also verified the integrity of the files (via steam) but the problem persists. I ran tower3d.bat to create a game log, I attached it below. ( Is game.log the right file to look into this? ) FYI: I have also installed real traffic, the real color bundle for the 3 default airports, the update for real color and EDDF & EDDF real color. I also ran WildCard's patch with my original install but I have not activated it after my re-installs. The rest of the system info is in the game log, I hope someone knows what is happening and what can be done. Thanks for reading and for helping out. _M The system won't allow me to attach the 688Kb log file so I copied the contents below this line in the original post.
  2. Good Afternoon all, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at https://www.youtube.com/c/ATControl playing this game. Happy to announce that I have completed my 3rd full day custom-schedule release -- featuring Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL). This is being offered for FREE to the community. **Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX & KLAS! CUSTOM SCHEDULE #3 -- FULL day action from Philadelphia (KPHL) from September 22, 2017. A full day of flights. If you do not have the files at all -OR- need the updated files, you can visit my Dropbox and pick them up. **Please check back for edits to these drop box files. If edits are made, notations will appear below with the date the edit was made and what was changed** DROPBOX -- KPHL Custom Traffic #3 -- 9-22-2017 ****BE SURE TO ADD THESE LINE ITEMS TO YOUR PHL AIRLINES FILE IF THEY ARE NOT ALREADY IN THERE OTHERWISE THIS CUSTOM SCHEDULE WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY!!*** EJA, 1I, EXECJET, NetJets, United States PDT, PT, PIEDMONT, Piedmont Airlines, United States ATN, 8C, AIR TRANSPORT, United States Over 1000 Commerical & Cargo Flights Over 60 General Aviation flights -- PHL features a heavy dose of regional traffic on a dialy basis. Up the ante and control many of the premier private/corporate jets you will see in and out of PHL on a daily basis. -- Learn departure and arrival traffic flow as these GA aircraft typically have a wide-range of flight speeds that you will have to account for -- Learn how to adjust your commands to keep required separation in tact on both arrivals & departures -- Improve your skills by assigning new runways for final approach to maintain separation and avoid mid-air collisions Terminal Re-Assignments -- -- Removed airlines that have gone out of business and/or merged for a clean look and easy reference -- Moved Republic Airlines a.k.a. Brickyard to Terminals B/C -- Spirit moved to correct terminal E -- Terminal F now featuring ExecJets (EJA) Classic Airlines, Cargo & Unique Additions -- Variety of cargo activity from UPS & FedEx, AND newly featured ATN - Air Transport! -- Jazz Air (from Air Canada) -- ExecJets(EJA) ((Please be aware that some further livery updates are still in progress with some jets. Aircraft may appear all white in color but does not take away from the control experience!)) // Proper use of this CUSTOM schedule // 1. ALWAYS make a folder on your computer, in an easy to find location, and COPY all files from both FEELTHERE folder and your source folder (ex. Steam Folder). Schedules are in BOTH places and must be updated in BOTH places for it to work. 2. Once copied, Navigate to the airfields of BOTH folders. Delete out your kphl_schedule.txt file, kphl_terminal.txt file, AND klas_gaandlocaltraffic.txt files. Replace them with the custom files. HAPPY CONTROLLING !!! (p.s. If any edits need to be made, please comment below -- I respond quickly and make timely updates once the issue is reviewed/tested)
  3. Greetings Controllers, Sorry for the delay but here is the KPHL-Halloween 2018 Schedule- a full day at KPHL from Halloween! Includes Custom airlines file with spooky callsigns thanks to Ben(aka @hexzed) and @pete_agreatguy for suggestions. GA file Schedule Terminal file Make sure to backup your KPHL files before copying the schedule files to your KPHL folder Enjoy *Update 1: November 5 '18 Halloween 201818.zip
  4. Hi all, Been doing a SP session on T3Dpro and came across aircraft getting stuck. See this screenshot. Log included. Air shuttle 6301 was instructed to taxi to runway 27R at E via taxiway's H, E. Southwest 237 landed on runway 26 and was instructed to taxi to terminal via A, D, H but to hold short of taxiway E so that the Air shuttle could pass. The southwest aircraft did hold short of E but the Air shuttle got stuck when going by. See screenshot linked above. output_log.txt
  5. Hi all, I was doing a session just now at KPHL and I could not get a SpiritWings (NKS877) aircraft to taxi to runway 27L. I tried several routes and even a the very basic "runway 27L" via clicking with the mouse on the control panel. See this screenshot. I have attached my log file below. output_log.txt
  6. Greetings, I was doing some custom scheduling and noticed a departure flight was getting dropped, which confused me because looking at the terminal there (should be) two gates available making it a non gate issue, however would appear that it is a gate issue. I dropped a flight from the schedule and re-ran it and boom there was the missing flight. The terminal is terminal D at KPHL see screenshots below. Has anyone ever noticed planes using these two gates? I ran the default RT at different times and did not see those two gates used . I tried it without RT and saw 1 plane using one of the gates so its possible that RT is for some reason unable to use the two gates. Dev ***EDIT*** **The "GATE D1 & GATE D2" labels are from a KPHL terminal map and may not be what they are referred to by the game**
  7. I will like to share my schedules for all 3 airports in Tower 3D with other simmers, all tested and working well. For TIST I have used the schedule made by Carda1972, and flights are only from 12.00 to 18.00 local time and is including GA flights as well and both the GA ramp and the terminal are used correct here, thx to him. All terminals are assigned correct for both KLAX and KPHL and schedule are made with Schedule Creator 23 V2 . Just unzip this file into the Tower 3D folder and you are good to go, enjoy Extensions.rar
  8. I am experiencing what I believe to be a 'premature' "MAP ERROR, no escape" system error on runway 26 of KPHL airport; even with small regional jets able to land on such a short runway. As you can see in the screenshot the plane still has two exits (taxiways A3 and D) remaining ahead of it, yet for some reason the system reports the "no escape" error the very moment the plane passes runway exit (taxiway) A2. Though it cannot be determined from the screenshot, I can confirm the plane had already decelerated to 'normal' taxi speed, or at least it was certainly very close to that speed. But regardless of speed, it doesn't seem correct for the system to be declaring "no escape" (which I guess probably means: no remaining runway exits/'escapes') until the aircraft has indeed passed the final runway exit; in this case it would be taxiway D. I am using the 'Real Traffic' add-on. Steps to reproduce: Airport: KHPL Arrival Runways: 26, 27R Time: 1200 Arrivals: MAXIMUM Departures: MINIMUM (zero) Procedure: Accelerate time, or wait, until RPA3742 arrival at 12:06:30. Instruct to "Enter final runway 26" and "Cleared to land runway 26". System info: Operating System: Win 7 Pro 64 bit, English RAM: 8GB Video cards: 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1GB OpenAL: Installed (version: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.14) Speech: [Working fine] Here's an extract from the log file at the moment of error: RPA3742 - STATE: Land RPA3742 - STATE: escape runway 12:12:11 5214,216,0[26] - SYSTEM: RPA3742 Successful landing. +10 pts 12:12:11 5214,216,0[26] - SYSTEM: MAP ERROR, no escape RPA3742: -100 pts RPA3742 - STATE: Waiting Here are some other erroneous looking entries found in the log (full log file attached): MANY instances of these (for various airports): Unknow airport: ABE(IATA) ICAO not found! This is clearly specific to KPHL: RUNWAY CROSS ERROR: 27L - 9R RUNWAY CROSS ERROR: 9R - 27L RUNWAY CROSS ERROR: 35 - 17 RUNWAY CROSS ERROR: 17 - 35 RUNWAY CROSS ERROR: 26 - 8 RUNWAY CROSS ERROR: 8 - 26 MANY instance of these - it seems to be for every approaching aircraft: Internal map error, no runway for approach line! Ideas and suggestions always appreciated. Thanks! tower.zip
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