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Found 7 results

  1. Bought the Deluxe version of Pro on Steam, which adds New York and San Diego six days ago, used San Diego once and now when I load it up it just sits loading at 99 percent. All other airports are working! Any ideas?I have verified my files on Steam and all is good. When I select San Dieg Justo and click Start, it loads to 99% then just sit there for ages spinning the triangle and not starting. I've attached the game log file as advised by feelthere. Well, I DID try to upload but it wont do it for some reason so here is the log file text too! Cheers.
  2. Hi all, I want to report 3 issues I've noticed with this airport: 1) Gate Push back OR Taxi to runway issue: Situation = Skywest pushed back into the alley. Issued a command to taxi to R9 via B. Aircraft pushes back further in a weird way ... see the following images for a visual reference: image 1 | image 2 | image 3 2) Cargo aircraft Taxi to R9 issue ... When giving the command to taxi to R9 via F, C4, B4, B, B10 (shown with yellow arrows in screenshot below) ... the aircraft acknowledges the command but completely stays still. The cargo aircraft from the r
  3. I ran into an issue where VACATE RUNWAY command was accepted but the aircraft exited at a different taxiway at KSAN. I am not sure if this is an airport specific issue or a game engine issue. GA Aircraft: N812GR At 16:45 gave command: N812GR VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY C6 Command accepted by N812GR: 16:45:15 alt: 1762 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER r: 27 * N812GR => PARSE CMD: VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY C6 16:45:15 alt: 1762 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER r: 27 * N812GR => TAXIWAY roadcut: VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY CHARLIE SIX
  4. Greetings: Purchased KSAN over the weekend along with Real Colour KSAN. Airport has loaded but noticed that only the commuter terminal has aircraft. At numerous times of the day (Noon, 3p, 6p) when I would expect the airport to be busy I have one plane on the entire field. Or, I'll have one plane at the commuter terminal and a plethora of aircraft at the GAA terminal. Also, have an issue with aircraft refusing to taxi. Have run the simulation at 6am repeatedly and run into the same problem with SK 5190 refusing to taxi to the runway, thus creating a logjam of planes trying to ge
  5. I bought the Tower!3D PRO yeterday and I put the KSAN airport into the program. When you look at the aircraft they sitting onthe deck and the tugs are under the ground. I had a small plane taxing and all i could see was it's lights! Has anyone had this problem with KSAN? Thanks
  6. Dear Folks, A Service Pack for San Diego has been released. What is fixed: -taxiway A is added -the taxiway at the new terminal has been changed to one way to allow some controlling in that area -fixed some taxiway exits from the runway -changed the commuter terminal's stands -changed the tower's position to the correct one What is NOT changed: -the planes will still stop on taxiway B after landing. This is not a bug, they must cross the holding line outside so they will stop on the taxiway. You need to consider it and pre-plan while you control on the airport -airpl
  7. Dear Folks, The waiting is over :) We just released KSAN for Tower!3D supported by Nyerges Design's Real Color. Please note you need to update your Real Traffic to make it work with KSAN. It's a free update you can obtain it in the usual way by re-downloading your product. One important note: I strongly recommend using runway 27 (I know this is not the usual layout, I spent so much time on this airport) due to it's layout. If you instruct the planes to land on RWY9 they will exit at places where the outgoing ground traffic is blocked. It will be different on Tower!3D where you can
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