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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Experiencing several issues at KSFO with arrivals ignoring exit on taxiway commands. See below examples. Note this happens with the default schedule too but the examples below were using the custom schedule provided here by @Controller- Rogue. 1) 28L: SKY5276 instructed to "vacate runway left onto taxiway D" (line 15398 in log) but exited right onto L: 2) 28L: As the above didn't work I also tried "UAL996 exit at taxiway D" (line 15429) with the same results as above (UAL996 exited right onto L): 3) 28R: EJA990 did not exit right onto taxiway E as expected. Unsure if this is meant to be like this? 4) 28L: SKW5884 was instructed to "vacate runway left onto taxiway E" (line 15624). Again aircraft exited right onto taxiway L: 5) 28L: Aircraft can exit fine at taxiway's J and T: and ... Log is attached: output_log.txt
  2. Greetings all, You voted and here it is, KSFO real custom schedule!!! Including new airlines file GA traffic new terminal file Enjoy also check out my KLAX Christmas Schedule KLAX Christmas- Version 3 KSFO July'18 v1.zip
  3. I've tried about a half dozen times to load KSFO with rainy weather and each time the game freezes at the loading screen at 72%. It happens if I select "stormy" weather manual as well as if I select "random" weather and the system randomly applies rain. output_log.txt
  4. Sorry guys, but I don't think that KSFO is fixed regarding runway incursions when taxiing to the gate. Landings are on runway 28R and take-off's on runway 28L. On most taxiways between the 2 runways (the short ones), the holding point for the aircraft exiting (left) runway 28R seems also to be the holding point for any aircraft about to cross runway 28L. The upshot of this is that any aircraft leaving 28R and instructed to taxi to the terminal WILL CROSS runway 28L without any further clearance. Really I would expect to clear an aircraft to the terminal, then it would hold almost immediately, waiting for a continue taxi instruction to allow it across runway 28L. It happens on all the short taxiways EXCEPT taxiway L. Taxiway L, interestingly acts as you would expect. So the taxiways where you have to clear the aircraft to cross runway 28L are L, T, and Q (as expected), and the taxiways that the aircraft will just cross anyway are E, K, D, and R. This maybe by design, but I don't think it's correct. Cheers. PS - The log contains about 1hr 30mins of operations. The plethora of 'hold short of runway 28R' instructions, are just there mostly to clear aircraft across runway 1L & 1R without hindrance. Game&Speech_log.zip
  5. The aircraft lining up to take off on runway 10R seem to line up a bit to close to the runway stopping aircraft that are already sitting on the runway from taking off. This was a repeatable issue.
  6. I posted this already in another SFO thread but, it probably should have been in a new thread, my apologies. I would like to preface the following comments by saying I'm a huge fan of Tower!3D and I only bring up these points in an attempt to make the sim better. That being said, I think SFO really shows the limitations of the current sim logic, particularly surrounding how aircraft land and taxi off the runways. In the real world, the most common traffic flow at SFO is to have aircraft land on the 28s and depart from the 1s. In Tower!3D most of the traffic arriving on the 28s "land" (the point where the aircraft slows to taxi and the user gets credit for a safe landing) either just short of Taxiway L or in between Taxiway L and Runway 1R or 1L. In the former situation (which never happens in the real world because ATC has arriving traffic keep the speed up until they clear the 1s) the aircraft exits at L and then has to sit and wait for clearance to cross the 1s to the terminals which can cause a massive backup. In the second situation, the arriving traffic slows down to taxi speed and creeps along past the 1s and then exists at either Taxiway J or E, depending on which runway they landed on and where the landing point was. Again, this causes massive backups, particularly with the departures waiting at the 1s. If we flip around to the other direction and have traffic land on the 10s (which, I've actually never seen in the real world, although I admit am not an expert of SFO operations, yet the winds int he sim seem to favor that setup) we run into a similar situation where the majority of the traffic "lands" well short of Taxiways T and E yet taxi all the way down to L and exit there. If I give the command to "Vacate runway right on to taxiway E" the aircraft respond affirmatively yet exit Left onto E and then have to be routed via C and either D or K back to the terminals. I understand the landing logic is probably a big thing and probably can't be changed anytime soon but, the aircraft being unable to exit onto taxiway E when landing on the 10s is most likely just a bug associated with SFO and hopefully, that can be addressed soon. output_log.txt
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