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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Peter, Trust this message finds you well. I wish to migrate my FSX version of FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 license keys to P3DV4. Please advise what is the best way moving forward? Do I have to buy both licenses again? Or, can only buy the FSUIPC5 and use the existing WideFS7 license key from FSX? Your earliest response is appreciated. Warm regards, Anshu
  2. Hi Pete I am selling my B737 simulator and have bought a couple of License for FSUIPC. Since i am not going to use this, is it possible to give away the License to the buyer? Thank you for a great Product all these years. Best regards, Christian Todal
  3. Hi! This might be a simple question (actually it's 2 questions...), but I am a bit confused by simmarket's offers: In 2006 I bought a license for FSUIPC3 together with WIDEFS6. Now I want to buy FSUIPC4 and there is a lower price for buying it together with WIDEFS. Do I Need to buy a new WideFS license for FSUIPC4? (Or does my license still work for FSUIPC4?) Simmarket does not tell me, which version I will get. The DEMO-download of the single WIDEFS7-buy-page point to http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/WideFS.zip which contains a executable of version 6.999. The official download page of schiratti also points to http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/WideFS.zip Saying it's v6.995 and giving the same .zip file which contains 6.999 So is there a version 7.x at all? Would I need a new license (compared to my license from 2006) for WIDEFS7 for working with FSUIPC4? Regards Sven
  4. Hello, I bought the registered version and it registers fine at the provided dialog window. In fact, seems to even run fine... but then there is this repeating beeping, like a nag, every couple secs, and I get a dialog that pops up and says the license is invalid. I think it's either FSUIPC, a Flight-Sim conversion to FSX-SE glitch, perhaps steam - but I'd suspect this is one area they would have handled decently; perhaps a pay plane but this just happens with any heli, stock or otherwise...but I am speculating surely. So I have no idea what is going on - but your program might be it - might not - you'd know best :) I have no idea if this is your program or not. I am not running to much. FSX, FSUIPC, HTR and the Oculus Rift DK2 (Virtual Reality) utility so I can fly in true 3d... which is free and doesn't require a license. Thank You. Jegas
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