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Found 8 results

  1. Just wondering whether the liveries have to be associated with the plane in that exact airport or whether I just need to own the RC pack? For example, if an airline has livery for a plane at KJFK, but not KLAX, will the liveries end up blank at KLAX if you do not own KJFK (only an example, not saying this is my problem)? I've been building a couple schedules, and I seem to be running into some planes with blank liveries. I'm doing another check on whether it's because I have mis-entered the plane or not. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, Welcome to an **Early Look** at some big changes coming to LAX (locally) and Tower!3D Pro as a whole --- liveries everywhere! The video will do all the talking! **Massive thanks to Nyerges design for all the new updates to the game—be sure to offer your thanks and comments here on the forum** If the video below is too big for your screen -- visit my channel over on YT --- https://www.youtube.com/c/ATControl Keep an eye out for Nyerges design to comment when the files are available! Pick up the new Summer 2018 - LAX custom schedule that features all of the airlines in this video. Enjoy! ================================================ UPDATE -- 9/22/18 -- Fixed duplicate SWA flight number. Corrected equipment type in GA file. Re-DL the pack files. ((Current Schedule -- 9/22/2018)) UPDATE -- 9/17/18 -- Minor fixes to schedule for missing commas on a couple flights. Airline file refreshed. Re-DL the pack files . DROPBOX -- Summer 2018 @ LAX
  3. I've installed the Real Color bundle (along with Real Traffic), but at least half the aircraft are all messed up. The textures seem to be stretched over the models all wrong. (See the tiny picture of the black Southwest aircraft. In some cases, the tire textures are stretched on the fuselage. Anyone have any idea why this is? Did I install the pack wrong (on Steam version) or is there a bug? Thanks
  4. With KMCO now out and with it being a mid-major international airport, the question will come up with what new liveries do I get if I download Real Color KMCO since there are already so many US airports available. Well here are the exclusive liveries in RC for KMCO: AAL|AA: {AMERICAN} American Airlines, United States B38M: BOEING 737-800 MAX, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] ASA|AS: {ALASKA} Alaska Airlines, United States A320: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A320, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] A321: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A321, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] BAW|BA: {SPEED BIRD} British Airways, United Kingdom B77L: BOEING 777-200LR, WIDE BODY JET [KMCO] LPE|LP: {LAN PERU} LAN Peru, Peru A319: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A319, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] A320: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A320, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] SWQ|WQ: {SWIFT FLIGHT} Swift Air, United States B734: BOEING 737-400, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] AZU|AD: {Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras} Azul Airlines, Brazil A332: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-200, WIDE BODY JET [KMCO] MTN|C2: {MOUNTAIN} Mountain Air Cargo, United States C182: CESSNA 182, PROP [KMCO] SWG|WG: {SUNWING} Sunwing Airlines, Canada B738: BOEING 737-800, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] TSC|TS: {AIR TRANSAT} Air Transat, Canada B738: BOEING 737-800, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] SIL|3M: {SILVER WINGS} Silver Airways, United States SF34: SAAB 340, TURBOPROP [KMCO] BHS|UP: {BAHAMAS} Bahamasair, Bahamas B735: BOEING 737-500, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO]
  5. Is there any place to download or add liveries that are missing from "color" packs?
  6. tim86


    good day yall can someone tell me why i can not see the deilivery of british airways b777? i use also the real colour of SFO. ragards Tim
  7. Hey Vic, Here is a screen cap of Hainan Airlines at LAX. Game calls out the flight just fine, but looks like the livery is not pulling through--just a blank canvas white. Should be a bright cherry red w/ yellow mix. Can you pass this along to see why the livery is missing? Thanks.
  8. The real life repainting of US Airways planes to American's new livery is progressing well: http://hub.aa.com/en/jn/facelifts-for-the-fleet If I have time, I might take a look at doing this myself for MyT 6. I haven't seen the RL repaints of the four AAL contractor operators, Envoy, US Airways Express, Piedmont and Air Wisconsin, but I will check for images around the Internet. EDIT: I note that you previously updated the US Airways Airbus models. The USA Boeing models were easy for me to fix, because they had both a USA and an AAL livery. The exception was the USA B734, but the AAL B738 textures work more or less okay. Aside from the contract operators, the USA ERJ 190 has no comparable livery in MyT 6.0a, but it shouldn't be too hard for me to make one in Photoshop. The bulk of the work will be in changing all the four commuter airline liveries. MyT 6 airports with airline gate assignments might also have to be updated from USA to AAL.
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