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Found 3 results

  1. The first release of the WASM module for MSFS / FSUIPC7 is now ready for testing. Note that this is initially for MSFS developers to use for access to MSFS lvars and hvars, and for advanced FSUIPC users (i.e. those familiar with lvars) who would like to start investigating the possible use of lvars and hvars (by using the provided WASMClient test application). Please note, that this WASM module has NOT YET been integrated into FSUIPC7, so there is still no direct access to lvars or hvars from FSUIPC7. This is the next stage of the development process. The FSUIPC WASM module is availa
  2. Hi, I am trying to write a macro for the default A 321 radio panel. With the mouse you can change the display to show com1, com2, nav, etc. by pressing the appropriate button. I want to assign that to a key. I have tried to create a mouse macro, but the action wasn't recorded (no multiline message upon press). From what I understand so far (and I found out the name of the L-var in the gauge) I created this "a321.MCRO" file in the modules folder: [Macros] Module="popup_radio.xml" 1=com1=L:COM 1 Pressed,tog However, the macro "a321" was not listed in the drop-down menu for key ass
  3. Hi all, I have 2 machines in a Prepar3D multiplayer session sharing cockpit. In one of the machines I have FSUIPC with Lua scripts to change xml gauge LVars values (ipc.writeLvar). The LVars values modified via Lua scripts are not propagated to the other cockpit. If I change the values via mouse cliccks in the gauge the values are propagated correctly. Can anyone help me with this?? Thanks, Gerardo
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