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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Pete Can you confirm whether ipc.macro is available in FSUIPC5? It is not something I have ever used but one of my users has asked the question. The lua document still lists it as available but I read from other threads that mouse macros (similar?) are not implemented.
  2. Hi, I keep restarting FSX and re-recording but I cannot fix this. The Z key should execute line 62 of my ATR_F1.mcro but as per the logging it executes line 2. Thanks for your help! Modules.zip Modules.zip
  3. Hi, In my ATR there's a "takeoff config test" button. While you press it with the mouse it will sound an alarm if the aircraft is not ready for takeoff. So the test starts on mouse button down and stops on mouse button up. I recorded a mouse macro for this and it does work to activate the config test but it won't stop although the assigned joystick button is released. Only after I press and release the button on the panel with the mouse it will stop. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks!
  4. i have fsx acceleration gold edition, latest fsuipc 4 , win7 and GeForce GTX 660. Im trying to make a mouse macro on my AW109 from nemeth designs, for the autopilot, to use my Goflight RP-48 module. when opening Fsuipc in fsx, the fsx screen turns black, also tried windowed mode. watched a youtube tutorial on the subject and his screen had the fsx screen in the background. fsuipc4 is registered payware. any suggestions? regards Haagen
  5. Hi, I am trying to write a macro for the default A 321 radio panel. With the mouse you can change the display to show com1, com2, nav, etc. by pressing the appropriate button. I want to assign that to a key. I have tried to create a mouse macro, but the action wasn't recorded (no multiline message upon press). From what I understand so far (and I found out the name of the L-var in the gauge) I created this "a321.MCRO" file in the modules folder: [Macros] Module="popup_radio.xml" 1=com1=L:COM 1 Pressed,tog However, the macro "a321" was not listed in the drop-down menu for key assignment. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. Simple macro for the default F-18 refueling Probe. Credit goes to Rotohub66. [Macros] 1=L:switch_probe_refuel=TOG How To: *create a new text document (notepad). *copy as is, the above & paste it into the new text doc. *save it as F18probe.mcro *place the file in your fsx/modules folder anywhere. You'll see it in your assignment dropdown list in FSUIPC & can assign a button to it.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with recording macros with FSUIPC4 latest version (down loaded it today). I press the record macro button and the naming screen appears (all OK) but when I close FCUIPC with the OK button and try to record a function in FSX the green label for naming the function do not show. Regards Widar Norway
  8. Hello, How can I get a delay in actions combined in one macro? Example: Aircraft with two pitot heat switches. I created one macro to control both switches. Instead of them both switching at the same time, I would like to see the second switch move a few seconds after the first one. Is there a way to do this? I went through the FSUIPC documents several times and even searched for a sollution on this forum, but could not find it. I appreciate and constructive response
  9. Dear Peter, first of all: Thanks for the probably most valuable "Add-on" to FSX ever! FSUIPC helps to cure many, many smaller and bigger issues and enables a world of opportunities. Great work! I think without FSUIPC there were significantly less enthusiastic simmers. I hope Microsoft is aware of that! Now a question I am unable to solve. I am trying to create a Marco file. But the name/macro does not show up in the list of controls when I try to assign this to a button. I tried to create a Mouse Macro successfully and the macro could be selected in the controls section. Then I altered the commands in the macro file. This worked pretty well for the first lines of commands ( I need more then 10). Then I edited the file again and changes the name. The macro is not visible any longer and despite reading through the documentation for many times now I cannot find the error. FSUIPC.ini: [MacroFiles] 1=TomFenst Macro file: TomFenst.MCRO [Macros] 1=Seiten 1.01=K83,16 1.02=K78,8 1.03=K39,8 1.04=K40,8 1.05=K40,8 1.06=K13,8 1.07=K83,16 1.08=K78,8 1.09=K39,8 1.10=K40,8 1.11=K40,8 1.12=K40,8 1.13=K13,8 What am I doing wrong? Best regards, Tom
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