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  1. Full FSUIPC SDK (all versions) FSUIPC SDK Updated 27th August 2020 with: - New version of Java SDK (32 & 64 bit), courtesy of Radek Henys (@Mouseviator). Updated 22nd December 2018 with: -- New version of the Python section of the kit, courtesy of István Váradi vJoyOffsets - a utility program for linking FSUIPC offset values to virtual Joystick inputs: vJoyOffsets -- requires the freeware package vJoy, provided by Shaul Eizikovitch 64-bit Module User kit on its own ModuleUser64 64-bit External User kit for C/C++ on its own UIPC64 SDK C maxx's free SPAD: Saitek Panels Advanced Driver Go to http://fstools.weebly.com GPSout version 2.61 for use with FSUIPC3 only (FS2004 or before) GPSout 2.61 -- Adds option for Sim Mode field added to the RMC sentence (for Apple devices) -- Signature removed ShowText by Rob van der Wiele ShowText TrafficLook accessory program TrafficLook Version 1.551 includes an Airport filtering option Version 1.56 displays nearest traffic information in the title bar (needs FSUIPC 4.966 or later). Version 1.57 works on Windows XP through to Windows 10. Version 2.01 is just a re-build using up to date tools. WeatherSet accessory program WeatherSet WeatherSet2 only, Version 1.60 WeatherSet2 Version 1.60 of WeatherSet2 handles FSX Global Mode multiple visibility layers, and "GapAbove" surface wind. HidScanner: A little program for scanning connected (or even just Registered) Joysticks and other HID (Human Interface) Devices and providing full details. It can stay running and monitor changes too, if needed: HidScanner GFdev64.dll for GoFlight users (P3D4 & P3D5 only) GFDev64.dll This is version (January 2013). GFdev.dll for GoFlight users (FS2004, FSX, P3D1-3) GFDev.dll This is version (January 2013). GFdisplay version 1.30 for Goflight users (FS2004 or FSX) GFdisplay 1.30 (Now including GF-MCP Pro support) Flight plan converter, FxmlToFLT, FxmlToFlt.zip This utility, written and copyrighted by John Nunez in 2014, converts the new format "FXML" flight files into the older format "FLT" for use by unmaintained programs such as RCV4 (Radar Contact version 4). RCV4 provides restart options from saved flights but can only read the old FLT format. Make Runways utility version 5.13 MakeRwys.zip For use with FSX, FSX-SE, P3D1-5, and MSFS. See the READ ME included in the ZIP. Note that MakeRunways is now closed for further development, as Peter Dowson, the original author of this product, has now retired. However, you can download the source and update for your own needs. The source code for this utility is available on GitHub at the following location: https://github.com/jldowson/MakeRunways/. If you would like to take over development and support of this product, please PM me (John Dowson). Please note that this version of MakeRunways is not suitable for use on Win7 based systems or earlier. It is also not intended for use with FS2004 (FS9) or earlier It is aimed primarily at P3D and MSFS, though will also work with FSX and FSX-SE, on a Win10 system. For older system setups please use MakeRunways version 4.70, listed below. Note that for P3D3, P3D4 and P3D5 , this version uses a Lorbi-SI's AddonOrganizer derivative called "LorbySceneryExport", (included with MakeRunways) to create a scenery.cfg fil it can use even when the scenery add-ons are distributed according to various XML file. Please see the document included in the MakeRunways ZIP! Also note that MakeRwys is not able to decode, or even find, the BGL files installed from the Microsoft Store which are encrypted and likely hidden. For airports added in this way the data you'll get will be from the default airports. -- Version 5.13 fixes a very old (22 year) bug affecting some fields in the r5.bin file (binary runway data).. -- Version 5.129 fixes the /Jetways option -- previously it didn't flag the correct gates in many cases -- Version 5.128 includes changes in the MSFS data scanning to avoid problems with overlong file pathnames -- Version 5.127 has an encoding declared which allows accented characters in strings -- Version 5.126 just adds extra logging (in the Runways.txt file) for diagnosing MSFS scenery path problems. -- Version 5.124 processes any visible unencrypted add-on scenery installed in the Official\OneStore folder after all the default (fs-base), Asobo and Microsoft scenery. -- Version 5.12 fixes incorrectly attributed threshold offsets when process older style sceneries. -- Version 5.11 fixes the /+Q ("quiet") option so the program now properly terminates. -- Version 5.10 is a 64-bit version, to allow for the much increased amount of data assembled when used with MSFS. -- Version 5.02 copes with 8.33kHz spaced COM frequencies in its f4 and f5 csv files. The current f4 and f5 files will only contain 25kHz compatible frequencies, with the 8.33 ones converted to the nearest. Applications which can handle the 8.33kHz spacing frequencies should use the new files f4x.csv and f5x.csv. -- Version 5.01 correctly decodes the MSFS runway surface GUIDs for the Runways.xml file -- Version 5.00 is the first which also handles MSFS airport data. -- Version 4.91 Fixes an omission in version 4.90 for the new P3D5 format airport files: version 4.90 omitted runway threshold offset, approach lights and VASI information. -- Version 4.90 can handle the new airport data types for runways, taxiways and gates being used in Prepar3D v5 in order to support sloped runways. -- Version 4.880 corrected the incorrect classification of "no draw hold points" as gates. Such hold points have been used more recently in addon scenery in order to get the default ATC to recognize AI ready and waiting when the actual visible hold point, previously used by AI, is too far for the rather dumb default ATC. Make Runways utility version 4.70 MakeRunways_470.zip For use on Win7 systems (or earlier) with FS9 or earlier, and FSX, FSX-SE, P3D1-3. See the READ ME included in the ZIP. If you are using Win10 then you should use version 5 of MakeRunways, listed above. FliteStar plans exporter, FStarRC, version 2.31 FStarRC.zip This update works with versions of FliteStar/FliteMap up to and including, and with the latest FStarRC.rws and F5.csv files produced by MakeRunways 4.52 or later. -- Signature removed EPICINFO5 Beta version 4.941 for FSX/ESP EPICINFO5 Beta 4.941 For use only by experienced EPICINFO users. This is the DLL only, which was etrieved from archives after an unintended absence of 6 years, but without any documentation at all. It cannot be supported at this time. MixW freeware virtual port simulator (not for Vista/Win7 or 64-bit) MixW Freeware HHD freeware virtual port simulator at http://www.hhdsoftwa...al-serial-ports (works with bioth 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7) (Alternatively, for Vista and Win7 try the Eterlogic one, 32-bit version is free, 64-bit reasonable at $25 (U.S.): VSPE Website
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