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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I recently created an Excel version of most of the output from running makerwys on a default FSX installation (with taxiway info excluded). Many thanks to Pete, both for creating makerwys / FSUIPC and also for being kind enough to upload the file which is available via the following link; http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Airport_Runway_Parking_Com.zip Best regards Richard
  2. Hi, I've recently created a tool in Excel, using a table of ICAO ID, City, Region, Lat / Lon to produce a map of airports, coloured differently for those I've visited and those I haven't yet visited. The last logged airfield is identified along with the distance from that to each other airfield. I decided to add some functionality which would require other data such as runway surface, runway length (& ideally runway width, ILS provision etc). In trying to find that data I came across MakeRwys which seems to provide just what I need. I am having an issue though......... listing closed runways. Some airports in FSX in The Bahamas (just the area I'm looking at initially, there may be others) have only closed runways. An example being MYZ2 (Cape Eleuthera). I'd like to include closed runways in what I'm doing, the 'ClosedLanding' and 'ClosedTakeoff' fields in Runways.xml suggests that MakeRwys has the ability to list where either is 'TRUE'. Have a missed a command line switch to include them? Those fields are always only populated with 'FALSE'. I understand the need for the minimum runway length field, however, on the offchance that closed runways were listed with 0 length I set the switch to />0 (i.e. "makerwys />0"). The shortest runway in the results is 1503, should that be the case? (default FSX scenery library) Thanks and many thanks in advance for any advice Richard
  3. MakeRwys

    Hi Pete, I have a few questions regarding your fantastic MakeRwys program. I use it to generate the runways xml file which I reference in my own little program I'm making. Oddly enough, when I try to start the MakeRwys.exe process from my own program It won't process the files it needs (failed to make Runways CSV files! etc) even though I am running MakeRwys from my FSX folder. Running the same program from explorer works fine...? It also puts a few empty files in my own application's folder so it is clearly trying to reference my program folder, not FSX. Secondly, any plans to add the radio frequencies etc to another XML file or the runways XML file? much more convenienct than csv :) Thanks for your great software! Lukas