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Found 5 results

  1. I have a really weird problem all of a sudden. Recently, when I start my flight in Germany, Frankfurt or Munich with ORBX scenery and AS/T2G scenery, all my addon menu items stop working. I can not open the FSUIPC menu or addon manager or any other menu. If using PMDG aircraft they do not initialize and the control surfaces can't be moved, as if simconnect failed. Additionally, key commands like shift+P for pushback don't work. This does not happen in the US which is very weird, only when I am in Germany (haven't tried any other eastern region) or if I have flown approximaly 3 hours. Afte
  2. Hi Pete; Can you tell me how is it possible to select the line number ten (10) using the keyboard (or Buttons in FSUIPC) when displayed by P3D for GSX, ASN or ProATC onscreen menus. I tried zero (0) but that does not seem to work, also when the menu has a line ten (10) in its display, the other line numbers also do not work. The line numbers 1 to 9 only work when ten (10) is not displayed. I have been using FSUIPC to select these menu line numbers in FSX, but since I migrated over to P3D some only work as explained. FSX displayed a line zero (0) after the line number nine (9) in onscre
  3. Help! A few days ago I downloaded the latest, free version of FSUIPC4. It worked fine and showed in Add-ons menu correctly. But I had to re-install my FSX SE. After that I cannot see "Add-ons" on menu bar at all. Here's what I did (following advice from each corner of the internet): 1. I re-installed FSX SE (uninstalled, deleted all FSX entries in Program Files, Program data, Appdata, etc, I ran Ccleaner, rebooted, disabled my AntiMalware software, installed fresh FSX, made a first clean run). 2. I installed the latest version of FSUIPC 3. I cannot see "Add-ons" Menu in FSX! 4. Tried
  4. Hello, When I start Tower! then the main menu screen is wildly flashing and trying to select an airport starts loading the airport scenery but the game doesnt start. Recently my PC crashed and I installed both Windows 7 and also installed Tower 2011! once again. I never used to have this problem with my previous installations. Technical specs: Windows 7 Home Premium - Service Pack 1 32-Bit system Processor: Intel® Core i3 CPU 550@ 3.20GHz RAM: 4,00 GB (2,99GB usable) I hope someone can help me. Thanks and Regards Jan
  5. Dear all.. I'm trying to add a caption in FS2004 menu to run externally .exe file using VB6 .. I have read FSUIPC or Programmers.pdf, and I just could get the free hot key slot by the below code : Public Function GetFreeHotkeySpot(Optional Idx As Variant) As Long Dim n As Integer Dim gvRetVal As Byte Dim dwOffset As Long dwOffset = CLng(&H3210) + (4 * n) For n = 1 To 55 gvRetVal = FSUIPC_Read(dwOffset, 1, VarPtr(Text1.Text), 1) If gvRetVal = 0 Then GetFreeHotkeySpot = &H3210 + (4 * n) If Not IsMissing(Idx) Then Idx = n
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