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Found 2 results

  1. My configuration: - Win 7 x64, FSX SP2, paid FSUIPC 4.939. - 2 mixture levers controlling the pots of a USB joystick embedded in a home-made pedestal, no specific driver. I have always been using the 2 mixture levers by assigning them to Mixture1 and Mixture2 in FSX and calibrating them in the relevant FSUIPC tab (section 4 of 11: Separate mixture controls), with the checkBox 'Map 1->12, 2->34' checked. This is fine for all 2 or 4-engine aircrafts I know, except for the A2A Boeing 377 StratoCruiser; in that case, the virtual cockpit levers won't move. I made some tests: - remove assignments from FSX and make assignments in FSUIPC => same. - uncheck 'Exclude MIXTUREn_SET' => same. - reset FSUIPC calibrations and uncheck 'Map 1->12, 2->34' => lever 1 controls mixture 1, lever 2 controls mixture 2, mixtures 3 and 4 not controlled, as expected. - reset FSUIPC calibrations but leave 'Map 1->12, 2->34' checked => lever 1 controls mixtures 1, 2 and 4, lever 2 controls mixtures 2 and 4, mixture 3 not controlled. Note that while the virtual cockpit levers don't move, the pedestal levers actually have effects: for instance, moving a lever back and forth, I can almost stall an engine and then hear the crew announcing that the oil pressure rises. Also, I spied the SimConnect variables 'GENERAL ENG MIXTURE LEVER POSITION:i' and could see noisy values, presumably due to conflicts between the pedestal and virtual cockpit lever positions. Can someone help?
  2. I have purchased the CH Throttle Quadrant and the FSUIPC 3.999, and have serious configuration problems with the separate mixture controls in the Aeroworxx King Air B200. Because Turboprops have Condition Levers Instead of mixtures controls configurating the axis just reach about 16% of the lever ride, when they have to reach 40% at Idle position. Fixing it, had to edit the FSUIPC.ini with the following values: Mixture1=-16383,-9602,8192,16384/8 Mixture2=-16383,-9602,8192,16384/8 The other problem is when start the engines. Always occurs HOT STARTS, even if using engine autostart (CTRL+E) with the keyboard. When using the the CH FLIGHTSIM yoke, without the Throttle quadrant there were no problems. How can I fix the HOT STARS problems with the CH Throttle Quadrant? Best regards, aerorexx@hotmail.com
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