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Found 7 results

  1. So I bought FSUIPC for my home cockpit using the Aerosoft A320, but the Mouse Macro green area that should appear when I press any button does not appear, I cant name the functions. So what do I do?
  2. MOVED FROM SUBFORUMS TO MAIN SUPPORT FORUM Hi everyone ! I am currently trying to make my VrInsight CDU work with the FSL A320. Yesterday, I succeeded in assigning all the buttons of the CDU hardware to the MCDU of the aircraft with FSUIPC mouse macros, it was working fine BUT... I can only click one time on the CDU, then, the button stay pushed and I have to click on it again with the mouse in the sim to release it. Do you know this issue ? Is there a solution ? Regards
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and cockpit building in general and had some questions regarding programming mouse macros with FSUIPC: I have physical switches that I want to program with the pmdg 737, when I click "create mouse macro" and try to click one of the switches in the cockpit it dosnt let me. The problem is that whenever i move my mouse, FSUIPC thinks that the mouse movement is what i wish to program. in other words, when i move my mouse it wants to program the mouse movement instead of what i actually want to program. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have and ideas on how to fix this? Regards, Max Kreckel
  4. Hi All, I'm sure the topic has been asked before but the answers I get are either open-ended or incomplete. I have SPAD controlling my Saitek Multi-panel and FSUIPC recognizes the virtual joystick. I want to assign two functions for the AP buttons (HDG,Alt, Etc.) and to do that I'm planning to use a global shift button in my yoke. I have had this work before but never with a mouse macro. The thing is the aircraft involved (QW BAE146) seems to have no LVARs for the autopilot buttons. They do work with mouse macros though, so I want is, for example, Unshifted: VOR/LOC (mouse macro) on NAV button and Shifted: LNAV (mouse macro) on NAV Button as well. The syntax of mouse macros don't seem to support this. But I still tried. Is there any workaround? Or is there a better way? So I came up with this: 7=P66,0,CM1:9,0 8=P66,2,CM1:5,0 9=P66,4,CM1:10,0 10=P66,6,CM1:11,0 11=P66,8,CM1:8,0 12=P66,10,CM1:7,0 13=P66,12,CM1:6,0 14=P66,14,C66288,0 15=CP(+2,0)66,4,CM1:4,0 16=CP(+2,0)66,10,CM1:3,0 17=CP(+2,0)66,8,CM1:13,0 The syntax of mouse macros don't seem to support this. But I still tried. Is there any workaround? Or is there a better way?
  5. I am using FSX sp2 with newly purchased FSUIPC Version 4.86 windows 7 I have followed instructions to create mouse macro but not working. I have tried this on all butons on default fsx planes. I press key presses tab - create mouse macro then OK. i give it a name in the next pop-up then OK. back to fsx, when I click any of the butons with the mouse, nothing happens, I dont get the green dialoge at the top of the screen. please can you tell me where am I going wrong. Thanks Robert
  6. Hello First of all I'm not a programmer. So here we go: I'm riding a homemade panel for use in various aircraft in FSX with the help of FSUIPC. I intend to use potentiometers to control the AP courses and selecting altitudes. However, I can not program at the PMDG 737NGX the FSUIPC. When I turn the potentiometers either way it only increases or only decreases. He wanted to increase when turned sideways and impaire when rotated to the other side. It was programmed by the FSUIPC mouse macro. FSUIPC Version: 4.70 OBS.: As I said, I'm no programmer, but if I explain how it works I can devote to programming. Sorry for my english, translate with the help of Google Translate. Portuguese version: Olá. Primeiro de tudo eu não sou programador. Então vamos lá: Estou montando um painel caseiro, para usar em diversas aeronaves no FSX com a ajuda do FSUIPC. Pretendo usar potenciômetros para controlar o AP selecionando altitudes e cursos. Porém, não consigo programar pelo FSUIPC o 737NGX da PMDG. Quando eu giro o potenciômetro para qualquer lado ele só aumenta ou só diminui. Queria que aumentasse quando girasse para um lado e diminuisse quando girado para o outro lado. Foi programado pelo mouse macro do FSUIPC. Versão do FSUIPC: 4.70 OBS.: Como já dito, não sou programador, mas se me explicarem como funciona posso me dedicar à programação. Desculpe pelo meu inglês, traduzi com a ajuda do Google Translate.
  7. Hi everyone, Over the pas few weeks/months, I have been building an overhead panel for my simulator. I purchased FSUIPC to help assign commands to the toggle switches I wanted to use. I thought the the mouse trapping technique would be easiest. I just have a single issue. I fly many different planes with different panels. I want to be able to be able to use my overhead in every aircraft I fly without having to create a new file or keep changing the commands every time. Is there any way that I could "save" a mouse macro file? So I could load the "level D" file and have all the switches assigned and then switch to the iFly 737 and load the iFly file and have all the switches assigned. I know this may sound confusing. If needed, perhaps I can explain this in another way. Thanks. Ben
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