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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I purchased Flight Control Replay for MSFS2020. It seems to record fine, but when I play back it shows the aircraft taking off but does not show the gear retracting, does not show the flaps retracting, it just stays in the set position with no animations. Can anyone tell me how to fix this so It look "realistic" in play back mode ? Thanks Perry
  2. Hi there, Ive just recently installed the new FSUIPC7 for MSFS and have loved using it so far with the FBW A32NX mod for the 320NEO - so Pete, THANK YOU!! However, I do have a few issues I would like to see if someone can provide the answer to. I want to assign the APU Bleed button to a switch on my throttle quadrant, but can’t seem to find the right command. I have APU_BLEED_AIR_SOURCE_TOGGLE, and APU_BLEED_AIR_SOURCE_SET - but these do absolutely nothing in sim. Secondly, I can’t seem to find commands to the following items: 1. T.O Config TEST 2. Crew Supply Oxygen 3. CALLS - All (dinging the cabin) 4. Emergency Exit Lights 5. Transponder: STBY, TA, TA/RA 6. Transponder, NAV: STBY, AUTO, ON I know in previous versions of FSUIPC you could create a simply mouse macro and then assign a button or switch to this custom macro, but there does not seem to be an option to do this in the latest version :(((( Any and all help appreciated! Thanks, Milo
  3. I am very familiar with FSUIPC. I have used it for several years with P3D. I recently got MSFS 2020 and when I heard FSUIPC 7 was available for MSFS I immediately purchased it. I downloaded the program and when I start MSFS I see the FSUIPC 7 logo. The problem I have is where is it in game? I have no idea how to access it. Would appreciate help in finding it in the sim. thanks, Jim
  4. Hi I have a rotary encoder (via a Leo Bodnar BBI-32 button box interface) for setting the barometer (Kohlsman/Kollsman). It works fine but is very slow, as there is only single digit increase with no 'fast' option listed within FSUIPC. For my other rotary encoders, I simply use compound settings to have 'fast' output mapped as the standard output of the rotary, and a modifier button that switches the output to the normal increment. However, there is no 'fast' option for the barometer listed within FSUIPC (as far as I can see anyway) so this method is not available. Is it possible to increase the speed/increments of this control using another method or is it a sim limitation?
  5. I have recently purchased a Honeycomb BTQ to use with MSFS2020 on PC flying the FBW A320nx. I want to bind the autopilot pushbuttons to the A320 FCU controls (and, if needed, use the switches to toggle managed/selected mode for speed, heading and altitude). Q1. Has anyone already used FSIUPC 7 to build a profile mapping the buttons of the BTQ to the system variables used by FBW? Q2. If not, does FSIUPC have the capability to do this?
  6. When I go over to I clicked on both links and a tab briefly pops up then goes away. No download begins. Nothing. Where can I find the correct download for FSUIPC7?
  7. Hey guys, based on the TripleUse.lua i tried to get an more generic and easier to configure script. This supports to easily assign lua functions to button presses but not only for the rising or falling edge of the signal but also for double-press (like doubleclick) or for long press. It is based on Pete's TripleUse.lua but extended to be able to call the funtions that were already defined in other lua scripts like the ones coming with LINDA. You can just refer to it and re-use all the additional stuff like writing something to VRInsight panel displays etc. --[[ 1=BU0836A Interface 2=MFG Crosswind V2 3=FCU / Lights 5=Joystick 7=Controller (GAME FOR WINDOWS >) btnFunc is an multi-dimensional array (lua:table) containing data in the format { joy, button, singlePressFunctionName, doublePressFunctionName, longPressFunctionName } use function name "ignore" to mark an status as unused. ]] btnFunc = { { 3, 7, "DeIce_PITOT_on", "ignore", "DeIce_PITOT_off"}, { 5, 3, "APU_STARTER", "APU_EXTINGUISH_FIRE", "APU_OFF_SWITCH"} } In the 2nd line of the btnFunc "Table"/ array you can see, that the Joystick button three has the APU assigned that way: single short press: APU start double short presses: APU extinguisher fires long press: APU is switched off. Of course that list / array with buttons can be easily extended to all recognized "USB_Gamecontroller_Buttons". I published the more generic TripleUse.lua and TripleUseAssignments.lua on Github. See: https://github.com/joeherwig/msfs-fsuipc-lua-scripts Probably someone might find that useful. Thanks Pete for your support! Joe
  8. I've been using FSUIPC forever, and currently have v.4 for my FSX/SE. With previous versions of MSFS, all I had to do was go into the FS set-up and turn off the control binding, then go to FSUIPC and re-assign all of it to my individual aircraft. However, with FS2020, each controller has its own binding, so in order to turn off the MSFS bindings, I have to assign null (empty) bindings for each controller before setting them up in v.7. Which I've done. My question now, to Pete & John and anyone else who has been successful in setting up FSUIPC 7 with FS2020, what is the suggested/best way to reconcile FSUIPC with FS2020? Do I just turn off the axes on FS, turn everything off and use FSUIPC, or something in between? I remember particular problems with FSUIPC, FSX and the PMDG planes, specifically with the throttles. So what do I need to know to use FSUIPC 7 efficiently with FS2020? I did try turning off all controllers in FS and tried using the FSUIPC BETA to control everything, and it didn't work too well. TIA, -= Gary =-
  9. hello everyone , i just wanted to know how to make the tug of the pushback attach to the aircraft without move , i need to make the speed 0 so tried this code Private TugS As New Offset(Of UInteger)("tug", &H31FC, True) Dim SPD as UInteger = TextSPD.text TugS.Value = SPD FSUIPCConnection.Process("tug") it didn't work the aircraft just move forward when it's not attached to the tug . need help with that thank you at all . stay safe
  10. Tried to set tug heading and speed controlled by integer by Private TugH As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31F8) Private TugS As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31FC) Private TugState As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31F4) FSUIPCConnection.Process() Dim HDG as integer = TextHDG.text Dim SPD as integer = TextSPD.text Dim Status as integer = TextSts.text FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.KEY_TUG_HEADING, HDG) FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.KEY_TUG_SPEED, SPD) TugH.value= HDG TugS.value= SPD TugState.value= Status So for the heading of the tug no one worked it just make the heading of aircraft is 357 degree whatever i change the heading in TextHDG , whatever integer i input just turn the tug to heads the aircraft to 357 . for the speed it doesn't work for the status integer : 0 Pushback Straight 1 to left 2 to right 3 stop pushback any helps plz ..
  11. Hi Is anybody knows how to make progressive braking from throttle cursor (T.16000M )? Thanks
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