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Found 9 results

  1. Me an a colleague purchased the Steam Version today along with Real Traffic. After an initial problem with Multiplayer (Stuck at 72 and 81%), we got it to work. Later on though, we wanted to change some settings and ever since could not get past this 72/81 barrier. What we have troubleshooted: Same game version: Both have v1.2.78.946 SP3.3c Both have Real Traffic installed Both have the same install location Ports 21112 and 22222 are open on both machines We can connect to each other, but loading will freeze We uninstalled both the game and real traffic through steam and manually, reinstalled and still ran into the same problem We ran the game as administrators We checked to have the same settings Game settings are identical Window settings are identical Essentially we are stuck and can't find any new suggestions/measures. Can you help us?
  2. Hello, I've never seemed to have this problem until yesterday. However, My brother and I were loading up just another MP session (I was hosting) but this time I got stuck at 9% and he loaded in just fine. I didn't think much of it so I kept trying but had no luck. Some troubleshooting things I've done so far. Restarted both machines Reinstalled the whole game Ensured we had the same schedules and files installed (I installed everything for both of us anyway) After doing these with no luck I decided to bring it here to the forums. Thanks for any help you can give. *PS: it said the game.log file was too big so I put it in a dropbox* https://www.dropbox.com/s/zbyvs0u3sm4av8y/game.log?dl=0
  3. Recently I have been playing Tower! 3D Pro in multiplayer with my brother. We play KLAS and I am in the tower, he is ground. After a couple of hours of playing we call it a day. I get points and hours credited to my stats - he only gets hours - no points. We both see points in the command bar, but he does not get any. Any idea why I only get the points?
  4. Hi all, Can I just clarify what is required by a client in order to have a successful connection in a multiplayer session? i.e. a) The same game version (do the game version need to match - i.e. Pro vs non Pro?) b) The same airport version (all airport's the host has, the client requires too?) c) The same Real Traffic version (required by both) d) Real Colours do not affect a multiplayer session? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Hi! Is there any offset in FSUIPC that can tell me if the simulator is connected to a multiplayer session or if it's flying "offline"? Thanks!
  6. Hello, when i try to do a multiplayer session over local area network the client app freeze while loading. it happens every time and it doesnt care which computer is the host or the client Thank You
  7. Hello Pete, and thank you very much for FSUIPC as well as for outstanding support to the community. Currently I'm working on a small ATC-Client for a group of enthusiasts, flying together using the FSHostClient/Server system. So far I've been able to figure out 98% of what is needed in my opinion. Now I stuck on a (I suppose) more or less simple problem which I could also reproduce in your TrafficLook (also thanks for that handy tool). Actually I'd try to read from the AIPlaneInfo (FSUIPC-SDK) for each of the MP-Planes amongst other info the Com1 frequency. For some reason It is always and for all connected MP-planes 124.85MHz. The code of interest (it's in VB.net): Public Sub FsxListRefresh() ' =======>> Is kept running by a timer-tick. This fuction fetches the AI-traffic data If AiListUpdate Then ' =======>> AiListUpdate is bool and set 'active' when my program is connected to FSUIPC/FSX Me.lstFSXoriginalAI.Items.Clear() ' =======>> My List of "collected data" for all MP-planes For Each Plane As AIPlaneInfo In FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.AllTraffic ' ========>> get all the AI-Info that is available in general If AiListUpdate Then Me.lstFSXoriginalAI.Items.Add(Plane.ID & "Com1String:" & Plane.Com1String & "Alt:" & Math.Round(Plane.AltitudeDifferenceFeet, 0) & " Com1:" & Plane.Com1.ToString) ' ========>> fill the list Next ' ========>> ... and the next one please ;-) End If End Sub This runs flawless so far. When setting a break point at the "NEXT"-line I can move the mouse over the "Plane." and read out a lots of data of the currently handled plane. When usin FSX's own AI Traffic the COM1 frequencies are different there and they change for the individual AI-planes as they "change their ATC-controller". But for FSHost-connected multiplayer the COM1 frequency never changes. It is 124.85 and lasts so. Even when closing all (my prog., FSHost, FSX) and restarting all again. From the simconnect.log which I've dumped during a recent session I see that FSHostClient is used to set up this: > 81.49807 [190, 64]AddToDataDefinition:DefineID=2, DatumName="COM ACTIVE FREQUENCY:1", UnitsName="Frequency BCD16", DatumType=1, fEpsilon=0.000000, DatumID=21 as a part of the traffic-communication-data-set in its "MP-session". When FSX is running normally then this is executed acc. simconnect.log: 86.08197 [190] ObjectData: RequestID=0 DefineID=2 dwSize=216 As far as I can see (actually I'm not that good a programer, so may be "guess" is more acurate desription of what I do ;-) the COM1 frequency is transmitted amonst other data. And this is what I couldn't get solved. "COM_ACTIVE_FREQUENCY:1" is used from both AI and MP (FSHostClient) as far as I could figure out. May be you could give me a hint on where my mistake is? I hope my explanation was clear enough. Otherwise I'd be glad to supply more/other information. Thank you in advance, JayCee
  8. Hi I want to simulate multiplayer condition in my desktop for FS2004. I want to emulate traffic server via my own program and want to control the aircrafts (speed, position...) Is there any way I could inject traffic data via tcp/udp socket? Is there a format/data structure for multiplayer traffic and where I could find this information? As Pete said in other occasions, FSUIPC is not intended to create multiplayer conditions. Regards Arya
  9. Hi Friends Are you aware of any open source traffic injection tool in FS2004. i am looking for some demo code for traffic injection. Thanks Arya
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