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Found 5 results

  1. I have been able to consistently reproduce a g3d.dll error, preceeded by a .NET error CTD, on a flight between KJFK and PHNL with Mytraffic 6; it happens at around the same location 22 32N 156 48W which is about 110 nm from PHNL. I have traffic set to 10% and no GA, Mytrafficmil.bgl has been renamed, if I set traffic to 0% then I can complete the flight. VAS is fine, aircraft is BBS A330, system is i4790 with 16 GB RAM Windows 7 x64, no antivirus or firewall Where do I start looking to solve this, could it be a corrupt Mytraffic flightplan, aircraft model, or something else?
  2. I was having a hard time getting KTPA updated per the 1609 airac in FSC. For some reason, FSC showed the old runway headings. I eventually figured out that it was reading the addon scenery database in P3D and getting runway info from My Traffic Pro's facilities scenery. When I deactivated MT-Pro and ran the FSC database manager again, all the runways were in agreement with the new airac. Now, the FMC in the Quality Wings 757 has the same runways as FSC. So, my question is - Does anybody know how to update the scenery navdata in My Traffic Pro?
  3. Hello, I bought my traffic 6 and ever since then i have been flying in hawaiia and been recieving the error message Microsoft Flight SImulator has stopped working. The game freezes up and i have to stut the game off. Now i have been using FSXSE on my new computer for anput 60 hours and never got this error until i bought this product. It seems to most;y happen when I am departing out of Kahului airport runway 2 going west towards HNL (LAT: N21°1.03° LON: W156° 34.11°), but also happens while I am in mid fight between the islands. Please help me so I can start enjoying FSX again! Thanks
  4. Near runway 1 in New Chitose airport RJCC is buried with earth and sand. The cause was "FSX\MyTraffic\Scenery\BR2_RJCC_hf_CVX.bgl" file. I changed bgl into off for the time being.
  5. This is an on going problem. Here is my data: Windows 7 SP1 64bit 16 GB Ram FSX with Accelerator FSUIPC 4.9 (registered) Here is my problem: 1. When I install MyTraffic2013 my FSCommander and RF Cockpit (iPad) stop working. I get lat/long 0.0 when I connect to FSX in FSCommander and none of my guages work in my RF Cockpit. 2. At the same time, "Microsoft Flight Simulator X with WideServer: waiting for clients" no longer appears in the upper right hand corner of the simulator. 3. If I perform the first step in deinstalling MyTraffic, ie.MyTraffic 2013 Manager and REMOVE AIRCRAFT, SCENERY AND SCHEDULES IN MY TRAFFIC FOLDER everything begins to work again and the WideServer message reappears. It appears that MyTraffic2013 (and earlier edition) seems to prevent FSUIPC in communicating with those addons that use it. MT2013 is the only thing that changed. I really want to use RF Cockpit, FSCommander and MyTraffic2013. I have attached WideServer logs with MT2013 and wo MT2013. WideServer Logs.txt Can you help?
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