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Found 10 results

  1. Because I know that you always complain when people do not *thoroughly* read the documentation and forums... I spent *days* reading through every documentation file provided with the program, every FAQ forum topic, and tried probably a dozen different searches on the forum to look for my answer; I don't guarantee the answer is not somewhere... but I could not find it with diligent effort. I also know you prefer to help people that have a solid technical understanding, so I wanted to let you know I have over a decade in software development, a Bachelor's in Comp Sci, and am OSCP certified. My relevant hardware: Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant (henceforth called "HC") My relevant software: MSFS 2020v1.15.10.0 / FSUIPC7v7.0.9 / HidDemo.lua (set up properly to work and map controls to joystick 64 & 65) Notes: I am not using a debugger... just the in-built logging features of FSUIPC7 What I want to achieve overall: Using the "decr/incr" knob on the HC to interact with any knob in the simulator. My approach: Use key/button programming in FSUIPC to set "flags" telling FSUIPC which control the knob should alter in the sim What I have done so far: I have successfully used keyboard keys to set most flags. The "flags" I'm using are really the button flags for joystick 15. Joystick 15 has no actual device assigned to it. So far I have assigned flags for "selectors" 1, 2, 3, and 4, nav radio, comm radio, barometer, and transponder. What I'm trying to do now: The C172 that comes with MSFS 2020 has a G1000 autopilot (AP) system. When you set the "course" for the vor indicators on the G1000, you can't see what you are selected without also switching the active indicator (the one that is default is GPS indicator). What I want to do is have the "active indicator" switched to the one I am currently setting the course for. In other words, if the nav, and selector 2 flags are set, and I start turning the knob on the HC, I want it to switch the "active indicator" to VOR2 and start increasing the selected course. As an intermediate testing step, I tried to create a new flag (vor) such that when I set the vor flag and press the "1" or "2" key, it just switches the "active indicator" to vor 1 or 2 respectively. My first attempt was to use the same joystick 15 button flags as the others... but that posed a problem... To do this, I need to add a condition to a key bind but only offset conditions are available for [Keys]. According to the offsetStatus-v0.17.ods document 03C0 is where the button states are stored for joysticks 0-15. However, although it is not 100% clear from this post it seems that FSUIPC only updates those offsets if there is an actual device assigned to the joystick whose offset I'm trying to read. So even though I have the following line for my VOR flag: 113=86,8,1003,3849 ;set flag 9 (VOR) -{V: Press=: Joy 15 Button 9 }- the actual status that the button was pressed is not saved at offset x03FC+9bits. Therefore, my [Keys] condition: 14=D03FC&200 49,8,66502,1 ;vor flag&setting flag 1 -{1: Press=AP_NAV_SELECT_SET }- did not fire (x03FC&x200 == 0 --> FALSE) So I pivoted, the next thing I tried was to set the flag using a bit in one of the "free for general use" offsets... To be honest, I probably should have done this from the start. So I changed the line to the following because offsetStatus-v0.17.ods says A000 is free for general use and has a lot of bits available so I knew I wouldn't run out (not that I have *that many* flags to set): 113=86,8,x0700A000,x00000200 ; set flag 9 (VOR) -{V: Press=offset dword setbits, offset A000 }- I also changed my [Keys] condition to: 14=DA000&200 49,8,66502,1 ;vor flag&setting flag 1 -{1: Press=AP_NAV_SELECT_SET }- Unfortunately this didn't work either. So I switch to the other block of "free for general use" offsets. 113=86,8,x070066C0,x00000200 ; set flag 9 (VOR) -{V: Press=offset dword setbits, offset 66C0 }- and 14=D66C0 49,8,66502,1 ;vor flag&setting flag 1 -{1: Press=AP_NAV_SELECT_SET }- At least I am getting the offset logs to show changed in the offset 66C0 now... but that control doesn't seem to actually be changing anything in the simulator. Wrap-up/questions: #1 Is A000 working? If so, what did I do wrong? To be clear, when I was trying to use A000 nothing was showing up in the offset logs *and* the condition kept return a value of 0 leading to FALSE #2 Perhaps I am using the wrong control to set the "active indicator" on the G1000 so that I can see what I'm doing while selecting a course... and perhaps that is listed somewhere in the documentation... but from reading this forum I also know that there may or may be some issues when trying to interact with the G1000... so instead of going through the forums for another several days trying to decipher whether or not that is actually the case and figuring out which control I should be using if it isn't the case... can you please just tell me if there is a control or series of controls to do what I'm looking for? Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post. FSUIPC7.ini
  2. I can confirm that the following offsets work correctly for both reading and writing, in addition to the list in offsetStatus-v0.14.ods. Tested on the Asobo C172. 0x0BC8, parking brake 0x0892, starter switch engine 1 0x3101, alternator 0x3102, master battery 0x3103, avionics master. This seems to control both Bus 1 and Bus 2 avionics. I have not found a way to control them independently. 0x3104, fuel pump 0x029B, alternate static air source 0x0AF8, fuel tank selector 1 0x029C, pitot heat Hope this helps to improve the documentation. Regards, -Emile.
  3. Hello, we are trying to read offset 0x64F4 when using the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II. We are expecting a value of 1, when the according switch is pressed to 'ON' in the panel (Window Heat Switch Left). But we never receive this value. Is it ensured that the offset information in the document 'Offset Mapping for PMDG 747QOTSII.pdf' is correct? Other offsets work or provide the expected values. We are using Paul Henty's 'FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET' to access the offsets. Some additional information: Simulator: Prepar3D Professional Plus V4.5.14.34698 OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 (Build 18363.1139) FSUIPC Version: 5.15 Please help!
  4. Hi all, I am fixing a wrong FbW by a hook using FSUIPC. To complete it, I need to acquire the vertical acceleration relative to world axes. I have noticed that the 31C8 offset: "Y (vertical, or up/down) acceleration in ft/sec/sec relative to the world axes" is in fact the derivative of the vertical acceleration (ft/s/s/s). Please, see the joined graphic. There is a mistake using an extra derivative operation ? Philippe P3DV4.5, FSUIPC 6.005 31C8_Offset.pdf
  5. Hi Paul, I would like to print those offsets (P62/70) 6010 6018 6020 6030 6048 6078 6081 608C 6094 60A4 60E4 60E8 60EC 61A0 offsets but I have no idea what type of offset is (string, integer, Int32, Short, etc..) Dim gps_distance As Offset(Of Integer) = New Offset(Of Integer)(&H60EC) for in the future don't ask how to declare offsets this is for this topic : Thanks Regards Fred
  6. Hello, I have the following request: I am using a PHP script that allows me to save my aircraft and store it in a MySQL database using IVAO API (whazzup -> http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txt). Works without problems. Now I fly sometimes without IVAO and still want to read my flight data into a MySQL database (altitude, speed, departure airport, destination airport, latitude, longitude, airplane type, on ground ?, and other offsets -> http://www.projectmagenta.com / All-fsuipc-offsets). Can someone write a program with C ++ or JavaScript, which can read me via PHP, FSUIPC or SimConnect this data? I have already used a lot of Google, but no program found that accesses the interface via PHP. Please do not use an ACARS program, but a simple EXE or PHP file that connects and writes the live data into a MySQL database at intervals (Standalone Programm). Thanks System: Windows 10 Flight Simulator: Prepar3D v4 I have long times experience with PHP scripts, but not experience with JavaScript, LUA or C++, i hope anywhere can write my a simple prgramm for windows
  7. Hi Pete I am the support developer for LINDA and have found an interesting issue with the offsets for Autopilot Altitude (07D4) and Vertical Velocity (07F2) with A2A aircraft add ons in FSX and P3D. I wonder what your view is. The offsets are: 07D4 4 bytes Autopilot altitude value, as metres*65536 07F2 2 bytes Autopilot vertical speed value, as ft/min ​The altitude is quoted as being in metres and the vertical speed in ft/min. ​I have found through detailed tests that the conversion of Altitude from metres to feet is required only if the A2A A182 or C172 aircraft are used or when using P3D (alt = round(0x07D4 * 3.2808399 / 65536)). The reverse applies to the Vertical Speed. If not A2A or P3D, VS= round(0x07F2 / 3.2808399). In all other cases (FSX and non-A2A), the offsets are defined as AP Alt in feet and AP VS in metres/sec. This is opposite from the FSUIPC4 Status of IPC Offsets for FSX document.
  8. Hi Pete and all the others who can help! I wanted to make a small Motion Platform for my Desk... and I wanted to know if its possible to get the movement data ,such like pitch, roll, acceleration and so, out of FSUIPC? Are they saved in special Offsets? Hope you're understanding what i'm asking for ;) Thanks Philipp
  9. Hey guys, I got most of my project almost done. I have successfully been able to mute my music, e.g. skyBlue and other url based music, during transmitions and receiving, but only on the COM1 radio. The only problem I am having is the COM2 offset. I don't believe that I have the right offset, because instead of returning a byte, i.e. 0 or 1, it is returning random numbers, e.g. 61045631. The offest I am using for COM2 is 0x7b99 for receiving and 0x07b9a for transmitting. Are these the right offsets? And if so, what could be going wrong? Once I am done, I might need some people to help beta test to work out any problems or to help develop it more. I don't know if there is anything out like this, but if there is oh well. I have enjoyed working on it. Right now, I believe it will only work with Squawkbox, because those are the offsets that I am using.
  10. Hi Pete! I am building an Airbus x Extended FCU. I already read out all the LVars that I will need for Displaying the Heading, Altitude, Speed, Vertical Speed. Now I'm stuck! For the Arcaze Board I need to write the LVar Data in the Offsets of FSUIPC. I don't know how to do that! Could you/anyone give me an example or a ready *.lua file ( :razz:)? Thanks Allrounder
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