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Found 4 results

  1. Ai refresh problems on STB

    I'm running P3D v3.4 and STB (versions unknown but they are the latest after a check) on a server / client setup. I'm using a utility that checks the departure time for Ai aircraft and if that time is more than 90 mins ahead it deletes them. Well, they don't get deleted immediately but they are removed from the gate they occupy and placed within the 40nm 'bubble' in P3D. Several minutes later they are deleted. I'm doing this because when I arrive at airports like LPPT all the terminal gates are occupied by Ai and many won't be departing for several hours. But the problem is STB is not updating its display to reflect these changes. I even closed the client and server applications and started them again a minute later. The same Ai aircraft were shown on STB but they didn't actually occupy the gate STB showed them at. Can you offer any reason why this is happening please? Shouldn't STB refresh its data many times a minute? What is the default refresh time? The server runs on a i7 4770K and the client on an i5 so plenty of processing power.
  2. I am investigating why frame rates are so poor at KORD (FSDT) on the initial load and for the next couple of minutes. It's definitely connected to the Ai because with MT6 disabled the frame rates are 60+ as soon as the scenery is loaded. This screenshot taken from the Cub in P3D v3.4 shows several aircraft with blacked-out fuselages. There are more around the terminal buildings, perhaps 15-20 overall. I have plenty of VAS remaining - over 2Gb so it's very difficult to work out what is going wrong. With MT6 scenery enabled the frame rate on first load is around 14 but within two minutes it has climbed to 30-35. Clearly there are two issues here:- 1) Very poor fps whilst the Ai loading is taking place and 2) multiple blacked out aircraft for which I have no answer. The blacked-out aircraft appear at many airports including KLAX and EGLL. Any ideas what's gone wrong?
  3. Hello Pete, now that the 747 is out I have finally started flying something with 4 engines again. This leads me to my question that maybe you can shed some light on, or a more desired method. I have two Saitek USB Throttles, 6 axis', 1 Spoiler, 4 Throttle, 1 Flap. My question is in regards of button presses being sent to the sim. Right now Throttle Lever 1-4 when pulled into the reverse detent (Button) I have a custom command sent. When In the detent each lever 1-4 sends "Decrease Engine" command to repeat when held. This part is fine and works no problem, but what happens next is my question. When each button gets Released, I have custom .lua scripts in for each release on 1-4. Basically it will gradually add power (F3) to simulate a gradual reduction from full reverse to reverse idle and break the command instruction once the engine reaches IDLE. I think with 4 commands being sent virtually all at the same time some get missed, lag behind on another, or fail to remain in sync. Do you have any input on what to do here? I was thinking of making a custom profile for the specific aircraft and mapping it to one button instruction does it to all 4 engines at once but I would like to know if maybe there's a better way to do this? Any thoughts on this? EDIT: I should mention on twin engine aircraft everything works fine.
  4. I just installed the latest version of Prepar3D (v3.4...) and the latest version of FSUIPC. My PFC throttle quadrant is no longer working. I confirmed I have the PFC.dll file installed in the P3D modules folder along with the latest FSUIPC.dll. I can't get FSUIPC (while in P3D application) to recognize the axis' for the PFC throttle quadrant. Anyone have the same issue or is there a new PFC.dll to go along with the new versions of FSUIPC and P3D? Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, 32G DDR4 memory, EVGA GTX 1080, 1000W Corsair Power Supply, etc.